The middle man

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The story is about two sisters that already dnt get along and a middle man comes in between and make matters worst.

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012






My name’s Cinnamon and this is my first year in college. I have it all; Mind, brains, beauty and a BOYFRIEND!! I got into Penn State with a full scholarship so of course I’M THE SHIT. Cassandra is my little sister and I love her to death but that girl works my last DAMN nerve. Yesterday Bobby (that’s my boyfriend) told me that my sister had the nerve

to show him her tatt’s and tried to seduce him in my own room. I always knew she was jealous of our relationship and how happy we are. Like that’s my sister but wrong is wrong and I promise to make this weekend a living hell for her and anyone that gets in the way!!!

My name’s Cassandra and I’m the youngest in my family. My sister Cinnamon is the oldest and just finished her last year at Constitution High. Today we’re taking Cinnamon to Penn State for her first year in college. I’m really not trying to go cause I’m trying to attend this party but I want to go because it’s Penn State and cause I’M COLLEGE BOUND.

My sister and I don’t even get along, cause she is so spoiled and everything always goes her way. Cinnamon didn’t like my boyfriend cause she thought he was a loser and my dad actually made me get rid of him. I like to create comics and am very fascinated with tattoo’s but Cinnamon thinks its weird and for nerdy, geeky people.  Her boyfriend thinks my tat’s and comics are cool so I just tell Cinnamon “MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS”.  Cinnamon puts her nose up at everything that don’t interest her and is so plain Mary Jane. I don’t see how Bobby can deal with her and her irogance.

This trip is supposed to be from Friday to Sunday and that is just way too long. Cinnamon and I can’t even sit in the same room for 5 minutes without an argument. I just want to go enjoy myself with college students and tour the huge campus but stay far away from my sister and whatever she thinks cool is. We finally get here and she already complaining!


“DANG”…. It took forever and Cassandra stink Frito’s got the car stinking.

“I better not smell like FRITOS Cassandra”
“…Or what???”
“I’mma tell mom how much of a hoe you are….”
“Whaaat??? what are you talking about?”
“My BOYFRIEND and YOUR stupid TATTOO’S....ring a bell???”




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