Acidification Nine!

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A story about ocean acidification and the end of the world as we know it.

Submitted: January 03, 2014

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Submitted: January 03, 2014



Acidification Nine!





I want to take you on a journey of thought from the depths of hell to heights of heaven. It is the perspectives of my minds eye that have to do with our future. I was curious. Mainly for myself at first. I saw a program about Acidification and the scientist in me saw the inevitable. In as little as fifty years the Earth could face a mass extinction. I then began to try to see into the future by a combination of my broad base of knowledge and skill at analytical thought. I tried to combine this with my imagination to guess at possible future events. 


I should warn you that some of the scenarios I have imagined are the most horrifying visions that I have ever dealt with. I seriously question whether I am “authorized” by mankind to share these imaginary scenarios. I know that I do not have the wisdom to decide this. But the good news is that there are tolerable and even beautiful imaginings I would like to share. I request that a learned group of men and women decide what courses I my safely travel into my imaginations of the future. So who do I send this to? The Pope, the President, the UN?


What I hope is that the range of possible futures I imagine might give mankind a framework upon which further discussion may embark. Because this material is potentially hazardous if dispelled widely, I have limited the number of contacts to three individuals at the head of leaderships that I hold in high esteem. May you find the wisdom that I have not.


I will begin with a scenario that will horrify you to madness if you are not careful. Please don’t stop there. If you start you’d better not stop. You might be brain damaged by the horror. Trust me it gets better. The first is the worst. It’s the one we can’t let happen. I save the best for last. It’s the scenario that I think we should choose. The one that I want to believe that we will. 



Scenario 1






This story utilizes religion and science as the players in a story about World War III. It straddles the line between parody and believability. The villain will be the leader of a radical faction of a secret organization that is committed to saving humanity and the biosphere by whatever means possible. They are comprised of people that share a belief that population control is the key factor in any logical solution. They are also opposed to religion, believing it to be a holdover of humanities past that interferes with their aims. Science, logic and reason comprise their belief system. This secret organization calls itself Valar. 


Members of Valar endeavor to help humanity by using their wisdom to predict critical moments in the future at which times the execution of relatively minor acts of influence can have larger impact. In a twist of irony, logical deduction reveals that the most likely scenario facing humanity in the near future critically depends on Christians to secure the most positive outcome as seen from their point of view. However, the required acts of influence in this scenario are so terrible that members of Valar become divided on its execution. A few radical members decide to go forward without the knowledge of the group with plans to influence world politics with the ultimate goal of starting World War III.


To start the Crusade, atomic bombs are set off in a plot to blame terrorists. John will be the lead character and should have multiple flashbacks to build his character. He will be the perspective from which the reader will follow the story. His journey must be theirs. It should tear at the reader’s soul: the battle of logic and compassion. He will be the worst villain imaginable. Hitler and Stalin are nothing. 



Chapter 1 The Man


One of John’s first memories as a child was when he was given a present by an uncle. It was an ant farm. At first he followed the instructions that came with the toy. But as his natural curiosity grew he devised plans for the ants. He collected many varieties of ants that he found were abundant in his Florida neighborhood. He learned about their behavior as he conducted his experiments. Eventually he discovered which two species of ants were the top dogs. They were a stinging red ant species and a larger black ant species. He had a favorite he wished would win – the black. He hated the red species because he had received many stings from them. They made mosquito-like itchy bumps wherever they might crawl on his body.


He became so involved in their fate that he developed feelings for the winged “queen” of the black ants. In spite of his prejudice he forced himself to be as fair as he could as he drew battle lines and populated his armies. He observed with fascination as the fate of the universe he had created and had become so completely engrossed in unfolded before his eyes. At first there were minor skirmishes where their territories overlapped. He decided to withhold food from all of them to force them to predate on each other – to get the ball rolling - to turn his ant farm into a war zone.


Over several days battles raged as the momentum swung from one side to the other. He could see that the individual ant could not picture the entire war in their little minds, but there was some kind of “intelligence” governing their actions. “Like little robots” he marveled. It played out better that he expected. It would go down to the wire. He begged his mom to let him see the end. “But Mom, it’s almost over, I have to know what’s gonna happen”. Relieved and irritated he laid back down to watch the finale.


Only two were left alive. The winged queen he loved and the giant-headed red soldier ant – the warrior king. She could not fly away, but she was twice his size. She would have no choice but to fight him to the death if he did not rescue her. He debated this as the two matched off. “Maybe ‘I’ll give her a chance to win this – she’s a queen after all. I’ll save her if I must – if it gets ugly”. Then it happened. In an instant, before he could even move an inch, the red warrior bit down viciously on the head of his beloved queen. He watched in disbelief as she curled into a ball and moved no more.


Anger seized him. The disappointment felt like a cruel joke. He would not stand for it. He seized the red ant and placed it on his father’s vise. Raising a large hammer from the work bench the vise was bolted to he slammed it down on the ant. “I…hate…you!” he growled over and over again with each swing of the hammer. He looked at the ants and the farm when he had calmed enough. He knew it was done. Grabbing the ant farm in one hand and the can of gasoline for the lawnmower in the other, he walked outside. Kneeling down, he poured gasoline over the ant farm. He dropped the match and watched it all burn – a funeral pyre. “Don’t ever love again” he shuddered to himself through tears.


On his next birthday his parents got him a BB-gun. He enjoyed playing with it like most kids do. He imagined himself a hunter, a soldier, a cowboy. But the feeling he liked the most was the sense of power it gave him. He could decide the fate of a thing at a distance. He knew he could shoot birds and animals that other kids at his school talked about shooting, but something held him back whenever he had something alive in his sights. Killing ants and other bugs did not bother him too much, though when he saw a damaged bug he felt a certain regret – like he had broken a perfect machine for no good reason.


