Between dream & reality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

These words describes a situation in which a man mixes between the reality and a feeling that u wana feel...

I'm alone looking at the star

and asking why are u far???

I'm alone looking at the moon

and sighing can u come soon???

I'm alone looking at the cloud

and wishing if u could be proud???

I'm alone looking at the sky

and wondering if I can fly???

I'm alone looking very high

and imagine if I could just cry???

I'm alone hearing that noise

and guessing is this a voice?

"Plz don't be afraid"

"How? and I'm not cared"

"Plz, just laugh"

"How? and I can't find love"

"Plz don't be dissatisfied"

"How? and I feel satisfied"

"How? and u r looking for what u can't reach"

"Plz, to me can u just teach?"

"Search inside u for faith"

"And if I can't find it, just in case?"

"In this moment, u should pray"

"I know that, for all my sins, I should pay"

"No, God will forgive u, if u just regret"

"But, all what I did, it's hard to forget"

"Do u want to live all ur time in pain?!"

"Why!? do u find me insane?!"

"So, go ahead and start a new paper"

"Ok, but u think I will be better?"

"Yeah, then u won't be scared"

"Maybe coz I will be cared"

"Also u won't be sad"

"Maybe, coz inside won't be bad"

"No, coz inside, in God u will have faith"

"Sure, and I promise that it will be my life base"

"So would u leave this lost nest?"

"I thought that it was my best"

"and now u think the same!?"

"I believe that I'm not alone"

"Sure, coz ur faith is ur unlimited loan"

"Hey, are u leaving? What's wrong?"

"I'm going to the place to which I belong"

"Would u come again?"

"If u promise that u won't be the same"

Then I opened my eyes "Oh, it was a dream"

But to the reality, it really seemed

It was my father who I'm really missing

Giving me from his blessing

I will repeat and repeat

until I hear my heart beat

"I'm not anymore alone

coz my faith is my unlimited loan"

Submitted: February 08, 2014

© Copyright 2021 marwabakr. All rights reserved.

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