Night Lare: Dark Moon

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Eleanor is a whitch. Like all whitches they grow in the human world and lie about themselves. Until her older sister, April, brings home a prisioner. A vampire. But not any vampire. Like Eleanor, the boy was royalty.

MarsellaNA captures your mind and makes you erase all you thought you knew about mystic creatures. For all the movies and books you read about them, were written by humans. What do they know? Really know.

Submitted: October 26, 2008

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Submitted: October 26, 2008





Eleanor studied her whitch craft obediently until April returned.

The pencil felt limp in her grasp. You'd think whitch craft is easy.

To humans, fairytales can happen. No breath taking conciquiences

with life. Well lucky you. Eleanor had to study. If she did, she could

see father again. She still kept the charm bracelete. If it glowed,

she could have enough power to bust out. Live in the

Night Lair with the rest of the whitchesand family. April said if

she mastered it, and her father came, she could leave any time.

Eleanor smiled. To see her father again. The scent of him had faded

long ago from this human house. He'd only been there twice.

OPEN THE DOOR! she heard April telepathically scream. So Eleanor

scurried to the wooden door. Once open, she saw him. In April's strong

pale arms was a boy. He frightened her with his buldging red eyes.

"Blueclosis," Eleanor said with a wisp of the wrist. The boy was now

in a forcefieldic bubble. "Good, good. Now put him in the basement.

Haste!" April ordered. Eleanor nodded and led the bubble down the

cellar stairs. She used her telepathy and could feel his emotions.

Saddness. Lonliness. Anger....Hunger. She swallowed then placed him

in a cell. The bubble disinigrated. Then the unexpected happened. The

boy began to cry. Eleanor felt a tint of guilt in her chest.

"I hate you!!!" he screeched. It made Eleanor jump. She read his

mind and saw everything. April kidnapped him from his kingdom in the Night

Lare. He was a prince, a blood prince. She also felt his thirst. The boy wanted

her blood. That wouldn't do. "A-Are you hungry?" she barely

spoke. His head shot up fast, "Please." Eleanor went up the stairs and grabbed

Amy, the cat. Almost automatically, the cat hissed. Eleanor ignored it and went

back down the steps, "Yeah Yeah I hate you too cat." The boy was dissapointed

and careless at the same time when he saw her with the cat. "That'll do just give

it!" he said between closed teeth. Eleanor handed him the tobby. The boy's

panther like fangs dug into it. Eleanor winced at the sloppiness of it. His mouth

had berry like substance around his pale mouth.

He wiped it off with a sigh. Wow. Eleanor finally got a look at his face. Pale and

clear. His jet black hair purposly slopping in his face almost covering the brightest

mixed colored eyes. They were a warm green as he said, "I'm Benjamin." Eleanor

stammered a bit, "I'm Eleanor." Benjamin looked about my age, which is kind of un-

realistic. A vampire couldn't be an immortal nine year old. "How old are you?" she

asked casually. "Ten," he answered, "I'm a born vampire. Ya know, the kind that

can stop aging when they want." Eleanor smiled, "Ima get us outta here Benjamin."

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