Then one day he hit upon an idea. He did not know it yet but two sides of his mind were battling for control. He did not want to kill animals but they were the most interesting targets he thought. The solution was a balance between black and white. He would hunt lizards around his house. There were a couple of species, both were about three or four inches long. They had an interesting trait. He had long since become adept at catching them. Most of the time he could capture them without harming them, but occasionally he would grab them only by their tails. When this happened their tail would come off and they would run away apparently unharmed, for the most part. The tails would wiggle for several minutes, which fascinated him. “This must be an adaptation to help them escape from predators like birds” he reasoned. His logical solution was to only shoot their tails off. He had found a balance between environmentalism and fun.


When he poured over history when he was a child, he was thrilled by the feats of Nazi Germany, their dreadful efficiency, their madness, and their advanced technology. As a child he fantasized about flying for the Luftwaffe, as Lipfert himself, fighting in the skies over World War II’s Eastern front, where the greatest battles in the history of man took place. He soon realized that any form of admiration directed at the Nazis, even one of a detached historian, was taken as an insult to America’s veterans. He kept his fantasies to himself where he dreamed of being a brilliant scientist who heroically rescues the Nazi Empire in the nick of time.


When he became a little older and discovered natural history, he became obsessed with evolution. As he studied human evolution, he became confused as to why Hitler directed Germans to attack the gene pools surrounding them. As far as he could tell they were all part of what he thought to be the European gene pool. Why did he choose to exterminate the Jews? He had read that more than half of the financial backing of the Nazi war machine was funded by assets stolen from Jewish populations. Was the choice to end their existence merely a means to an end? Why didn’t Hitler save at least Jewish scientist to help him develop technologies like atomic weapons? “Was he stupid or did really hate them?” he pondered aloud.


In his heart he did not think it any ones right to decide an entire gene pools fate with no logical purpose. He could not justify Hitler’s choices in any moral or logical way when there were far better ways of achieving great things on the world stage. Then he dreamed of going back in time, before World War II started, to guide Hitler on a more logical mission. 


John did not know it yet, but he would be plagued and blessed by grandiosity his whole life. His delusional fantasies fueled his determination and captained his purpose. He preferred originality to tradition and repetition, setting him apart from his colleagues. His gifts allowed him to succeed at whatever he set his mind to and his ego told him that he knew best.



Chapter 2 Science’s Ferraris


He spent the next few years exploring the realms of his reality. Science, history, philosophy, business, and pleasure. One of his favorite hobbies was the restoration of history’s machines. From airplanes to computers, he liked to see first hand the innovations and the evolution of these technologies. Beside finding the subject fascinating he knew that he would glean invaluable insight into the processes of practical creation through its study.


One day, John was flying his replica of one of the variants of the German Messerschmitt 109 that Lipfert flew. He was engaged in a heated mock dogfight with a fellow enthusiast who was a Russian who preferred to fly his people’s answer to the 109, the Yak-7. They were dogfighting over the western shores of the Black Sea, critiquing each others strategies and executions by radio. “If I were Lipfert you would be dead by now” John laughed. “Den it good ting you not”. Yuri retorted. “I know, with my skills I’d need a Spitfire to stay on your tail.” John admitted. “Wrong front, comrade.” Yuri grunted as he pulled more g’s. 


In flying John found his greatest pleasures in the physical world. He found that there were many elements to his love of flying. Besides the practicals, there was history, there was technology, there were skills to hone, there was excitement and adrenaline, there was peace, there was fantasy, and there was inspiration. After a few more maneuvers Yuri complained that his fuel was running low. “I’ll see you at the hanger, Yuri. Great fight!” “Where you go now?” Asked Yuri. “I’ve got to work out my plans to take over the world.” John half joked. “You know dis game, right? Yuri chuckled. “Don’t worry Yuri, we’re on the same side in my war. Horridoh!” John bade Yuri farewell as he dove toward a crowd of sun bathers. 


John thought of modern science as a kind of Henry Ford’s version of a science assembly line. He knew he was better that that. “They are so occupied with protocols and delegation that they forget science is an act of creation, and divine creation is not inspired through business as usual.” For the mediocre and the poor it was a necessary servitude. What I need is my own research institute that I can direct like a “CEO of Science”, but in the spirit of Oppenheimer’s team and not a Henry Fordian workforce. “I need Ferraris not Fords” he snickered with cold delight. 


“Ferraris, what have been some Ferraris...The atomic bomb has got to be the single biggest invention, ahh, the Spifire...that is not quite as important, although you could argue that it was a crucial element of what deflected Hitler toward Russia, the Battle of Britian, but it was just so Ferraris. Oh yes, then there my favorite of favorites, the Saturn V. The rocket that put man on the moon! But then if you zoom out, you see that the whole program to put a man on the moon was arguably the Ferrari that shone upon mankind the most worthy of light. If I were God I would have a twinkle in my eye! And the Shuttle program was awesome too, although it cost more than expected - but history won’t care about money. The relationships get complicated, but there all Ferrari elements.”


“One Ferrari I need is an update to the nuclear bomb. They are so damn bad for the environment that I hesitate to use them. I need to make an anti-matter bomb. One that can be burst over a target as a focussed pulse of energy that limits environmental impact.” John spoke into his voice recorder. “It’ll be the Manhattan Project all over again. Oh, this  is just too much fun. Thank you God!”


To be safe, the missiles would be launched from submarines. On the submarine the anti-matter would be contained in the safest and most reliable “vessel” that could be contrived. Only when launch codes were received would anti-matter be transferred to a portable vessel that would be placed into the missile. “Imagine, the decommissioned nuclear arsenal will flood the radio isotope I’ll design a better and safer reactor, Ferrari number two, and get even more filthy rich from both ends. Not to mention shorting the isotope market.”


