How to make Soo Jae Bi

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cookbook: this was an essay I did on my academy: how to make soo jae bi, which is a Korean (almost) traditional food. I've changed my friend's name, to give them some privacy

Submitted: August 15, 2010

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Submitted: August 15, 2010



Making the Soo Jae Bi
There are many popular one-dish meals in Korea such as kkal guk soo, bi bim bab, and soo jae bi. Between those three foods, the best known for the homemade taste is soo jae bi. Since it is so popular, many types of soo jae bi were made, such as kimchi soo jae bi, perilla soo jae bi, and more. The most popular of the many types in soo jae bi, is perilla soo jae bi; however, on Friday the 6th, I made kimchi soo jae bi along with my two friends.
All of us gathered in one of my friend's house around five O’ clock. After deciding what type of soo jae bi we’ll make, which is kimchi soo jae bi, we first collected all the ingredients that are needed in making kimchi soo jae bi. Lisa's mother prepared the ingredients for us, which was flour, clams, a lot of kimchi, a bowl of water, and seafood. We dumped the seafood inside the pot filled with boiled water and waited for the boiled water to seep in the flavor of the seafood, so that the water will turn into gravy, as if the water of shabubu becomes delicious gravy when few shabubu meats is dumped into the gravy water and is boiled for some time.
Now that the preparation was done, Lisa, Amy, and I began making the soo jae bi. First of all, we also dipped the clams, oysters, and kimchi into the pot of boiled water. Next, we poured all of the water, which was in the bowl, next to the clam/oyster dish, into the bowl of flour. After, we slowly mixed the water and the flour together with the huge wooden spoon. Secondly, after the flour doe was mixed a bit (about after a minute or so), we putted on the Disposable Sanitary Gloves on our hands and mixed them thoroughly and gently with each of our fingers.
We kneaded the doe with our fingers untill the entire doe becmae more smoother and soft. And finally, we put a white piece of covering on top of the doe to make the air inside the doe escape, so that the doe will be one step more softer. I predicted that we would have to wait for only about a few minutes until the air all escaped; however, in contrary, we had to wait for more than thirty minutes. While we waited for the doe to finish, we went upstairs and played. Right then, we discovered the absence of air in the doe; therefore, we started to make balls out of the doe and managed to make small pieces out of the thick doe quickly, but taking it slowly at first, and finally dumping it into the pot of boiled water. As we repeated this step, we began to quicken our paces and became faster and faster at it. The first honorable soo jae bi doe piece was shaped like a man with circle eyes and a nose. On the other hand, even though we were gaining our paces, the time and the pot wasn’t patient enough to wait for us. It took us about ten to fifteen minutes in order to dump all the doe pieces into the pot. When we finally accomplished to dump all the pieces in given time, we were exhausted. While waiting for all the pieces to boil and cooked, we sat on our seats and chatted. In about five minutes, the dishes were ready, and served the soo jae bi that we cooked to Lisa’s family, including her dad, mom, and her sister.
Finding all the heart-shaped soo jae bi from the dish, we ate the soo jae bi jovially. However, recognizing that the soo jae bi doe pieces were a little too thick, just thick enough to see the white part between the surface, I felt a little humiliated. However, the taste was amazing, or so it felt because it is the first soo jae bi I ever made. Lisa’s parents approved our soo jae bi that it was very delicious for the first time, which made us feel very proud and superior.
Furthermore, I had no luck in finding my human-shaped doe character in my soo jae bi bowl. Instead, Lisa's sister found it and I was disappointed to see that my character’s face was flat and mashed due to the hot boiling water and its heavy numerous ingredients. On the other hand, I felt very thankful to Lisa’s sister because she later found my human-figure doe and being pampered for my figure doe. I was very happy that everyone ate without complain; therefore, I, myself also ate the soo jae bi in delight. Being exhausted of making the soo jae bi hand by hand, I ate two whole dishes and waited for the others to finish. Even though I am a really picky person facing the subject “food”, I managed to eat all of them except for oysters and clams.
Accomplishing in making the soo jae bi, I felt that when there is next time, I will make sure that the doe pieces will be flatter and thinner, so that everyone will enjoy it smoothly without have to biting it as if it is a biscuit. In addition, I also felt that making this soo jae bi have been a memorable experience to me and if someone inquires me to make an additional one later, I have confidence to make it better than before (and yet it will be the best). However, next time, I would like to challenge making the perilla soo jae bi.
In conclusion, having an experience of making the kimchi soo jae bi, between the many types of soo jae bis was exciting and amusing to all of us. Due to this experience, soo jae bi became one of my favorite foods in my life.
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