Harry potter came to and end

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its how i felt about "harry potter" the movie and how it really affected my life and the impression i have and its print in my heart :)

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011




The love of my life <3



It started when I was small

Left something in my heart

I felt it & gradually it filled it all

But what I didn’t know that it was just the start

I started to feel I can’t let go

Is it a memory or is it some part of my life??

I really wanted to know

Was it something important and alive?

More were out

And I still haven’t got a clue

But I didn’t think about

The source of my feelings anymore

It kept going

Wishing it will never stop

Still I growing

With the same mind and hope

It became my life

Every part of it

Maybe It’s a film

But I truly love it


Yes it is.

The film that amazingly caught everyone’s heart

Made me at edge of my seat

Whenever I see it that People could hear my heart beats

Made me feel that I can’t wait to see the coming part

But Guess what??

It came to an end

That I couldn’t believe it’s here

It was so fast that made my tears

Fall after the other

It is incredible

It is artful

It’s now a memory

That will stay forever

Deep inside me

Like the roots of a tree

That after, I will live happily.

And the rest is History


Mary 14/07/11

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