“Another Ferrari I need to make is the science and technology of Biospheric Remediation. This one I need to corner the whole market on so I can adjust things as I need to, to carefully find a balance between my goals and any unnecessary roughness. Oh yeah, then there’s the Ferrari that is Star Wars Tech that I’ll need to limit damage, many is that? And, of course, there’s the one most close to my heart, the Ferrari that will be the Biospheric Depository. When I’m through playing war games I’ll make amends.”


John went on to to achieve all the Ferrari’s he dreamt of, with the help of the best minds that money or other incentives could attract, of course. One of his more amusing inventions was a flying vehicle based on the Star Wars speeder bike. He even developed a GPS controlled auto program that would send the rider on any desired journey within the limitations of the vehicle. “You guys tested this out, right? I mean I’m not going to become a spot on a redwood, am I? John tried not to laugh. “Don’t worry, if you do you won’t feel a thing.” Joked the team leader. “Well if I do, just light up the tree, okay?” “You’re the man.” The team leader assured him.



Chapter 3 A Monster is Born


Through the years John amassed an enormous collection of only the finest research teams, labs, and infrastructure elements, and, of course, business associates. He enjoyed having a hand in everything that he felt he could genuinely improve. His dream of world conquest, long put on the back burner because he understood people were too content to make war, remained that, his favorite fantasy. But that was about to change.


He had attended an annual science conference that focused on global warming and there had absorbed the the wide range of ideas of the various lecturers so that he could quickly get up to speed on the latest research. Some lecturers were the most distinguished in their field and lead the way in the ocean of ideas. Others included researchers on the cutting edge of science - heros of sorts if they proved prophetic, while other were interested in what some called fringe science, often scoffed at, they held on to the belief that they would someday be vindicated. 


John loved science but understood that it was but one element in a wider reality. Like all association, its members were subject to the same human limitations of all people. The most ironic of these was delusion. He agreed with Richard Feynman views on human limitation:


“What do we mean by ‘understanding’ something? The world is something like a great chess game being played by the gods, and we are observers. We have caught on to a few of the rules - fundamental physics. If we know the rules, we consider that we ‘understand’ the world. But even if we know every rule what we can explain is very limited, because we cannot follow the play of the game using the rules, much less tell what is going to happen next.”


“The point I take being” John would often explain to scientists “is that science has yet to discover everything. What it has discovered is like Newton to Einstein: both models works beautifully, but there is a question of perspective. I believe that there are many perspectives hidden from us yet. As a scientist and a human I understand how we all can delude ourselves into believing that we have worked it all out. I think that science is essentially humanities best educated guess as to our reality, however. As science has progressed so too has the clarity of that vision of reality improved. Are we in for any surprises? I believe so.”


“We also have to understand the difference between “cutting edge” and “fringe” science.” John would go on if he continued to have a audience “Scientists tend to fear cutting edge research, but loathe fringe. I love cutting edge and dismiss fringe. The trick is to guess the difference. An educated guess is best, if it is unbiased.” 


He liked to imagine cutting edge researchers as “The Silver Surfer’s” of Science. Surf’n the seas of ideas to have the thrill of discovery. They are scouts of Science. Like Lewis and Clark were to expansion. “If I had the time I would sail the “Black Sea” and the “White Cliffs”. Oh, brother, right?” He scribbled on the conference schedule. “A scout of Science...sailing the seas of ideas...a hero of sorts...and full of himself too.”


John’s God Fire Industries was a nod to his belief that God is the Universe and Science is the study of God and the knowledge we glean is the essence of God, God Fire. “I love Science and kinda like to believe that Science is the study of God - The Universe. Its just so awesome what you can do with it all. Science is like fire times a a Billion. Science is GodFire. If you play with fire you might get burned, but who wants to do without fire?” At God Fire, they played. John choose the corporate logo, a mushroom cloud.


From another point of view John observed while lost in distraction “Science is truly my faith...or perhaps religion. I believe in a “purity of logic”. What I mean to say is that logical deduction, untainted by bias, is a pure form of reasoning. I believe that purity of logic is indeed the very essence of Science.” He would try that on them. 


Although global warming had been on John’s “radar” for some time, he did not feel like it would have much impact in his lifetime. He just figured a solution would be found by our descendants when they needed it. Then and there, in the middle of the conference, he connected the dots. Why weren't they talking about THAT? 


Maybe they weren’t ready to announce it yet. They would want to get the paper published first to claim credit on what would be the biggest news, well if the public could understand it, that is. But in science circles they would be sensations. He decided he would beat them to the punch, but he would offer to share his research to make more alliances.


Using the most advanced super-computers and cutting edge environmental models to predict the global patterns of Earth’s biosphere, he had come to the conclusion that a recently discovered phenomenon would soon threaten life on Earth and civilization itself. He would have to call a special meeting. This would be no ordinary meeting. He would go right to the top. “But not yet...I need more than facts...I need a plan” he mused. “I need to take charge of this thing”.


A few of the most influential people in the world had created a brotherhood. It was known only by its members and was called Valar. John had lustfully embraced his membership after he had been approached by a trusted colleague. Inside he was delighted to find that his brotherhood was like an extension of his mind. Like they were clones of him. Each man doing his part in an ensemble of puppeteers. A sort of Puppeteer Ministry.


He had been depressed for some time since his discovery. He had racked his brain in the effort to find some hope of saving humanity from entering another dark age. Then it happened! He figured out a way to save the world and have a blast while he was at it - WWIII!!! He had been giddy with excitement for weeks. He joked later into his recorder “Peering deeply into the fog of the future, he had resolved a vision: His logical solution.” “History will judge me “The Monster” I’m sure, but its just too sweet.” He accepted it.


