Planet Earth and Man

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A poem about mans purpose on the earth

Submitted: May 26, 2010

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Submitted: May 26, 2010



Planet Earth

What is the purpose of the existence of the human race?

You might say Science! Art!

But if were weren’t here we wouldn’t need them

And certainly Earth would be no worse off.

In creating our Science, our Art and in everything else we do

We use up this planet.

Our Science or Art doesn’t give anything back to it.

There is no way mankind enhances Planet Earth.

There is nothing we do that benefits it.

We only consume.

We do not support the conditions it requires, and

Has maintained for millions of years,

To continue the life cycles of the plants and animals on it.

If we weren’t here

It would flourish and fade and flourish

As it did before we evolved.

Natural cycles

Of evolution

Birth, life, death, drought, flood, fire, storm, growth, regeneration.

However, there’s the rub.

If mankind died out and this Earth had more millions of years

To let evolution progress in its natural way,

Would mankind appear again?

Would we evolve again into the wasteful, greedy, ignorant species

We are today?

Misusing, abusing, consuming, ruining

We will never know. 

Our ancestors have no knowledge of how, since the

Industrial Revolution,

We are destroying the perfect planet they lived on.

And we will never know if our descendants manage to

Curb their greed and live in a balanced way

On this bountiful planet

Which would be much better off

Without us.

The effect of the human race is destruction.

But what is its purpose?

© Copyright 2018 Mary Snow. All rights reserved.

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