Grudge - Chapter 2

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Jenna and Reena meet up with Milly and find out something new about her.

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



Jenna, Reena and Milly were seated at a dimly lit corner. The waiters pulled out the cushy looking, grand chairs and seated them. In front of them lay a boring, white tablecloth without a single stain on it. Chandeliers hung from the raised ceilings and twinkled. The restaurant had deep red coloured wallpaper and goldfishes were swimming merrily in the huge fish tank.  Beside where the girls were sitting, pictures of the chef hung on the wall, with every one of them featuring a different celebrity shaking the chef's hand.


Once Jenna, Reena and Milly were all settled down, the waiters handed them fancy looking menus. It was very quiet and still at that table which was very awkward for the girls, especially Jenna and Milly as the rest of the restaurant had people talking cheerily in their conversations. Milly shifted in her chair and broke the awkward silence and said, "So, um, what are you guys gonna eat?"

"Hmm, I'm not quite sure. I'll have whatever Jenna's having!" said Reena as she elbowed Jenna playfully, hinting Jenna to be more open towards Milly.


"Oh, yes, uh- I'll have the.. uh.. spaghetti. I won't be sharing though, I don't like sharing. I also don't like people STEALING food from ME." Jenna smiled slyly. It wasn't obvious that Jenna was trying to imply she still hated Milly for stealing her boyfriend, but Reena knew what she meant by that.

"Oh, haha.. Oh Jenna! Typical Jenna! She's always like that, oh, look at these cute cups!" Reena said immediately, pointing at the cups, trying to cover up and distract Milly from what Jenna hurtfully said. Milly was unaffected and didn't notice anything fishy, which was a relief to Reena, who didn't want a fight to break out that night. It was a night of rebuilding a friendship they all once had. "Waiter, waiter!" Jenna called, she wanted to get the night over and done with, she dreaded that night. Almost immediately, a waiter came to their table and had a notepad and a fountain pen in his hand. They ordered their food and the table, yet again, was silent. Reena, getting sick of the awkwardness, made up an excuse to leave the table, "Sorry, Milly. I've gotta talk to Jenna in private for a while. It's regarding our business trip to... Florida.".

"No problem, go ahead."




Reena grabbed Jenna forcefully by the arm and dragged her outside of the restaurant. "Jen, you HAVE to forget about what happened a long time ago. Listen to me, it's really awkward in there and I can't be the only one talking. Come on Jen, forget about the past and move on. Milly seems like a really nice girl, just give her a chance, you can't be too hard on her."

"I guess you're right," Jenna replied, with a gloomy look on her face, "I am too harsh on her, I should really change my thoughts about her. Who knows? We could be really close again.".


"That's the spirit! Now let's get back in there and make a new friend!" said Reena enthusiastically, which made Jenna giggle a bit. So the girls went back to the table and sat down. Jenna, with a new and positive attitude towards Milly, immediately started the ball rolling by conversing with Milly. They were briefly interrupted when the waiter came to their table, holding their plates of spaghetti with spices garnishing it. The waiter delicately placed the plates in front of them, and they started eating.


"So, Milly, you were talking about your career just now, could you tell me more about it?" Jenna asked.


"Oh, well," Milly picking up her fork, "I'm the head of marketing for a company that sells toys, and I don't know, I don't think I'll be pursuing my career anytime soon.". She twirled the spaghetti drenched in pasta sauce around the shiny, metallic fork and put it into her mouth gently. "Why is that? Thinking of going for a little backpacking adventure or something?" said Reena with interest.


Milly swallowed the spaghetti and replied with a grin, "Well, it's because I'm pregnant!". Jenna and Reena's eyes lit up. Jenna said excitedly, "Oh my gosh! You're pregnant! I'm so happy for you! Oh how I wish I could find a husband and have kids one day." Jenna always wanted to have three children, but she never had any luck in her love life and remained single, and of her 7 relationships in the past decade, none of them lasted more than a year. Milly continued, "Yes, I am very happy that I'm pregnant. My husband is Mark, Mark Thomas." Jenna's jaw dropped the moment she heard that. Jenna asked, "Mark Thomas? Mark Thomas from high school?" Milly nodded.


Mark Thomas was the guy who cheated on Jenna with Milly, the guy that was having his sloppy seconds with Milly. Jenna was really shocked when she heard the news, and she was slightly enraged. Milly didn't even show a tinge of emotion when she said that. It's like she had completely forgotten that Mark was Jenna's boyfriend at that time.


Jenna stood up and said curtly, "Milly, sorry. I have to go now. We have to go now. We have something on." Jenna grabbed her purse and signaled Reena to leave. Reena placed a fifty dollar bill on the table before they left in a hurry.



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