He pondered over how his humble upbringing, his lust for influence, his fascination with history, his military experience, and his logic-derived vision of the future had all coalesced into a perspective of a lifetime, at this moment in history.  He concluded that the peculiar nature of his life and mind made him the perfect man for the job. Destiny was before him. He had only to seize it. 


He typed the password into his his private computer. He only used this one for the most delicate of communications. The room was electromagnetically shielded and all connections to the outside world were isolated by encryption. It was anything but austere, John spared no expense, of course. He could survive for a year in this underground palace, no matter what happened up there. He typed “I wish to call a full emergency meeting at the earliest. I must present a critical discovery of the utmost consequences.” He sent the message to the acting president of Valar.



Chapter 4 Valar


The philosophy of Valar was somewhere in between two familiar extremes of perspective held by groups of people who had very different but similarly influential impact on the world in twentieth century. The first was that promoted by Leo Szilard, a brilliant physicist who greatly influenced the development of the atomic bomb in part because of his hope that people of similar education and philosophy could form a band that he called the Bund. His noble intentions were for his Bund to help mankind through the efforts and sacrifices of its members. Though never openly or formally organized, his ideas were generally shared by the closely knit group of people that engineered the A-bomb.

The other “plan” for humanity that gained great support in Germany during this period was outlined in Mein Kampf. The author and orchestrator of this plan was none other than Adolf Hitler, who managed to bring to life its lengthly and bloody trial. Although, nuclear weapons were never used on Germany, that fact that the United States had shown the world it possessed and was willing to use this horrifying new weapon by detonating not one but two on Japan, proved to the Soviet Union that it had no choice at that time but to stop its advance into Europe near Berlin. If not for this deterrent, the United States and its allies would have been hard pressed to stop the Soviet Union’s march across Europe. Indeed, historians have debated whether the decision to drop the A-bombs was more because of the Soviet threat than any real need for its use on an already collapsing Japan, brought to its knees by its inability to deflect equally devastating conventional bombings.

Aware as they were of the awesome power at their hand, the Valar brotherhood had endeavored tirelessly to guide humanity into a brighter future. But now they knew the jig was up. Drastic actions, long imagined, both feared and lusted for, were now at hand. They rarely met face to face for fear of revealing themselves, but John had called a special meeting. Considered an oddball by other members of Valar, John had gained grudging respect because of his gifts of insight and imagination. They had learned to listen to him when he had anything to say as he usually proved to be dead on.

“I have called you all here this evening to inform you of a newly understood phenomenon that will very likely threaten the existence of the world as we know it. I’ve put together a presentation based on my analysis of the situation and some suggested approaches as to our world agenda.” John clicked the remote that controlled the computer that ran his Powerpoint-like program. 

“The phenomenon is called Ocean Acidification. It is related to global warming in that fossil fuel consumption is at the root of the problem and carbon dioxide is the animal. However, the results will not be something anyone would spin-doctor as “Climate Change”.  In this case, CO2 is absorbed by the oceans causing the oceans pH or acidity level to change. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that at some point in the near future the pH of the oceans will drop, similarly to a swimming pool’s water when you add muriatic acid, to a level that will stress marine life.”

“Many species will be stressed by this drop in pH, but the ones that matter the most are certain types of oxygen producing plankton known as phytoplankton. Many varieties of these organisms, such as coccolithophores, incorporate calcium carbonate shells as part of their structures. To draw an analogy, do you remember how the agricultural pesticide DDT caused the shells of eggs of birds like the Bald Eagle to become too fragile by inhibiting calcium carbonate deposition during egg development inside the bird? Well, this is a bit like that. The phytoplankton can’t grow their shells properly and start to die off.” 

“The result is that oxygen production goes down. Now, oxygen released by phytoplankton in the oceans makes up over 50% of the Earth’s biospheric O2 output. This oxygen source is responsible for more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere.   Right now the percentage of oxygen is near 20%. At 16% we loose consciousness. At 12% we die. In the beginning it will not be so severe. So, you see that the whole biosphere will be likewise stressed. We will see a gradual decline in atmospheric oxygen levels that will take decades to stabilize. it is up to humanity to decide just how bad things will eventually become. This is the period I wish to focus on tonight.”

“As the oxygen concentrations in the atmosphere decrease, up until about 2050, food production decreases and eventually stockpiles even in developed nations dwindle. This is mainly because although plants release oxygen through photosynthesis, they also “breath” oxygen through a process called transpiration. Research has shown that higher than normal concentrations of oxygen have little effect on plant productivity, however lower than normal concentrations reduces productivity. Starvation will affect third world countries first, but eventually all countries will be affected. This period of partial world famine could last for 10 or 20 years, with some years being worse than others, forcing people to face this oncoming doom.”  

“Despite ongoing fears of environmental disaster leading up to the event, the rate of world fossil fuel consumption will continue to rise mainly because of growth in developing nations. More than half of the world’s supply of oil has already been consumed.  The released carbon dioxide has entered the biosphere and it cannot be artificially removed in any significant way with today’s technology. The rate of worldwide fossil fuel consumption continues to rise.  It is unlikely that other energy sources will be able to reduce the rate of consumption of fossil fuel in the near future – before a starvation event. This is my opinion.”


“The heaviest losses will occur in under-developed regions in part because they do not have stockpiles of food and other essentials, and they do not have the infrastructure and scientific resources to adapt. Computer models predict that in worst case scenarios loss of human life could be as high a 90 percent in underdeveloped regions and 70 percent in the rest of the world, dropping world population to near one billion from a high of seven billion before world food production balances consumption.  It will be by far the most catastrophic event in human history - what becomes known as The Great Culling.”


