Funeral Of Winston Macnab

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My family lost a gentle soul when Winston Macnab passed suddenly.

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



Funeral Of Winston Macnab



Today we will bury Winston Henry Macnab my brother-in-law.

Kind and gentle sould with a sheepish grin and lilting laugh.

How deeply I will miss him.

He married my sister Billie and they had two daughters Diana and Joann and they gave him

four grandchildren. He adored those kids so much.

Billie and Winston divorced but he remained my family.

He attended the grandkids games and was their biggest supporter but Winston went beyond this and attended their practices

also assisting with coaching. Always the first to arrive. Totally devoted.

Winston still talked to me about our sister Patricia who was a basketball player he always attended

her games and missed seeing her play after she graduated.


Winston was a hunter, trapper, fisherman, shopkeeper, repairman of small engines, minerals collector

Great Father and Grandfather. Always putting others before himself, so very humble.


He taught the girls how to drive and could not have been more proud. Devoted to his Mother Gracia visiting her

often. Any woman would be proud to have him as a son.


Winston regaled us with tales of his childhood

We were all amazed he had survived

There were so many "accidents"  having been shot twice

by his own carelessness in the foot and leg the foot cocking the gun and the leg playing "quick draw"

His mother said he had terrible aim!

He would get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the truck and we would all have to get out and dig that heavy

Chevy truck out but his famous words "I never get stuck" still echo in my mind.

Once they had driven to the mountains and coming back down lost the brakes so they coasted

all the way back to the valley.


I think he must have been charmed.

We spent so many years together.

We went mineral collecting at mine dumps around the state of Arizona

and attended the annual Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson and Sierra VIsta

spent evenings watching movies sometime sharing meals and desserts

we shared gardening secrets and stories our lives so intertwined.


I can see you there with your gun, traps, tools rock pick and collecting bags.

Eating fried rice with sliced vienna sausages with you Pepsi

watching a Vikings game.

We both love John Wayne you joked we always cancelled each others votes at the polls

and I rooted for the opposing team but it was a friendly rivalry and we laughed about it in the end.

I Love you Winston.


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