'Good morning, Mrs Sunday Mail'

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About self righteous people..

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



There she goes, With her long dress flowing, That floral number blowing, In the wind, Her sandals are comfortable but practical, And her hair's permed to a perfect set, She knows virtually everyone in the village, And moves in suburban circles where others fear to tread.

'Good morning, Mrs Sunday Mail', Speaks a blue rinse on her bike, The blue rinse is doing her bit for the environment, As cars make the village 'an awful, ghastly sight'

Mrs Sunday Mail replies, 'Hello my dear, isn't it terrible, Did you hear about Mrs Liberal? Apparently, her and her husband were in the garden, And actually having a good time' 'Yes' said the blue rinse, 'I heard from Mrs Puritanical, Some people have no dignity, They just live their lives as a crime'

Mrs Sunday Mail continued, 'Apparently, there's a single mother moving to the village, And a family that is quite poor, I'm bringing the issue up at the next church meeting, Those sort bleed society right to the very core'

The blue rinse had to leave at this point, She'd got some extremely important fund raising to do for the church roof, She wobbled off on her bicycle, Back straight and head aloof,

Mrs Sunday Mail thought how important this was for the community, As where would they bury the blacks, homosexuals and homeless, On a cold November night, They'd be no self righteous services to keep the parasites out of sight.

So Mrs Sunday Mail wandered up the road, To ponder the important issues of flower arranging, And not forgetting the person for whom she secretly cared, Oh Mrs Sunday Mail how the curtains would twitch, If the village knew of your love affair.

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