“After the culling, other energy sources will provide the majority of the world’s requirements. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will stay at elevated levels for a century or longer, but breakthroughs in technology will allow the human population to stabilize. Animals preserved in zoos, along with frozen embryos will form the basis of a global effort to repopulate the biosphere when environmental conditions improve sufficiently. Humanity will have learned to live within its means. “ 

“The other effect of high atmospheric carbon dioxide, especially global warming, will cause relatively little damage. However, sea levels will rise as the ice caps continue to melt and average global temperatures will rise to levels never before seen in recorded history. These taken together this will result in a small loss of coastal landmass and a more significant shift of climate zones and ecosystems across the globe. Fortunately, the Earth will not suffer the dreaded changes to ocean currents that many expected to lead to a new Ice Age.”

So, what do we do? Even though we can not stop this crash landing, it is still logical to try to save the world as best we can until then. Why? Because it is a question of degree. What I mean is, what we do until a starvation event in terms of fossil fuel consumption and new technologies will help to reduce the severity of the event.  And, there are other ways of preparing to help each of us, and humanity, make it through the bottleneck. The following are a few of my suggestions/predictions going forward.”

“During this period, governments around the world will necessarily invest all available assets into developing new technologies to combat the various effects of Ocean Acidification.  Some of the most important efforts may include attempts at raising ocean pH through chemical means and engineering synthetic life that are designed to mimic photosynthesis in order to generate oxygen and perhaps support the oceanic food web.”


“Another point to mention are the severe anoxic conditions of the ocean that lead to massive die offs of life, and more importantly the associated blooms of certain microorganisms that cause red tides on a global scale, releasing toxic gasses like sulfur dioxide that further stress all life on the earth. Crops and animals are genetically modified to better cope with changing conditions, including both the low oxygen, which reduces plant and animal productivity, and toxic gasses, which can cause tissue damage. ” 

“I strongly recommend that we go forward with our plans for a mile wide geodesic dome over Houston. As the “end” draws nearer the construction of geodesic domes over cities should accelerate. The domes will protect inhabitant from the low oxygen and the sometimes toxic air quality related to Ocean Acidification. Nuclear power plants could be placed far from cities. A proper design that includes a dome would be logical.”

“A dome would be vulnerable to acts of war or terrorism. Underground cities would be the safest. Construction of underground facilities and eventually cities should also ramp up, being driven in part by increasing fears of nuclear war as governments increasingly struggle to maintain order, and for fear of potential territorial disputes as starving refugees cross borders. Underground cities can still be attacked if weapons are smuggled in, but security will advance to the point that this is should be virtually impossible.” 

“By this time there will be bases on the Moon that will play a role in space defense. Any exploratory Martian stations that may be in operation will not play any role other than detached observation and will need to be self sufficient if return to Earth is not possible.”

So, why don’t we just let it all go down? If everyone on the surface dies that would only leave people below ground. Megalomania is one motive. Compassion is another. More expansive ecosystems could be preserved under domes than underground. These must be operated and protected until specimens can be reintroduced into the natural environment. Almost all animal life around the planet will be hunted down, driving countless species to extinction outside of zoos and preserves.

Now, I’d like to present a plan I’ve come up with to take maximum advantage of our future. I believe that with regard to the future there is no certainty...only opportunity.


I’d like to mention how racism relates to genocide and other related hate driven perspectives. Genocide may not be a collective instinct but rather an “evil” invention that expounds on the instinct of racism. Other types of hate like homophobia, religion based, and ideological based hate are corruptions of the racism instinct. The key here is that the perceived differences are misinterpreted by the brain as legitimate gene pool threats.


First, because of the racists elements of my plan I should explain my perspective. I was raised in a Christian family but I believe in logic/science. I believe that the potential period of famine and culling I see in the near future that will be caused by ocean acidification will lead to various degrees of genocide that are likely to take place worldwide. I expect the dominant world power to be the Christian right/military during and after this period. Law will be their's to decide. 


Many things could lead to revolution. What I am focusing on is world famine. This could also be brought about by a number of destabilizing events, but the one I am researching is ocean acidification. I believe that people will change at the precipice. In this example the precipice will be a bare cupboard. Riots will ensue and the military will be called in to protect the wealthier from the have-nots. The wealthier will eat the have-nots. 


“I believe the founding fathers of America were people who had the IQ and imagination to invent an excellent system of government that has certainly proved its worth through America’s history. One obstacle that stands in the way of the Christian right is their excessive notion of patriotism. I predict that they will soften their patriotism stance by understanding that ideology is just that, and that their responsibility to their gene pool transcends politics and history. They will conclude that America is an old idea from the perspective of historians. Indeed, that it has evolved into something that is grossly out of date. That the two party system was once a brilliant solution to a simple America, but our reality has grown more and more complicated through the years.”


What I predict is a new phase of European expansion that will pick up where they left off. My guess is that all land in the America’s and the Middle East will become European held territories. Of Asia, I am not sure. I’ll get into some of the details in a bit.”


“For revolution in America, a core of conservative Christians must initiate the process. They must first be convinced that God would want them to clean house. They must understand the perspective of God. They must ask: “Why would he want us to muddy up what he created?” Further, they must have no fear of the deeds they must enact and they must understand that they will not know guilt when all is done. When genocide has been committed in the past the perpetrators have experienced glee and supreme satisfaction. God helps those who help themselves. Only we can do what God expects of us. If we refuse Him...we are damned. And so it will go...” John laughed.


“For the “core” to reach this point of no return, they must be inspired by racism and expound it into genocide. Throughout history the conditions necessary for genocide to

occur have been repeatedly invented. Enough people have to want it to happen and they must form the “machine” to achieve it. Leadership, organization, planning, and preparation are critical elements of genocide. But the most important element of all is the military. Thus, critical military personnel must be made allies. Our goals will be quickly attained through a commitment to “dreadful efficiency”.”


