hard knock life yet?

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ever wonder what someones else life is like? ever wondered how bad some people lives are? hard knock life is about a young girl with a "hard knock life"

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



Hard knock life, huh?

Trust me you have no idea
Having Purity taken from you bit by bit
Lies told every second
One killer line : I love you
No they don't 
They never did
They just used you
Until they were done
Even killed the life within you.
killed all of your spirit and hope
Hard knock life yet?
Nope not finished
Beaten and abused by your parents
Called a whore at school
But you're not a whore
You just fell in love
The disease that tricks people into pain
Only two stand beside you
And they'll go down with you
Kicking and screaming
They're not giving up on you
Although you already gave up on yourself
The only strength you have is what you're taking from them
You hide in their shadow
Breaking your own heart because you're afraid of breaking thiers
You drag yourself into things praying that each time they'll save you
Is it hard knock now? Not yet
Let's go back a few paces
You could've had a kid but it died within the first couple of weeks of being conceived
And the man is off with another girl
and guess who's pregnant
she is
Where is your baby? 
Sleeping in the heavens.
your baby awoke to God,
instead of you

There is your hard knock life. 

© Copyright 2017 Mary Jo. All rights reserved.

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