Sherwood Lake

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Descriptive essay for school. Sherwood Lake, located in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012




Sherwood Lake Forest is one of the most serene places on Earth. The Lake has a way of just making you forget all of your problems. Every summer I go up there with my entire family.

You know when you get to Sherwood because you recognize the beauty of the trees. They’re truly magnificent. They stand tall. They have a past, like all of us do. They’ve seen more change than any human ever has or ever will. I admire them for that.

The first day is hectic. We unpack all of our things and greet our family members with cheer. I get the usual “You’ve gotten so big!” from Aunt Susan and Uncle Robert. After all of this is done, the rest is a breeze. On most days, I go off by myself. I take advantage of the long, windy trails and the old row boats. I say hello to all of the people that go by on their bicycles.

My favorite thing to do at Sherwood is go to the dam. It takes a long time to get there on foot, but it’s very much worth it. It’s so still. Nobody ever goes out there. It’s a dam, but the water hasn’t gone over the side of it in years. It’s dry now. On the other side of the dam is the lake and a field. The field is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The weeds are tall and it sways with the wind. My favorite part of it is the all of the flowers. It’s hard to resist picking them. On the side of the field is a bank, in which you can see the entire lake. I often sit there and think. I think of everything and nothing at all. I reflect on myself and my past and I look towards the future, wondering what it might hold.

I close my eyes, and I listen. I listen to the wind. I listen to the rush of the streams. I listen to the mighty fish jumping out of the lake. I can smell the fresh dew on the leaves, because I often go to the dam early in the morning. I smell the sweet aroma of honeysuckles all around me. I breathe in the scent of the flowers. This is what I thrive off of.

When it gets late, I head back to my campsite, where I’m greeted by my entire family. We all sit around the fire. Stories that I’ve heard a thousand times are being shared. They never get old. I can hear the popping of kernels in the skillet. Every year, we eat popcorn around the fire. When everyone finishes, I pass out the Hershey bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. I bite into my S’more and I revel in the contrast of the crunchy cracker and the gooey marshmallow. They go together perfectly. By the time the fire goes out, our bellies our full and everyone is ready for a good night’s rest. I say goodnight to my wonderful family and head for my tent.

Every night, I lay in my sleeping bag, looking back on the day. I smile at the thought of waking up early tomorrow and doing the same thing. Sherwood Lake is my home.

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