“The way I’m looking at this thing is from the standpoint of history and with the assumption that the previous expansion of the European gene pool reflects some inherent “quality” that gives it the advantage in this regard. However, the Asians are no pushovers for sure! It would be better to leave asia to asia. One point I’m trying to get to is that when the world suffers an event that creates a lack of resources, the European gene pool will most likely consolidate and expand its territories by whatever processes. These processes can vary from the most friendly and cooperative to the most genocidal variants.”


“The next point I want to mention is wether it is immoral to prepare, or simply inevitable. The ones that are most able to prepare will naturally be to most prepared. So, will you prepare or not? Okay, lets try to imagine the European gene pool (Egp) expanding within the next 50 years say. You get Canada and the US heading south. You get Europe heading south to the Middle East. Who’s gonna stop them?”


“I guess its up to Russia if they want to join with Europe, or take India, or take on China. What if Australia and New Zealand go to South Africa to help out? They can let China and the Koreans have south Asia. Now, Japan I think America will be able to control and might want to keep them as their “other Jews”, ha ha. I mean, I think Jews, like

Japanese, can be viewed as a talented asset to any power. So maybe the chant USA USA USA becomes EGP EGP EGP.” John joked.


“People, please don’t hate the Egp because it’s the best at expansion. John bowed. I mean, every gene pool would do what they can’t if they could. Its just nature’s way. One gene pool has got to be top dog, it’s that simple. What is funny to me when looking from this Hitleresque point of view is that in between expansions, the Egp gets a serious case of guilt. Oh, and that German thing kinda turned them off about this sort of thing. Come on Germans, twice in one century against the Egp? No wonder the Egp is so confused. You know you are gonna be with the Egp this time right? Or else! John winked at a German Valar.”


“Having said that, I think we should endeavor to create a Hitler of our own. Out of respect to humanity I will call him Dr. Evil instead. Through him we will use the Christians like Hitler used the Germans, and we will orchestrate the perfect balance of compassion and logic. The advancing Christians will split the difference by asking the question “be Christian or die? If they are too illogical to become (or at least act) Christian at the precipice, their genes were flushed. In this way the human gene pool will be culled.” John professed. “And we will stay in control, indeed, we will expand our territories.”


“Finally, about our Dr. Evil. Should Dr. Evil hate some gene pool more that the rest? Hitler hated the Jews. We don’t want to repeat that, of course. John nodded to a Jewish Valar. Should we choose one with a hatred of the sub-Saharans. That would probably depend on his personal experiences. What if he really didn’t care but just wanted to use hate of them to trigger some inherent behavioral mind set, especially in members of the Egp. To get the ball rolling in other words. The Nazi’s used Jewish assets that they seized to fund more that 50% of the Nazi’s war machine. Blacks don’t have much money as a gene pool. But in this scenario, food is what the Egp will need most of all.”


Well that’s about it! In wrapping up I’d like to say to you all that if my plan seems more akin to madness than wisdom, consider that the causes of saving humanity and the biosphere are both compassionate and wise. This may be a case in we must pick the lesser of evils.  I’ll take any questions, either tonight or any time.” John sat down and poured himself a glass with an air of casualness that made even the most calloused members among the group look at him with wonder. 


After a silence that seemed to last forever, so long in fact that even John began to think he had gone too far, the president rose and walked to the podium. He glanced and winked at John, unable to contain an ear-to-ear grin. “Now that’s what I call an emergency presentation!” As he scratched his head. “I think we should all take fifteen and prepare a few question for ur...Dr. Evil here.” 



Chapter x The Plan


After much going back and forth concerning everything from the science to the merits and faults of genocide, it was voted that this degree of meddling with humanity was a bit over the line, at least until people were starving in the first world. However, it was unanimously voted on a whim that John should be their Dr. Evil if they decide to go forward with WWIII. John retorted “I feel purpose built!”


As chance would have it, in order for his plans to unfold he would have to give assistance to a group of people he had held a grudge against since childhood.  For him Christians were a people who were nearly “there” as he thought of it. He was raised among them, so he understood them. His mother even tried to make him one of them, but he knew better even at an early age. They mostly seemed at times surpassingly bright, but they seemed not logical enough to understand the supreme importance of Science. This was a frustration amplified by how close they were to finally "getting it".


He reasoned that two things must happen for his plan to work. First, the Christians must be prepared to take over control of the lands they occupy when traditional government falls. The most important elements of infrastructure to their cause should be identified, and means to secure and defend them formed. John decides he will endeavor to beat the Christians into shape. He would persuade, or if necessary, buy the Pope's cooperation to get the Christians off their ass. To maximize the Christians chances of success, he will need to form a new sort of Hitler Youth that will be called the American League of Crusaders (ALOC). Critics will call them warlocs, they will agree.


Crusaders must be thoroughly trained and at a state of readiness, both physically and mentally. Because Israel, Vatican City, Washington DC and New York City are the most likely targets of terrorism, it is decided to locate the headquarters of the ALOC in a safer location. It is decided that Dallas, TX offers the best combination of climate, geography, security, population ideology, and infrastructure to begin the process of planning, recruitment and training. Eventually pressure from Christian groups in America would force the Pope into forming an international network based on ALOC, called The International League of Crusaders (ILOC). As part of his grand scheme, he would be sent to the Vatican as part of an ALOC envoy. While in Vatican City he would use any means to cultivate a trusting friendship with the Pope. 


