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About a guy who had everything than lost it and went to jail and etc.

Submitted: November 21, 2014

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Submitted: November 21, 2014




The sky was blue sun came up into my eyes and made my body strong to follow my goal. I was a young man who had all he wanted in life. I was not wise but wiser than a priest. I had all the goals to be successful and finally successes in life.  Suddenly, I lost everything! I had a beautiful lovely family that was there for me whenever I was in trouble or stuck. My wife always told me “do not to worry about little stuff that don’t matter, keep your eyes in the front be the leader of the world.” I always kept that in mind surely never forgotten it before.

At that moment, I was captured and was held as a prisoner in a blink of an eye. My wife was angry, crying out of her eyes just to keep me out of trouble. She looked at me in the eyes and said “explain to me WHY!?”  I was stunned and confused at the same time. I lost all interest in my life at that moment. I struggled and struggled just to get out and see my little girls. I was for sure not a criminal for any kind of stuff. I was a worker at a burger place and had a night job in the mall as a security guard. I was lonely, tired, and had no one to talk to. My house was empty before I found my love. My family moved and I was the last one left. My family was a rich and I refused to live with them. I always felt like I was an underdog in their eyes. I always felt like I was never accepted in their eyes.

My name is Douglass and this is how it all started. I was in prison for four years. I built my body and was always praying to God to just get me out of here and see them again. I loved my family alright. The prison was big and full of prison guards. During prison, I met a young lad named Jon. He was caught for shop lifting and was sent to prison for steeling an orange. We met in the prison cells at lunch. I asked him “what’s your name lad, you’re new in this place”. He answered “J… o… n…!?” His eyes were watering and was frightened of me. I asked “are you alright lad?” then he answered “yeah, why you asking?” I answered “Okay…” After we met and everything we became good friends and had a plans to escape from prison. We planned to dig with a fork and go down the drains and get out of here.

The day was 1650, our plan worked. We were excited and happy to leave. I was lost when I got out I didn’t know where to go to see my family. We changed prisons ever six months. They tied and secured us and put a cotton bags on our faces so we won’t see where we are. It seems to be cold in here. I was shivering and starving to death to survive. When I left I took some clothes with me. I wore them before I escaped. Jon was an expert and location findings master. He told me that we are far far far away from the cities. We were 10,000 miles away from home. I asked “so what do we do now”. He answered while having tears of hate in his eyes “we are going to find a farm and a horse to ride and get to our families!” I was surprised alright of what he said and what he planned before we left. I asked him “ do you know this place” Jon answered “yes while we were in the horse cabins going to our new prison cells I took the bag off my face for five minutes and looked for a blink at the sign. It said welcome to North Colorado.” I said to myself “Colorado huh; I am close to where my family lives” I asked Jon “what street are we in right now” He responded “we are in the streets of Wilmington” I answered while surprised and with excitement “we are close to my family’s house it’s in the north of here”

We found the horsed and food while we were walking. The horses were fed well and seemed to be ready for anything. We road our horses like racers and we reached my house. We need on the door. I heard my lovely wife telling daughter to take a shower. She went to the door and opened it for a bit to see who that was. She saw my face and she ran to me and hugged me with tears and told me “don’t do this to me again, don’t make me suffer like this!” I said “no I would not do that again and I will promise from my heart to not to let you suffer again my love”

She let me inside the house and we talked and talked of how I escaped and etc. I was loved back again and my friend Jon stayed with us for the night than left the next day to find his family as well. We are finally back together and we can live happy and with no pain at all. My lovely wife told me and my daughter while going to school “be careful Evana and don’t get in trouble.”


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By - Martin Rammo 

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