Who Did It

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
what can happen in just a second?

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017




Hey,my name is Kendall Reed. I'm 18 years old. I live in a small town caled Blackwoods. It's home to feau of my friends.This is my friend Abby Moore every one in this school knows her as the beauty goro. She isn't that mutch popular nither ame I. She has a big crush on a boy named Mark. He's capten of the football team and he is magnet for girls. And of cours he has hes girl that is a biger slut then a snail. Pleas welcome Katharine Yung the stupedes but most beautiful girl in our school 'thats how the boys call her'. And of cours that is her evil little minion next to her name is Bella Mezz. She is so nice and knows how to be good to you and no one knows why is she Katharinas little minion slut. Oh and this person that is next to my locker is Rebecka Hale. She is known for her humor and atitut and she is friends with everyone that she hates and loves. And that person that she is going to is the most hansomest boy in our school 'thats what I think' Logan Posey,he has everything that a girl loves. But my friend Rebecka is somehow attached to him that I can't explane. And he likes her I like him she dosn't like him but someone likes me but Rebecka likes that person and everything is complicated. So we love not to talk abaut it but still I like him. And that girl that is playing football is my third friend Tiffany Black and yes,yes,yes her last name is Black like our towns name becaus her father Is a major and he hates when she plays football becaus she is a girl. But eveyone in our school loves to see her play and Abby thinks that she has a realy cool name becaus it seasm that one day she will have a cloths shop caled *Tiffany Black* becaus it seasm so cool. Oh yeah and that girl that is watching that guy her name is Summer Olson she's is my other friend. She likes that boy overthere over two months and she will never realy tell us that she likes him hundred present. And yeah that boys name is George Torres he loves to change girls every Friday but Summer dosn't care. And last but not surtentli the list two killer clowns that are alvais inesont meat Miss Petrina and Sarah Markic two best friend, two sister, two sluts that can get into your skin. Everyone thinks that Abby, Rebecka, Tiffany,Summer and I are going behind the school smoking weed and kissing random guys and who told that lie Miss Petrina and Sarah 'BTV Miss Petrina isn't her real name'. And now we are having a world war three becaus of them. You know when I sed that one guy likes my so hes name is Jake Fisher and Rebecka likes him. I don't know what he sees in me but OK. We meet three year ago on a school bus going to a atletich match. He was seting behind my and he loved to hit my seat so I would get angry and try to puntch him. I was going in love with him but he didn't like my so one day in school I was having fun with Tony 'my boy-friend' and he told my that it is Jakes birthday soo I went to buy a chocolate to give it to him but he gaved it to his friend to eat it. I was mad but sad too. So a year has pasen and I still liked him and then I mett thoes four beautiful girls and they told me that I need to get over him so I did and now he likes me and I hate him for what he did. He never sed *sorry* or anithing. And he is some kind of long lost relative of Tiffany soo she started to tell my how he has some love songs for me but I don't care. And when Rebecka heard what is he doing for my she basecli has fallen in love but Logan likes her becaus she is full of fun and she is beautiful. And I don't know what he sees in her and dosn't see in my. But still she is my friend so I'm kinda,sorta okey with it. Yestirday Abby was running to my saing:

“He touched my arm,but I think it wasnt on perpous,but still I felt his skin“(jumping up and down)

„Wow,and how does it feal after soo long to touch him?“(I sed smiling)

„I don't know it was kinda weard“(still jumping)

I could see in the distins that Logan is coming becaus I know his read huddy that he wears every day.But I wasnt focusing on Abby.

„Oh,cool“(I sed)

„Cool?!Just cool?Thats what you think?“(she seis turning around)“Oh now I see why you sed that,Logan is coming.When will you tell him?“(she sed looking excied)

„I don't know I'm scared to tell him enything“(I sed it sadly)

„So what if he asks Rebecka out on a date“(she sed confusedly)

„First I'm gonna take his head of and feed it to the aligathor and then kill Rebecka for not staing away from him“(I sed it with an angry face,smiling and tears in my eyes)

„So thats how you feal about them“(she sed)“Why don't you tell her something“

„What like,hey Rebecka stey the fuck avay from Logan!“(I sed it quet and sad)

„Okey,okey we can stop talking about it“(She sed)“See you at Georges party?“

„Yeah of cours you know I like to drink girl!“(I sed it smiling)