He knew if they could see into his mind, Christian leaders would not trust him entirely. The thought amused him. That he could play the role of an advisor, lofty-minded, immersed in dark logic, pulling strings, influencing the very outcome of history itself. He must accept it, for him the logic was clear, he must be Christian. His ultimate goal would be to become advisor to the Christian Hitler. He would apply himself to this task through whatever opportunities he could conjure. 


Surreptitiously, he would prepare with the other members of his radical Valar faction to insure that the Crusaders would indeed embark on their mission from God. Through careful planning, his order would influence world events to pressure the Crusaders. Only if necessary, he told himself, would weapons of mass destruction be employed. Using the wealth and connections of Valar, they would acquire the necessary tools. 


He feared it might come down to destroying cities like Washington, DC and New York City, acts which could easily be made to appear as a radical Islamic attacks.  In fact, he toyed with the idea of destroying DC once the Christians were at a state of ready. However, he doubted whether this decapitation of government would result in the essential Christian takeover. He would have to wait for a major event. If he could pull this off, he snickered to himself; it would seem to some that the Pope and the Anti-Christ were destined to become chums. 


Military detachments will be dedicated to protecting farms and other vital installations from marauders. If further force is needed helicopter gunships and fighter planes will be deployed.  Farmland will be divided between the various forces. Christians will control assets mainly through the Midwest where the majority of food is grown in America, and in certain regions west to the Pacific coast and the Northeast.  However, most of the west will be controlled be independent survivalist forces.  Christians will also control the northeast up into Canadian land. The Brotherhood will control pockets mainly in the southeast while the Confederacy will gain control of most of the remaining lands east of the Mississippi River.

Now he knew that there would be a special case in which, logic told him, he would have an opportunity to do something far grander in the present, in his lifetime.  Indeed, it would be his moral responsibility to humanity and the biosphere to do so, he was sure. But how could he justify to himself his endeavoring to influence the future by hatching a plot that would decide the fate of entire peoples and have the ultimate goal of starting World War III? 


He knew that Christians were too weak in this modern age of comfort to face this solution. But it was just a matter of time before necessity forced them to face the truth, when his logical solution was just too compelling to ignore. When they understood that his logical solution was simply a best case scenario, a choice of lesser of evils. He believed that now. Eventually they would too. 



Chapter x The Pope


Letter to the Pope


Your Eminence,


We are an organization that is committed to saving humanity and the biosphere. After careful consideration we have concluded that the world is likely to suffer a severe climatic event in the near future. We believe that world production of food will be severely depressed during this period. Starvation will eventually affect all people on all continents worldwide, leading to total collapses of government around the world. We are writing to you because we have come to the conclusion that Christians will play a critical role in future events which could very well lead to World War III. 


Below, some of our relevant views concerning this prediction and our suggested role for Christians are briefly discussed  We realize that many people will find the subject matter to be beyond the limits of normal intellectual and moral capacity. We request that you exercise caution with regard to those you choose to share this letter. 


Some people will argue that the evolution of science and technology has been at the root of man-created environmental threats. Indeed, progress in science and technology has allowed world population to soar in step. While it is true that technology is a double-edged sword, overpopulation is the other half of the equation. We hold that the only realistic solution to this paradox is to move forward. The argument being that people will have to evolve to the point that population control becomes a highest priority. 


The hope is that the combination of new technologies and population control could enable a population to become relatively isolated from the natural environment in such a way that it becomes effectively protected from natural disaster. This is not to say that the environment would necessarily be neglected. In the future, it should be possible to largely restore the biosphere to pre-human conditions while protecting humanity at the same time.


“A perfectly logical solution may also be terrible, but what is logical has a way of becoming terribly clear when the end is near.”


A Hypothetical Christian-Based Solution


Major environmental disasters and political upheavals have and will result in major human culling events.


If starving population becomes increasingly desperate, the unthinkable becomes increasingly plausible during major events. Assuming a major event occurs that results in a population’s inability to produce sufficient food derived from plants, animals and people are the only remaining food sources. After all animals are consumed, cannibalism is to only option for those who wish to survive. Through history, events associated with war and other calamities have caused populations to experience starvation. Cannibalism has almost always been a common practice during such events. However, the act of cannibalisms is considered to be an extremely distasteful taboo. 


As an alternative to cannibalism, human bodies could be consumed in one form or another by animals, providing indirect, human-derived food sources. In situations where significant processing of bodies is not possible, such as in remote locations or in war settings, where processing may be limited to chopping, pigs would most likely be chosen for their effective scavenging capabilities. Further processing could allow for the production of food products suitable for other animals such as poultry and fish. Naturally, sufficient animal numbers must be maintained up until, and through, a starvation event. This would require planning to include the protection of the animals from being eaten by starving people. 


Because of the widespread and dominate footprint of Christian organization over much of the globe, we believe that Christians, preparing independently and with the help churches, are the best hope for the survival and preservation of humanity through a starvation event. We are in a position to provide assistance to Christian organizations in this endeavor via a number of technical and financial solutions. 


Looking back through history one would conclude that people have committed similar deeds, but would people enact such a desperate plan on a large, organized scale. There are three elements which taken together may provide the impetus to enact this solution. Emotion, logic and physical need must be satisfied: Parents will wish to feed their children; It is logical if we wish to survive; Satisfying a starving population. Would Christians consider themselves too idealistically/morally evolved to behave in such a logical but terrible way? Will a dominant taboo be abandoned? Who can predict?




Chapter x Undercover


People will not back a plan to cannibalize until they are starving. While John works to form the Warlocs their intended mission is only to secure control and maintain order. Once starvation leads to desperation, he reveals to them their secret mission. John’s flashbacks could be through his eyes only. His vision of a logical solution could be in a Nostradamus style. WW III will be the most spectacular war in history. It will involve all kinds of weapons. Weapons that exist today and those that will yet be devised. Sea battles, land battles, battles in space, maybe even on the bloody moon.  


