Life or Death? God or Devil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

About who wants her Dead

Death is something

that calls my name.

Every night

when I look out of the window

I see the pain

that hides in my eyes.

I see death by my side.

He calls for me

He tells me I belong in the other world.

That I have no place on Earth.

That soon my heart will burn in a great fire.

A fire that my soul will create 

from all of the pain

that it sees and feels.

Every once in a while

I do as Death tells me.

Weather its a simple

cut of the skin

or a burn.

I listen to his words

as he slowly tears me apart.

I have once thought.

Is this the devil?

But I may ask myself

why would someone so big in the world want my soul.

So i dismissed the thought.

Death is himself

and no other.

He works for both God

and the Devil.

But with all the outcomes of my life why

would either want

in their home.

I feel the pain 

of in between.

Death or Life.

Who wants me dead,

God or the Devil.

Submitted: April 24, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Mary Jo. All rights reserved.

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Mon, April 30th, 2012 1:15am


Really good work. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Lovely words!

i have 2 new poems; Axis and The Tree. Perhaps u might give me some feedback!! Cheers!

Mon, April 30th, 2012 5:28pm



Mon, April 30th, 2012 10:32am


Why do you write about death, my love. What would I do if you leave me? It high time we faced this Mr. Death one more time for all time's sake. Wear your gloves and I will wield my sword. Lets face death, stare him in the eye and challenge him to duel. Lets slay this monster and crush your nightmare once and for all.

Fri, May 4th, 2012 5:16pm



Sat, May 5th, 2012 2:02pm


Fri, May 4th, 2012 5:16pm

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