Home Island City Part #1

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Mark is a guy that finds himself on an island of which he calls his "Home Island City" this is only part #1 of a long lasting series.we will see the gang face wars, democracy issues, romance issues and share a joke or two.and ask the question will they ever get off the island.

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011




A young boy by the name of Mark at the age of 17 falls asleep on his bed in his Melbourne home and wakes up on a dessert island in the year 1553. Mark at that moment was unaware that he had gone 1000’s of years back in time all he knew was that it wasn’t a dream and that he wasn’t in Melbourne anymore. After a few days of nothing but fishing and eating Mark decided to build a raft and try to find civilization. It took him a week or so but once had had completed a 2-2.5 star raft he decided to go out to sea but before he could go anywhere he began to draw a map on a rock he found with a pen he made using octopus ink that he was cruelly sprayed with on his second day on the island. Keeping good track of where the sea was taking him, Mark soon heard the distant sound of screaming, he assumed he had lost his mind so he covered himself with a hand-made leaf blanket and went to sleep.

Mark was awoken by the sudden shaking of his boat, but there was no thunderstorm close or in the distance when Mark hurried on his knees to search the raft for a shark or some creature on the boat all he saw was a human hand he followed it’s arm were he found a woman and behind her were three other people (3 boys) “um do you speak English?” Mark asked in a questioning and nervous tone. “Yeah, look me and my friends were shipwrecked a few hours back, can you take us to land please or legs are about to fall off!” “uh sure I came from an island a few hours back I have a map but it’s missing some distance because I fell asleep I can only guess some of the way” “thank you, so much is there anyone else on this island” one of the men asked “um no just me” Mark didn’t want to tell the people his story as he thought they would swim for it, and he needed some company before he completely lost his mind.

After 2-3 hours of clear ocean waters they made their way back to what Mark calls his “home island city”. “This is it! Um I haven’t come around to building places to sleep yet but I’ll get it done faster now I have some extra help” said Mark in a hopeful tone. They all came of the raft one by one introducing themselves to Mark “hi I’m Sam” the first man said in a gentle tone. “I’m Alex thanks again for the whole saving us thing, good job!” “Hi I’m Francis” and then the final of the 4 approached Mark “hi Mark I’m Joanne” from an instant there were sparks flying not only for Mark but for Joanne as well.

That night they did nothing but sit around a fire and sleep. In the morning Mark thought it would be best to get to work on the huts but first he needed to figure out the arrangements so Mark, Sam, Alex and Francis all woke up early to figure it all out. Alex was the first to speak “ok so 4 huts one for me, Sam and Francis  while you and Joanne share” Alex then broke into laughter as did everyone else except Mark all he showed was a slight smirk on his face. But then Francis became technical and spoke about the sizes of the huts and calculated how long it was going to take. Then Mark went out to collect some equipment. And when Alex was the only one doing nothing, he decided to go back to sleep. Building started about 3 hours after that short meeting occurred.

Once the building had finished it was finished the boys gathered once again to decide on furniture. Again Alex was the first to speak “we only need beds singles for me, Sam and Francis and a double for Mark and Joanne” and once again everyone broke out into laughter except for Mark who for the second time displayed a slight smirk. They all agreed that the only furniture they needed where beds and before they began building Mark wanted to know how his relationship with Joanne was going so he confronted her with a stomach full of butterflies. “Uh hi, Joanne um I just wanted to know if um you need anything” “uh I’m fine thanks; you can sit next to me if you’d like” “uh sure. So where are you from?” “Well I’m from Melbourne” “really? Me too I wouldn’t expect a name like Joanne to be Australian. Oh not that it’s a bad name… it’s a great name” “uh thanks.  So how long are we going to be here?” “Well. I think we might be here forever but we can build a civilization, we will be a democracy, vote for our leader and see how things go. But we firstly need to build the houses and the stores and the… population” with that awkward conversation, it’s time to end part 1 but when we return the true action will begin and a war might be beginning to erupt right under our noses.

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Home Island City Part #1

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