A Mother's Motivation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Tyler Young is a 17 year old football player for his school. He has dreams of becoming a professional footballer, but not all is what it seems...

Submitted: November 22, 2013

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Submitted: November 22, 2013



It is a warm day in London and the date is April 21st, 2013. The annual London Marathon will take place today and for 17 year old Tyler Young, it doesn’t get any bigger than this race.

Tyler played a lot of football and even played for a team in his school until nine months later, an accident occurred.
A match was taking place between Tyler’s team and another team from another school. As Tyler had control of the ball, a player from the other team tackled him pretty hard.
Tyler lay on the pitch in pain and was carried off on a stretcher where he was then transported into an ambulance and taken to hospital.
At the hospital, the doctors were able to tell that Tyler had torn his Achilles tendon. This devastated Tyler as his hopes and dreams were to make it as a professional footballer. Those dreams were now in serious jeopardy as tearing the Achilles tendon can be a very hard injury to recover from.
When Tyler discovered this news, he immediately went into a state of depression, as he knew just how serious this injury was.
Tyler was told he may never play another game of football again and he sank further and further into depression.

Two months after the tearing of Tyler’s Achilles tendon had passed and he was stuck in the frame of mind that his life would go nowhere if he couldn’t play football.
He was just sitting around at home, being anti-social and keeping himself to himself. His Mother, Maria had tried to persuade him to go outside for weeks but Tyler kept refusing, believing that if he couldn’t play football, he had nothing else to live for.

One day, as Maria was on her way home from work, she came across a flyer in the window of a shop that was advertising the 2013 annual London Marathon.
Maria thought this was a great way for Tyler to get motivated about something and start working towards achieving new goals.
When she arrived home, Maria had a long conversation with Tyler about how he has the opportunity to achieve new goals in his life and still obtain success and build a better future for himself.
Maria told Tyler that there are many people in the world who suffer severe and terrible injuries every single day, but it doesn’t stop them from getting back out there and working harder than they ever have in their lives.
As the conversation went further, Maria showed Tyler the advertisement for the 2013 London Marathon. Tyler looked at the flyer with a deep and interested look on his face and desire in his eyes.

He decided it was time to get better.

Tyler stood up, sucked up every ounce of pain he felt and told Maria to book him into physiotherapy.

Tyler was coming back and there was nothing that could stop him!

Weeks of pain and frustration had passed, but Tyler continued to work towards his new found goal of running in the London Marathon.
As the weeks went on, progress was starting to show. Tyler’s Achilles tendon was finally on the mend and with this news; he was becoming more and more motivated.

There was now two months left until the London Marathon and Tyler was becoming mentally and psychically stronger than ever.  His doctors were immensely impressed by how far he had come.

In just a few short months, Tyler had gone from a football player for his school, to suffering a career ending injury, to overcoming depression and now finally working towards something he so desperately wanted and deserved.

Finally, his Achilles tendon had healed.

The months and months of endless pain and frustration had finally paid off.

Tyler was ready.

The day of the London Marathon had finally arrived.
Before the race, Maria told Tyler that regardless if he came first or placed last, she was so proud of how far he had come.
Tyler hugged his mother and got ready to race.

For Tyler, this wasn’t about winning. This was about proving himself to himself. It was about proving to himself that he still had what it takes to make a great athlete.

And finally, the race began!

Tyler started running, he built up a great speed, and he got faster and faster.
He was running for every person that had a dream and thought they could never make it due to injury, he was running for every person that had to suffer like he did.

And finally the race was over...

“In first place of the 2013 London Marathon... Tyler Young!”

He did it!

Tyler had placed first in a race that he never thought he would be able to participate in, never mind win it.

Maria approached him, with tears in her eyes and expressed how proud she was of her only child.

While hugging his mother, Tyler told her that this win was because of her. He told her that if she had not come to him with the idea of running a marathon, none of this would have been possible.
He told his mother that if she didn’t encourage him by telling him about other people who have suffered terrible injuries in their lives and made it back to the top and encouraged him with the love and support that she gave him, then he would still be sitting at home feeling sorry for himself.

He dedicated this win to her.

Tyler had made the impossible possible.
With passion, focus and dedication, he had made it back to the top of the mountain and could finally believe in himself once again.




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