Christianity Vs. Islam

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A view on Christian beliefs.

Submitted: June 01, 2013

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Submitted: June 01, 2013



You proclaim Jesus is the Son of God and God’s image on Earth, and that on that cross he died

But then in the Gospel of Peter he says he woke up three days later, so doesn’t that mean he survived?

You claim Jesus is God as a human being, so how is it possible for a God to die?

The whole idea of praising and worshiping Christ is simply a man made lie

See you claim Jesus representing three, so how is three one?

Do you believe Jesus is God, or do you believe he’s his son?

Jesus never asked people to worship him, rather he worshipped the creator

He never bowed down to himself, instead he bowed down to someone greater

In the Bible it says Jesus used to worship, and that’s what the Gospel of Peter claims

But it doesn’t even make sense, if Jesus was God, why would he ever pray?
Christianity is a religion that contradicts itself

Jesus praised God, he didn’t worship himself

You claim to love Jesus, and you claim you love Christ

But it’s funny cause you’re not doing anything right

See Jesus asked people to worship God, yet you decided to turn that into worshiping him

Jesus was against the use of relics and idols, but you claim not using relics is a sin

It’s funnier cause “you claim to be Christians, yet you still eat swine

And you claim you follow Jesus, yet you’re busy at your church drinking wine”

I really do love Jesus, because I do what he asked his followers to do

And I believe Jesus is almighty, yet I still don’t worship him like you

Jesus himself said a prophet would come after him, yet you choose to completely neglect that

And I don’t care what you believe in, just read history cause that’s a historical fact

It doesn’t make sense that just because you claim you love Jesus, you can go around and sin

Jesus never asked people to even praise him or worship him, yet you still claim it’s all about Him

You believe Jesus became God on Earth, and you claim he said three

But instead he said One, and you claim his sacrifice set you free

You call us stupid for believing Jesus’ soul was replaced with the soul of a Jew

But then you change “I myself, can do nothing” into there’s nothing he could do

You believe Jesus cleansed you from your sin, when he was dangling on that cross

And you weep at him being tortured for 6 hours, and you claim you grieve over his loss

But then you go ahead and wear that cross as if it’s a source of content

And you contradict yourself when you believe in the resurrection, after you just said he was dead

I mean if the cross was where Jesus actually died, why do you wear it around your neck?

And then you go ahead and call it a sacrifice, despite no “historical” proof of anything he said

The Church took everything Jesus said, and turned it into its own

Another contradiction, do Christians believe they are truly cleansed or do they believe it was a loan?

I mean if Jesus really did cleanse you of your sin, then why is there a sacrament for confession?

A sacrament only a “chosen”, as you claim, priest can perform, doesn’t that leave you with a question?

The Church takes what Jesus said, and turns it into something they can abuse

And because of that such a simple issue regarding Jesus left so many confused

You say he was awake 3 days after he died, and you wear a cross were he supposedly died

Then you contradict and neglect everything Jesus (PBUH) claimed, making all Christians blind

I love and adore Jesus as one of my many prophets, and I love him more than you

Because unlike the Church and Christians, I follow Jesus Christ, and do what he asked us to do.







© Copyright 2017 Marwan El Battouty . All rights reserved.

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Christianity Vs. Islam

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