Mon chump

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Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



Mon chump, lets roll.

Uv taken my time, its taking its toll,

Its taking me over, its taking control.

Taking me to a darker place


And this place is mankey, this place is fowl.

Watching me squirm, hearing me howl.

Its all your fault, so take a bow


And I hear you laugh.


Its not tearing me up inside,

Its already tore,

Like trying to find air, in the ocean floor.

So c’mon chump lets roll-im angry to the core


And nothings changing now,

Nothing changed then.

A funny thing happens now,

A funny thing happens when…


The suns beating hard,

But my hearts going faster

Im ready to go.

Like a natural disaster.

Nowt u can do uv lost control,

Im the master


Like being in a small boat, in the stormy see,

Im watching you, your watching me.

I can see it in your face - try and flee


Then you’ll hear me laugh


Im hardcore, look at my eyes,

This should come as no surprise,

Im sick and tired of hearing your lies.

Of how you’re the main man of this “block”

You talk the talk, but can you walk?


And you take your drugs with warm milk.

A look so soft,

And a touch like silk.

Youv done this to me, take a bow,

A funny thing happens when,

A funny thing happens now…


Breathing slows, chest gets tight,

Swallow your heart as it takes flight,

Stomachs heavy, heads light.

C’mon work it out , your bright.


Hit you hard, and wipe that sneer,

Hit you harder, hear me cheer,

Funny thing happens when?

Funny thing happens hear…

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