Vampire Abroad

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vampires abroad,

Submitted: August 15, 2010

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Submitted: August 15, 2010



Walking in the daylight, I am setting off to England. The cold breeze outside reveals that numerous clouds have covered the azure sky and the sun is working defiantly to clear away the clouds. Making sure that there are no obstacles during this trek toward England, I walked toward the harbor, and boarded the Looty 561. Gently walking through the pedestrians, I happened to be next to a girl named Millie. Her job was a storyteller, and absolutely not surprisingly, she chattered on and on until the bell of the Looty 561 rang to notify the passengers on the ship that it is evening meal time. Millie sat next to me in the table, but even before she opened her mouth, I managed to ask few questions that would keep her distracted.
“So… Where did you say you came from?” I asked
“Far away, far away enough.” Her answer was simple. I kept on going asking questions until the meal ended. Unsatisfied at her simple answers, I beckoned her to go back to her room and meet in the morning. I walked toward my room, through the hall, feeling funny that I already missed Millie’s chattering. I stopped at room 492, and pushed in the key to the room. The door didn’t open. Surely this was the right room? Ithought. I got the answer faster than I intended to know. Millie was standing there, a vague smile on her mouth. She pulled me in and kissed me harsh and rough. I didn't get the chance to speak at all, since she got hold of my lips and was demanding for an entrance. I slowly opened parted my lips as hers came invading my mouth. She held me close as she touched every inside part of my mouth. THen, she moved her lips from my face to my neck. At first, she nibbled on my shoulder gently, and I moaned in pleasure. THen she bit me hard. I screamed in pain, every organ in my body pulsing, and suddenly her fingernails began to lengthen and dug deep into my back. Blood was coming everywhere from my body, but as soon as the blood was out, in incredible speed, Millie sucked them up. "Good bye, and thanx for the nice meal" For the last time, she sucked once more on my neck and left my body dead on the floor.
Millie's Point of View
I left him dead (or thought he was dead) , lying on the floor, and as I standed up, with his last energy gained together, he grapped at my ankle. I gently sat down and kissed him on his lips, sucking the blood oozing from his mouth once more. I departed, leaving my last words, "Who's next?"
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