After a long talk with Abby I went home to get readi for the party. I started to put one my makeup when I heard my phone ringing It sed: „Hey,hey bitch I can't wate too see you at he party-Miss“(smile face)

I just didn't react at all becaus I knew that it was Miss Petrina that was messing with my. I went out side so wate for Summer to pick my up for the party and I saw Mark coming out of his house 'Oh yeah he lives oposite my house'. He was talking on hes phone to Katharine but he was angrey. Little did he knew that I was on the street. He lukeded up after closing his phone and sed „Hey“. My friend and hes didn't know that we were friends long back when we were babyes. We tooked baths together,we would sleep in the same bed. We kept it a secret but when we got to hige school he got popular and he forgot about my but some days he loves to talk to me on the phone. He camed to me and sed:

„You going to George's party too“(he sed smiling to me)

„Yeah,I wasn't planning after that night we had drinking“(I sed laughing hard)

„Oh,mean don't reming my.I almoust puked“(he sed looking at hes phone)

I saw Summer's car coming up the cornor an I sed:

„You shold go back to your house Summer is coming“

„Yeah,don't wanna get cauget“(he sed while kissing my on my cheak like he alwais does)

„Bye,see you at the party“(I sed it)

Sudenli Summers car apired in front of me and I got in it. Summer huged my seing:

„Hey girl“

She started to go avay from my house and I turned back to see Mark lifting hes right arm slowli but carefuli that Summer dosn't see it. We were quiet on the ride to the party. We were driving for half an hover. When we arived girls were wating for us. We got out of the car and started to hug becaus you know how we girls are. We had lot's of fun. But I got a little bit drunk and I puled Logan on the dance floar. I didn't know what I was doing but I know I was dancing and havinh fun. And sudendli I felt an arm aroun my waste pulling my closti to Logan. I was thinking that he was drunk like I or he was into my. And just from nover I was kissing Logan Posey the most beautiful guy I the school. And then i felt someone pusing us away and then I looked an I saw Katharine. She wa angry at him becaus of my. I remember her seying:

„For God sakes you kissed her you idiot“

„What she is cute“(he sed)

„I'm your cousin and listen to me you will never again kiss Kendall ever again“(she sed it spitting over my)

Logan looked at my and then at her and back at me and he pulled my closly and he was making out with me. She left angrey and we just stoperd kissing. He sed:

„Thank you for helping me get rid of her“

„Oh,no problem any time amm I mean amm okey“(I left aqardly)

I returned to my friend and they were so pumped becaus of me.I just sed that I wanna have fun and we did. We wanted to leaw but George comeded to us and said:

„You girls are staying for a night you can't drive like this“(he sed whille luking at Summer)

„Oh will they all stay?“(Summer asked)

„Yeah of cours“(he sed smiling)

We all loked at each other an asked him where will we stay.He shoved us some big room on the therteent flore and left saing good night still looking at Summer. We all taked our shoes of and just pased on to he bed.When I waked up in 9 am Abby and Summer werent in the room I woked up the girls and we started to call them on their phones but they didn't respon so we just emediatly sed to our self they went home. So did we. After feau hovers the girls comed to my house so excited to tell me something. First Abby started to talk:

„So I waked up at 6 am and gues who I saw siting in the hallway“(she sed screaming from joj)“I saw Mark smoking and bying all sad and grumpy“

„What did you do“(I sed)

„I sed hey and he sed it back,I askeded wats going one,he sed rougst night“(she sed smiling)“So we talked about stuff for two hovers and He offered a ride home so I sed,yes“

We all were screaming and were excited. And then Summer told us a socking news.

„Hey,hey,hey guys I left my V card at George's room“(she sed sorta hiding)

We all turnet to her and started to ask questions and we were just so happy for her.

„So after we all laied on the beds I heard knocking on the doar and George was standing there“(Summer seis it)“He asked me to come and I did and he started to kiss my“

„Wait Sum did he forsed you“(Tiffany askes)

„No he didn't I wanted to do it with some one that I love“(Summer seis it quetly)

„But you guys aren't even together Summer“(Rebecka seis)

„He maby did it becaus he got an opertunety“(I sed)

„The most emportent thing is did you use a condom?“(Abby seis)

„First it dosn't matter if we are together or not, secondly you are just jellous Kendall that i was the firts one to have sex and therd yes we did what you think I'm stuped“(she sed it angry and stomped out of your room)

You guys just looked at eachother. On Monday Summer wasn't at he lunch table and then you saw her holding hands with some boy.

