How To Start A Not-So-Pacifist Political/Gang-affiliated Drug Mule Syndicate

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A gang leader's perspective and peaceful approach to correcting some illegal activities while exploiting others.

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




I just thought you'd like to get some cash just for delivering, and these are the rules I'm sending this to everyone who I would allow in to be a paid distributor.

It doesn't matter if the buyer is well known or a newcomer, because distributors will make a mandatory test on any bulk product, and the potency % must be seen by both buyer and deliverer, and the buyer will have to record a voice message where the buyer says the purity level and absolutely nothing more. This protects against a buyer who wants to lie and say we cut it. Any distributer caught stealing any product, will have to pay the amount stolen by +50% to stay in the group for their last chance. If it happens again, that person will be banished from ever coming close to our facility. If they fail to stay away they will regret it. Nonviolent actions will be taken. That will help guard against arrest. If anyone we find out has ratted on us, we will take non-violent punishment on this person.

Non-violent punishment means something no dangerous than pepper-spray or a taser. If at all possible no violence at all and instead finding other ways to teach this person their lesson is the best path will be rewarded when a strong effort is shown as means to a less dangerous solution.

If a customer steals from any one of us, the only way we could know if a customer is lying is if one of us finds proof or took a video of the thief stealing. The strongest as well as the overseers of the operation will come to his door, and convince him (threating but nonviolently) to return the merchandise. We will also take a picture of his face and record his full name. If he fails to comply, those most connected with the rest of the town’s dealers/soldiers will explain to them about their situation. Posters will show his face and graffiti must bear the thief’s name. If the thief is a junkie, as many of these people in town as possible will be rewarded with our respect and help, as long as they each blacklist this thief (meaning bye-bye drugs for him). However, we would make sure that everyone involved knew that we were only teaching a lesson, with no physical harm allowed.

(This is only for in the future of the high doses which we will soon be getting.) The product is hidden in books/DVD cases/picture frames/magazines/ electronics/etc…

You cannot get arrested for having an illicit substance delivered to in the mail you.

We wouldn't be using any transportation without an unbreakable safe in it. If a cop sees that, they just can't have it mechanically opened unless they have prior suspicion. Even then, if the car is clean, they will most assuredly leave the safe alone.

Some situations are beyond fixing, however.

If someone were to come into the distribution center with a gun, planning to take everything we had, and possibly kill any of us, the only answer would be to shoot him or if possible incapacitation (Avoid lethal shots at any cost, and shoot to disable, lethal force is only allowed if the robber is already hell-bent on killing any of us already). (Still, if a gunman were to come into your home and try to rob or threaten you and your family, you could legally kill him without a single blink from the government.)

The Center would be holding thousands of dollars, and he would be robbing every single group member. He will not be walking away with any of our hard-earned money, that’s for damn sure.

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