Important Russian Christian leader: "He's the guy that wants to make us into an Empire.  In principle I agree, but I think it will never happen.  Eh. Do we help them? It’s a better plan than being eaten by the Chinese. And, God help us, we will be starving too. What do they say, scientist, about the food chain...survival of the fittest? We top dog I guess. Heh. Heh. Oh well, its nature’s way I think". 


John became the American League of Crusaders' Logic Advisor.



Chapter x The Revolution


Follows the events mainly in North America leading up to the Last Crusade.

Focus on what would happen in North America in the case of severe environmental disaster. The effects of a gradually deteriorating environment could be interesting to think about. 


Eventually, neighborhoods in cities will clash. The military will be called in to enforce order, segregating people into the have and have-nots. Crusaders must quickly help to secure the upper hand to reduce losses.


If a breakdown of government occurs or its resources are overwhelmed to the point that it can no longer control its population, two types of groups are likely to emerge as the dominate players. The first is the larger and more powerful of the two and is comprised of Christian-based groups mostly residing in larger cities. A larger portion of the former nation’s military forces will align with this group, helping to achieve internal order and control and providing protection from outside threats, including the second group. 


The second type group will be referred to as survivalists and are considered to be any armed group of people that employ any means to survive or exercise control. Among these groups law is the product of accident and whim. The larger of these survivalist groups will acquire the lion share of the weapons not controlled by the Christian forces, enabling them to break some Christian strongholds in bids to acquire food and goods. Some of these engagements will follow hit and run tactics, while in others, former Christian strongholds will be occupied to expand control. If conditions deteriorate to the point that the survivalists experience starvation, they may choose to consume the vanquished. 


Because of a common ideology prevalent in the south, a single force originating in that region will eventually grow to be the largest force outside of Christian strongholds. They will call themselves "The Confederacy" and will fly the Confederate flag. In the east there will be the second civil war. In the west there will cowboys and Indians. Outside Christian territories politics will revert to the 1800’s.


Black populations outside Christian strongholds will form into large groupings mainly through the South. Some Black member the former US military and civilians will eventually consolidate in a single force calling itself “The Brotherhood”, which will build a military force to protect their populations. The leader of the Blacks will be the former President of the United States, Barak Obama. Although the former president is welcome in the Christian held areas, he chooses to lead his people.  Later, Obama will lead a force to Africa where he will declare himself King.


Mexican American populations will split into those joining American forces, and those returning to their homeland to avoid being eaten. When the crusades start, the people that stay behind in what was America may have to invade lands to the south, such as Mexican held territories and the Caribbean islands. What can they do? They have not enough to eat. No group of survivors will have control over other groups. The Christians will not be able to completely control country sides until long after World War III ends due to lack of resources.

There will be tensions between Brotherhood, Confederate, and survivalist forces. John will endeavor to limit squabbling between all forces to reduce losses of personnel and infrastructure. This would maximize his ability to wage war. Eventually, a reshuffling of populations will settle into Brotherhood and Confederate held territories. 


When food supply is inadequate within Christian strongholds, a hierarchy of food distribution will be instituted. Personnel engaged in critical activities are given priority. Some people will volunteer to die first. This will allow the Christians to follow their “thou shall not kill” edict.  Bodies will be converted to food by whatever means are available. Christians could also barter for “goods” offered by outside forces.


John sits with the Christian, Confederate and other representatives at the negotiations for a peace treaty. He observes the direction it is going, All the while he fingers a small object in his pocket. It is the catalyst. If they won’t agree, he will make them. The tools, he thinks to himself, if they only knew. Unable to resist, his lips curl up into a smirk. He decides to give them one last chance and rises.  "I tell you, if you do not go on this Crusade you are not only illogical...  you are cowards!” John bellowed as he pounded the table with his fist. How bad will it have to get before you face the truth? When you are too weak...or disbanded? This is the moment, you're last chance!" 


Soon after John resolved his logical solution, he understood that if his plans were discovered he would be killed or locked up. He new he could not trust the other member of his radical faction to follow through with his logic. He would devise a plan to ensure that his logical solution would unfold even if he could not orchestrate its execution.


At strategic locations around the world he planted atomic bombs. They would go off in a logical sequence if he were no longer able to reset the countdown timer of a program that would initiate each atomic bombs trigger. Even if one bomb were enough to set off the crusade, the other explosions would only serve to motivate the Crusaders further still. 


John sat down and waited. What would the fools choose? He knew he would do it if he had to. A more demented side of him even wished they would make him, but he would rather have a clear conscious. It was just a matter of logic after all. If they made him, he would have no problem with it. As they walked away in disgust, he burst out laughing. "So be it!”  


In a vault, in Washington, DC, a computer chip processed John's logic. A microsecond later, the atomic bomb exploded! “Lets see how long it takes for them to get the news.” He said to himself with quiet dispassion. Moments later, he could hear a commotion building. He knew them. It would be enough. 



Chapter x The Christian Empire


Follows the events in the War between Christianity and Islam. Some people will compare the Christian Empire of being the new Nazi regime and the Pope as the new Adolph Hitler. As a Christian Empire forms, its laws and practices begin to resemble those of the Reformation? Israel would almost certainly be a perfect ally in the next Crusades. Russia could be a sticking point, but ideally would align with such a Christian-based solution. Christian organizations in Russia are the key to success there.


Faced with the prospect of battling each other to the bitter end, eventually a peace treaty between the Christians, Confederacy, Brotherhood, and survivalists forces will result in a concord. It will be agreed to find food sources outside the former nation’s borders. The battle hardened and desperate survivors will deem what would have been unthinkable before the collapse, a necessity. Either because of past or renewed terrorism and the preference of the Christians to n

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