My Feeling (Life and Death)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Questioning the meaning of religion

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



Feeling was thrust into the world.

He blinked his grit encrusted eyes, unfocused;

Lives began, Mothers and Farthers rejoiced.


He opened his maw and drew in his first breath;

Lives ended, Sons and Daughters mourned.


He looked out into the world;

And smiled at life,

Tears washed his blooded face when he saw death.


Feeling openedhis mouth once more.

As he spoke a single word,

Mighty oaks and slender birches grew and rotted, then fell.




The question was asked.

Man and Woman heard his cry;

"Why? Why? Why?"


As he searched the world,

Reason for the suffering he saw still avoiding him,

Feeling percieved a light.


It cane from the men and women,

They had created something.

"Why?" they asked

"God!" said others

"Who?" they asked

"We don't know," they replied, "but there must be someone!"


Then they forgot the reason for the question.

"God!" they said when a child took it's last breath,

"God!" they said when a mother left the world behind.


Feeling was alone,

"I cannot feel this 'God' so I do not know him."

He shed another tear,

His voice drifted to the men and women.


"There is no God?" they asked

"He rules!" replied another

"Why?" they asked, confused.


Then they feared the question;

"God!" they said when they drove families to the wild.

"God!" they said when they slit a fathers throat.

"God!" they shouted when they burned a village.

"God!" they cried as they swept across the world.


Death everywhere, 

Feeling saw that 'Why?' was wrong.

He looked into the earth and found a seed,

He looked into the seed and found 'How'.

© Copyright 2020 martynjflatt. All rights reserved.

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