When fate reveals its true beauty

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Two people meet online. A pretty ordinary thing these days. But what evolves out of it is something absolutely surprising

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



Do truly romantic stories with happy endings touch you? If you answered yes, is it possible you may like to be a part of creating a happy ending andmaking a DREAM COME TRUE for two people? Two people that fate brought together, but it is also fate that is keeping them apart. Please read on to hear their story and get to know them.

It was early 2007. A man and a woman met on a chat site on the internet like hundreds of thousands do these days. More than likely every couple who has met and fallen for each other on similar occasions would tell you that THEIR STORY is truly amazing, unique and beyond compare.

The cynical truth? Probably 95% of these stories aren’t so amazing or unique. Of the remaining 5%, most likely, you would be hard pressed to find a story as amazing or unique as the tale you are about to hear. Prepare yourself for a story that can only lead to ONE thing: happiness for this man and woman, happiness and lifelong friendship for ANYONE wanting to get involved and an opportunity to bring a simple, back to basics and friendly environment that the world needs more of these days. So “what’s your pleasure” grab yourself an ice cold beer, a glass of wine or a warm cup of tea and read on.

So there they sat, let’s call them Mary Beth and Jack. As we said earlier, just by chance, they found their way to each other via the internet. Their early chats were fairly typical; “How are you?” “Who are you?” “Where are you?” “What do you like to do?” The usual get to know each other conversation. As time went by, weeks and then months, and after sharing words, pictures, thoughts and views, there was no denying that they liked each other very much. There was a comfort neither of them had felt before whenever emailing, chatting, talking on the phone and webcam chats. They could just be themselves. No pretense, no head games, the good and the bad, equally accepted!!!! So, at this point you may be thinking “Hey, that’s cool…so why didn’t they just meet?” The answer is easy, the resolution, frustrating and heartbreaking to both of them…….

?………they were separated by approximately 4300 miles and the Atlantic Ocean, which Mary Beth and Jack, without much affection, call - “The Big Pond“!

Like we said, the answer is easy, the resolution, not so much.

So, there sits Mary Beth, living in a major US city close to the nation's capital and there sits Jack, living in a country in the true heart of western Europe. A country that is so well organized and with a standard of living the average American (Mary Beth included) could only dream of.

However, during all the months of communication between these two, Mary Beth already knew where Jack’s heart belonged. Jack was simply an American born in the wrong place (a SOPHISTICATED European redneck, if there is such a thing!). HALT! CAUTION! DANGER!!!!! ( Think this through Mary Beth! Jack could just be another of those sneakin’ in immigrants who wants to get into the country! Tread lightly, Mary Beth!)

Fortunately, for everyone involved, Mary Beth is an intelligent, reasonable and cautious person. She tested Jack in so many ways (big thank you to Google!). Mary Beth had discovered that Jack had already been in the States dozens of times for leisure and business. He knew MORE about her country, its history and its culture and Jack had seen MORE of America than most of Americans, including Mary Beth

All of the above was fascinating and intriguing to Mary Beth, but Jack himself, and the comfort she felt chatting with him, was more intriguing than any thought, thing or life lived. She had had enough of this online relationship. She needed to see Jack in person and Jack needed to see her! Jack promised he would make arrangements and he was true to his word, in July 2008 he flew across “The Big Pond” to visit for 5 days. Five days to get to know each other in person, see if “it clicks”. Spending time together like other people do, doing things together, sharing, together, IN PERSON!

Upon laying eyes on each other, it was like they had known each other for years. The comfort they had felt chatting online, through emails, the phone andwebcam all seemed a truth. They clicked, no doubt about it!

In Mary Beth’s hometown they have a 4th of July parade that is known far beyond the city limits. A parade that is so wonderful and unique that the citizens of that town start putting up their chairs along the route of the parade, days, even weeks before the parade is held, in honor of Independence Day. To be immersed in true Americana on such a special day and with such a special person. A BBQ that consisted of amazing food, a few cold ones, laughter and the feeling he was home. It was one of the happiest days in Jack’s life so far. Even after the parade, Mary Beth and Jack sat on her porch for hours, well into the early morning talking, laughing, listening to music and savoring every moment.

