I Found A LittleCrate

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a treasure on a beach

Submitted: June 20, 2012

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Submitted: June 20, 2012



I Found A Little Crate!

Walking along the beach, on a moonlit night, the ocean breeze softly surrounding me and the shimmering waves washing ashore like sparkling diamonds I breathe in the salty sea air which clears my head and I look at all the driftwood and kelp dotting the sand then my eyes are drawn to a shape foreign to the shore. I walk closer and there is a little crate with one corner exposed. I get down on my knees and begin to push back the sand to expose the rest of the crate.

I picked up the crate and took it back along the strand of beach to my house. Inside I found tools and removed the cover.

Inside the crate was a delicate glass heart and inside the heart was a perfect rose. I was amazed it had withstood the ocean. Where had it come from? I admired the beauty of this lovely object and found a shelf and set it out to study as I went about my routine.

I took the heart in the crate to the antique mall and showed it to the dealers who all marveled at the lovely creation but said they really had no interest in such a delicate item but agreed how unusual it was.

I decided to take it along when I visited my friend who was recovering from surgery. She had not been doing well and was slow to heal and needed Physical therapy to get up and around again.

She was lying with her eyes closed when I entered the room and she slowly opened them and asked me to close the blinds it was too bright and switch on the light by the bed. I took out the crate and set the heart on a pillow in front of her. I watched her face as she looked and smiled and admired the lovely rose and as I watched the rose grew and opened fully and light was emitted onto my friend. She was glowing. In a flash the light was gone the rose returned to a bud and she told me how sleepy she felt would I be offended if she asked me to leave. I said of course not and put the heart back into the crate and gave her a kiss on the forehead, turned out the light, and left. I heard she was home and doing great. Did not even need physical therapy!

I walked out into a little garden area in front of the hospital and sat down at a table setting the crate in front of me and drank some water from a bottle I had carried along. The little rose seemed to dance to the movement of the water in the bottle. When people walked by it would bend toward them and then toward the next person and when it was moving on to one person it hesitated and again the light and the blooming rose and then it would return to a bud. What a puzzling little curio!

When I returned home there was a message from my family that my Father was taken ill and I had better come right away. I decided to carry the heart along in a soft cloth bag insulated with cotton.

When I arrived and saw my Father I again took out the heart and set it close to him on a pillow and as we visited and he explained how he felt that heart began to glow and the light was on my Father and the Rose bloomed inside. This time the light pulsed and moved to regions all over his body. Then the light was gone and the bud had returned.

My Father had made a recovery they were all calling a miracle!

What an amazing treasure! This was so wonderful. I thought others needed to know about this incredible discovery. So I called the local news and they came and did a story with pictures and many came to view the crate with the heart and rose.

I took the heart and rose and put them back into the crate and carried it back to the house I set it on the table and went to the kitchen to get a drink I returned to the table and looked into the crate.

I was shocked and then sad to see that the heart had cracked and broken and the rose was dry and dead!

What had happened?  What had made it break? It had such promise for the world of ill people.

I picked up the little create and began to turn it and examine each side of the box and found some tiny words written on the bottom panel so I got my magnifying glass to read what was written there.

To the person who finds this little crate and the contents within this is a blessing for you to use but do not make it known to others for it shall cease to work and will perish.

The moral to the story: It always is a good idea to read the instructions first.


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