What You Know

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My life isnt the norm, but hell people still think they know me, this rap is dedicated to the haters, yall to to calm the f@*k down!

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010



What you doing boy tryin to run with me,

man we're way too different, its easy to see

you live the good life its all too easy

Your problems don't mean shit to me

And mine aren't there according to you

You'd think twice man if you only knew

This rap is all true there aint a lie in it

It don't matter how I spin it, the truths all in it

You walkin up to me, like you in some movie,

Sometimes man, I wish you knew me,

Then you could see the pain I done been through

This same shit would just about kill you

Spill you, you say this stuff thrills you

Then look at the real thing,

You think this thrills me?

What crazy world do you think you're livin in?

Life aint fair, the truth hurts, dog get over it

You think the hard life's what you see on music videos

Shit, that just proves how much that you know

I'm runnin' this rap, it's all I got left

It's all real, if it's a game wheres the ref

I got no time for you, I got brothers to look out for, a mom to care for

I know the world would be better off if i weren't here no more

My life's nothin, I'm worthless, you think I don't know that?

I know it better than the ones who diss me, so step back

You think I give a shit what you think?

It'll all be over soon, in just one blink

So I'm outie, You don't have to me no more

Go play fake gangsta, go back to your whore

I don't care, shit i wouldn't if you pulled out a knife

Let me suffer instead, don't kill me, let me crawl through life

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