„Weit is that Summer with George?“(Tiffany seis)

„It seasm that it is“(I sed)

„And what now she is hes new Friday girl?“(Abby seis)

„I just don't care if he hurts her she lefted us not we her“(Rebecka seis angerly)

„Okey Rebecka chill out she dosn't know what she is doing,you don't need to be a bitch“(I sed)

„What did you just sey to me…Kenny“(she seys not siting down)

„She just dosn't know what she is doing“(I sed steping up)

„Hey,hey girls you are making a sean“(Tiffany seis)

„Shut the fuck up Tiffany“(Rebecka seis)

„You see what I mean by chill“(I sed making a point)

But the whole cafiterya was looking at us.

„Don't be some kind of a bitck Kendall“(she sed trying to hit you)

„What the fuck is wrong with you?“(I sed stoping her hand)“If I'm I bitch what kind of friend tries to get their other friend's boy to their self“

„Oh,pleas Logan isn't your boy get it in you mind“(she sed walking avay)

„Just go ahead leav like a baby“(I sed going in the other direction pasing the table where is Summer)

„Great fight hope next time there will be punches“(Summer seys)

„Oh shat the fuck up Summer this is all becaus of you“(Abby seis behind you)

Summer look at Abby looking confused and terified.I left school earlier.I went home and curled up in my bead and lied in ti until the sun camed down.I started doing homework when my mum camed to my room seing:

„What hapened in the school today“(she sed looking worried)

„I got in a fight with Rebecka becaus of Summer“(I sed angerly)

„Honey,don't be hard on people becaus they will leav you“(she sed smiling)

„Yeah,okey“(I sed noting my head)

She left and I just started thinking about life.And then my phone ringed and it was some random number I ansered it and it was Logan. He wanted to see how I was flling after today.We talked for one hover strate and I just wanted to ask him one thing:

„Where did you get my number“

„Amm,I asked Tiffany and she emidiatly gaved it to me“(he sed laughting)

We sed our good nights and I went to sleep but I couldn't sleep becaus I was thinking about him.Next morning in school I saw this one smart girl caled Lisa Pratt. I went to her to ask if she can help my with kemistry. She is the one of the nicest people in our school and ofcours she sed yes for helping my. After talking to her I saw Abby talking to Sarah. I was confused becaus Abby dosn't give a fuck for her. When they were finished she camed to my.

„Hey,do you know what did thos two bitches sed about my“(Abby sed angerly)

„No,what?“(I sed)

„They told Mark that I'm sleeping with three other guys and that he will be the fourth“(She sed)

„What?!Realy?I can talk to Mark and tell him that it isn't true“(I sed happyli)

„Wait what?!You know Mark more then my!“(She sed confusedly)

„Yeah I didn't tell you that I know him becaus it was soo long ago“(I sed)“Our mums are best friends and when we were little we would play together and now and days we talk on the phone or in front of our houses“

„And you kept this from my?(She sed sadly)

„Yeah,I'm sorry“(I sed)

„It's okey,Its not like you two were together or something“(she sed smiling)

„……“(I was just making faces)

„Oh my God!Realy?When?“(She said excitedly)

„It was soo long ago I don't remember“(I said smiling)

„Oh, okey“(she sed)“So you will do that for my“

„Yeah of course“(I said huging her)

„Tnx,Bye now“(she said walking away)

The day pased fast and it was good. But this day the whole world has changed at least our town. One person that I know for a good time has died. Welcom to Rebecka Hale's deth. Yeah it is so weard to sey that but this is the whol story. It seam that she was found in our schools pool. She loved to swim and she had permision to go swim there when ever she wants. But this time she steyed in the water. She was in middle of the pool floting on her back. She was white like a cloud. The swiming team founded her arter 3th perioud. The whole school wanted to se her but onle thing we saw was a black bag with some one inside. We all were shocked people were scared to go out of their houses. Abbys paronts left town so she was sleeping in my house. The whole town changed after her deth. Summer camed to my house crying and apolagising. After feau hours polica camed to my house and asking my some weard questions. They thout that I killed Rebecka. I was so scared because I didnt know what to do,  yes we did get in a fight but that dosnt mean that I killed her. They then left my parents started to asum that it was my. I went to my room and started to cry then Abby and Summer camed and they sed that they dont belive that I did that. Then at the dore Tiffany was staing and crying and sed „I did it“. We all just stood there in my room and didnt know what to sey.


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