Dancing In-Flight

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Can love at first sight be recaptured?

Submitted: September 16, 2007

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Submitted: September 16, 2007



Years ago I met him
He said "Would you like to dance"
He extended his hand, I looked up if only just a glance

As we danced I felt my feet lift off the ground
Despite the band playing, I didn't hear a sound
"I'm flying" I thought as we looked into his eyes.
I was already in love, yes, I believe it was at first sight
Holding him there, somehow I just knew
My life was forever changed, his would be too.

8 months later, I discovered the truth
That in the following spring, I would be due

I thought he would leave, my worst fears I hope would not be true
He said "I'm happy, and I will never leave you"
Six months along he called me to say
He just couldn't do this anymore
Part of me died that day.

Late one spring night, I did the hardest work I could do
Bringing life into this world alone, feeling scared and blue

Three years passed all the while
He skipped and in and out of the life of me and our child
It was hard, I admit because I realized one thing
That despite his absence I experienced all that parenthood brings.

7 years passed and I went through a lot
I finished college and worked many jobs and was proud of what I got
I met someone new but no matter where I was at
I remembered him still, and always felt one day we'd cross paths.

I learned he had married, although I couldn't understand why
He would marry someone so fast, and to me he said goodbye.
Years in court never turned up a thing
Other than me leaving in tears and all the frustration that brings.

One year ago out of the blue I get a call
After so many years, was he serious at all?
A few days later, we reunited along with our daughter
Although I had doubts and I was still placing fault.

We rekindled a friendship that came out of the blue
Things happened very fast, too fast to know what to do.

I took things in stride,I let things fall where they may
As I grew more and more ill, he was right there most days
I didn't expect to fall head over heals
That is exactly what happened, I couldn't control what I'd feel

Our first night alone I got a chance to say
Years of anger, hurt, and frustration
I didn't think I'd ever have the chance again

Throughout it all, he'd become a good friend
We've had our ups and downs, in a sense my heart got a chance to mend
I believe there's a reason why we were meant to cross paths
He and I have both been through a lot, perhaps now we're on the right track

Even now when we're together even when we just chat
Often times in my mind I am still taken back

To that day when he asked me if I would like to dance
And extending his hand, and me looking up to glance

Again I am flying, and I've never looked back.


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