Freedoms Cause

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About the fight for freedom African Americans gave

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012




Freedom’s Cause.

February, 29,2012



On their wrists

And on their hearts.

Times were hard,

Sprits were broken

And so were many bones.

All because

The skin

Was not

In the colored zone

That was called white.


Kept inside fences,

Kept inside sheds,

And allowed no freedom.

There were no books,

And no beds.

They were restricted

So they could not grow.


But there voices rang

In the sun and snow.

They told stories

That made them glow.

They told their children

That they were something

That could grow.


Freedom was won for some,

And with that freedom

They worked to free

The others of their color.

They let their voices ring

In the ears

Of those who never heard

Their song before.

Times were running fast,

As fast as their feet

Would go.

Many ran,

And took

The Underground Railroad.

They could taste the freedom

In their hearts and souls.

They knew that

They could no longer be shackled

To the words of their masters.


People in front of crowds.

Stories in the papers.

Poems and books

All around the world.

Their stories

Of pain

And sometimes happiness

Were being heard.

As many learned,

Many more

Stood up

For the freedom cause.

A cause

That said all

Are free

No mater the color zone

Your skin falls under.


Names are known,

As the battle of equality began.

It takes time

Before it will truly end.

But the freedom’s cause

Is the cause

We all fight for

Even today.

© Copyright 2018 Mary Jo. All rights reserved.

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