A World Undiscovered

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This is a poem i wrote about a year ago that just came to me one night. This is my first poem so i hope you enjoy it. (:

Submitted: October 02, 2011

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Submitted: October 02, 2011



I suffer from the pain that makes this whole world spin

But I’ll recover cause I have the strength to see past lonely end


I want to fly with the birds that soar so high

And dance with the clouds as the morning dew lie


I’ve been searching all my life like the ambers of the dark melted sky

The sun fades away in your eyes…


And somehow I find a world undiscovered


Lets run away until the trees seem to fade

And the sparkle of the stars is all that remains


We can climb the tallest mountains if we walk hand in hand

And scatter the beaches like each grain of sand


Our love can flow through the valleys and the caves

Like the floods of the seas under gods great waves


Paradise is calling, an angel is at hand

If we cross the vast horizons, we can leave this great land


We can run through the fields of wildflowers that grow all around

And twirl in the puddles from showers as the rain comes pouring down

It will melt down our skin and flow though our veins

Until we are swept up from the winds of a hurricane


If we let faith lead the way and let love come in


We can find a world undiscovered


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