Nuetral Life forever

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The ending to the poem Night and Darkness. She finds a love

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012




Neutral Life Forever

By: Mary Jo Gould

A crow flies in the air. It swoops down and lands on the shoulder of a man. He glances at the bird. He thinks nothing of it and carries on. The bird once again is in the air. This time instead of landing on the man, the bird lands in front of him. The bird lets go of a white rose. The man picks it up and whispers the name of the bird, “Ailia”

The bird crows and changes form. Form the bird a human forms. She is in a white dress. Her brown hair falls down on her shoulders.

“Death is coming, Darkness is ready to fight, and so is Light.”

“I told you before, your friend may not take my life, and your brothers can not win against me.”

She turns around and looks down the cliff. “Life is not simple. No man is ever good. Death is my best friend. He is the only one that dares be around me. I am the only daughter of the world. I control the nature. But my brothers rule the world. They both have their own armies and worlds themselves.”

Ailia, I am not a man of night, nor of light. I can survive the fight for our love.”

He reached for her hand but pulled away. “I was stupid to think a mere mortal could save me from my chains.”

Death appeared and took Ailia’s hand. “How are you my dear friend?” he asked.

“Same as always Death. Why don’t you take my life?”

“We’ve discussed this before. I cannot do that. I won’t even try. You are my friend, not another soul to die and live in the underworld, weather it is heaven or hell. You are of both bloods anyways. It won’t mater. You are immortal.”

“Ugh, they are here.”

A wind blew and two men appeared. One wore all white, his name is Light. The other wore all black, his name is Darkness.

Light controlled the day, and Darkness controlled the night. Their sister, Ailia controlled nature. She kept the balance of night and day. But both of her brothers try to give her a suitor of their kind. But the suitors always end up fighting the other side. On this rare occasion there is a man of between. He is of neither sides. The only other man of this kind is her father. He does not interfere with his children’s lives.

“Darkness, Light. Nice to see you again.” She rolled her eyes and turned away. “I can not watch you fight my lover again. I can not take this. Over and over again I find a man who can make me laugh and smile. A man who makes me feel like I am normal, and not some person that has to care for this world. Why do you not just leave me alone!”

She turned around and looked at her brothers. They both had their hands crossed. Darkness’s black hair blew in the air, and so did Light’s blonde hair.

“We want you to be our sister, but there is no man good enough for you. No one can have you. And you are not normal. Look at yourself. You are creating a storm again. No man wants you for you, they want you because of who you are!” yelled Light.

“Then how is a man you pick good enough?”

“You can not argue with us, we are your older brothers.” said Darkness.

The man walked towards Darkness and Light. “You are not my older brothers, and I do not fallow either of you. I can argue. Ailia is not yours. She belongs to no one and can decide for herself.” He said

“What is your name?” they asked at the same time.

“Gabriel, I am the angel that was of justice, that turned rouge. I am my own person now. No one controls me.

Ailia in the background gasps. Her brothers looked opened wide at the angel. At this moment, their father appeared.

He put his hands on Ailia’s shoulder. “I have not interfered with your sibling bickers but I can no longer stand aside. It has been going on for to long. Ailia is no longer a child. She needs to decide on her own. And you my sons, need to move on with your own life. Take on a love. You needn’t a child, but you need something to do besides control your sister. And Gabriel, you were always meant to be neutral. Just no one allowed you to be. Always made you choose a side. And for my apology, you may marry my only daughter. But only if she allows it so.”

With his words he kissed his daughter’s cheek. Whispered words we will never know of and left.

Darkness and Light looked at their sister with tears in their eyes. For the first time Ailia realized why her brothers fought every man she loved. If they did not, order would not live.

Gabriel took Ailia’s hands in his. He vowed love and she believed him.

Months later, both Light and Darkness attended the wedding. No one argued. No one said a word.

Because of that peace, we have a balance. There is good and bad in us all. And today we have angles. Ones of peace. No angle is dark nor bright. They are all in-between ready to help any one in need.

Ailia lived through a life of misery until she met an angle filled with misery. They created a neutral. Creating not only good and bad people, but put good and bad in us all. We no longer fall under one category. Remember this when you call some one bad, or good.


© Copyright 2017 Mary Jo. All rights reserved.

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