The Adventures of Harry, Barry, and Olga

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Harry, Barry, and Olga are three very bored triplets living in Oregon. Suddenly, Olga gets an amazing idea. Read more to find out.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



It was an overwhelming and enduring challenge, yet the great and manly Arthur Winston of Miami, Florida stood up to the test and came out victorious. This man, in all his splendor, faced great trials which shall be-

Wait, what? “Wrong story,” you say? Well I could’ve sworn I-

Alright then, I guess you’re right. My bad. And Steve’s. Remind me to fire him later.

Anyways, onto the RIGHT story….

Deep in the forests of Oregon, there was a cottage. And in that cottage, there was some old furniture. And on that old furniture were three bored kids. Triplets, in fact. The first one was named Harry. He had blond hair and a charming smile. He also liked picking his nose. The second one was named Barry. He also had blond hair, and loved insects (especially eating them). And the third one was a girl – I think – named Olga. She had matted, black hair and spat at people she didn’t like.

These kids were all alone in the cottage, because their father was gone getting abducted by aliens. The kids did not care though, because they were too bored.

“Let’s go outside and have an adventure, brothers!” Olga exclaimed.

“Nah…” They said.

So they stayed inside, bored, and watched the paint dry off the walls.



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