Mary Beth and Jack spent a lot of time on her porch during these 5 days. Talking, dreaming and wishing “The Big Pond” would just go poof! I guess you can tell by now that the two got along so very well. It all seemed so easy, in theory, but they were mature adults, one had just hit 50, the other not far behind.. They were not teenagers anymore, not foolishly “falling in love”. There was a CERTAINTY that accompanied this feeling of comfort. The honesty, the openness, the tenderness, the passion. This was not your average “butterflies in your stomach”, this was better, stronger. Something that could last beyond that.

Both Mary Beth and Jack have had their share of “life’s experiences”, good ones and many bad ones. They both were divorced. They knew where the “butterflies in your stomach” could lead to. So, after parades, hours of talking and laughing, a car show, nights out and site-seeing; after 5 unforgettable days Jack had to go home again. While those 5 days were the most joyous both had ever spent, the day Jack left, was one of the worst. Just as a reminder, this was July 2008.

The story gets sadder still; Mary Beth and Jack have not met in person since. That is sad, isn’t it? We are sure you are asking, WHY?? Why did they not pursue something that started so extremely wonderful, romantic, passionate, honest and profound. Something that felt so right, so real?

Well, they DID meet! In their dreams and in their desire to share more they continued; they met a 1000 plus times since, in e-mails, on the phone, text messages, skype and Facebook. So much time has passed since July 2008 and yet the emotions have only gotten deeper and the commitment stronger. As more time passed, it only seemed right that the dreams needed to manifest into a plan. A plan accompanied by a certainty that THIS was meant to be. That THEY were meant to be! Being apart was so very hard and even though both were emotional beings, they were always trying to be realistic about life and their unique situation, especially considering, as we said before, they were not teenagers. Reality did NOT make things easier.

Mary Beth had a life in the US. A family and people who depended on her, a job that depended on her and a home to take care of. Jack in 2008 (after a very successful career in the media business) and prior to visiting Mary Beth, had decided to embark on a business of his own, which of course came with all the struggle and hard work that is needed pursue such an adventure. Jack‘s business became more of a hardship than a joy as the avenue the business took was not what he had predetermined it to be. Both Mary Beth and Jack were making decent enough livings and had they not been separated by “The Big Pond”, they would have, as a couple, been by US standards living the good life, but neither were pursuing THEIR DREAM.

During all these years, even though Mary Beth and Jack were not with each other physically, they still played a HUGE part in each other‘s lives. They shared all the ups and downs and they talked almost daily using all the channels they had except for meeting for “real”. The more time that passed, the more they were SURE they belonged together. There was no doubt for either of them. As the years went by they created a DREAM. This dream represents the TRUE heart and essence of their personalities, of who they are and this DREAM is the glue the keeps them together.

Mary Beth and Jack are truly wonderful people. Compassionate, friendly and welcoming, loving and open hearted, honest, American by birth and by heart. They love meeting new people and welcoming them into their lives and homes. Knowing that friends (old ones and new ones) feel comfy and at home around them is a joy beyond measure. Cooking and entertaining and all the joy that brings is one of their greatest passions. Music, music and more music! Bring it on! Focusing on the simplest pleasure in life - love and friendship. All of this will be encompassed in THEIR DREAM - “JACK’S RANCH“! A place where Mary Beth and Jack cook and serve, long table dinner style, where music is played into the wee hours, where old friends come back again and again and new friends they make aren’t so new anymore. A place to share the simplest pleasures and be reminded what‘s important.

And Mary Beth and Jack know:

When they meet the next time, they meet FOR GOOD. They meet to do ALL of the above mentioned. They meet for good, because they do not need ANYTHING else anymore. They want nothing else but being together and live THEIR DREAM; a joint venture that isn’t just a business, but a lifestyle, “JACK’S RANCH”! A place where, for a decent price, you can go for amazing musical entertainment and fabulous long table dinner style meals lovingly prepared by Mary Beth and Jack. Where you come to visit friends and ALWAYS feel at home.

Thank you for reading! You can find all the details and the continuation of this story here:


We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our life!?


Mary Beth and Jack

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