Recalled to Life

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In the year 2080. Scientist have discovered a way for humanity to cheat death - almost. The Second Chance Serum (SCS) or Recalled to Life gives people a second chance at life. For those freak accidents, or "untimely" deaths the family member, friends, and lovers cannot deal with the whole deeply departed. But, what if that person wanted to die? For 22 year old Avery Miller, this is the case. She was supposed to die in a car crash, she was supposed to be reunited with family and friends that passed long ago. She saw the light. She has been Recalled Back to life. Now that Avery has returned back to living, things aren't quite. She feels more stronger than before, smarter than before. Are theses side effects? Is SCS really intended for what it advertises? Or is something much more.

Submitted: January 04, 2019

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Submitted: January 04, 2019



Recalled to Life

It was the best of the scientific age, it was the worst of scientific of the scientific age. It was the epiphany of scientific genius, it was the downfall of society, the humankind had everything to  live for, then absolutely nothing to live for. The truth is we were so far ahead in technology, but so far back that even the greatest experts agreed that society was losing its humanity. 

“ You know you have been recalled to life? Do you care to live? 

“ I cannot say.”
A Tale of Two Cities 



2080 was the year scientists finally found a way to cheat death -  almost. It was more like giving people a second chance at life. Hence the name of the formula these scientists created -Second Chance Serum SCS or in its slang term, Recalled to Life. In essences that was what it did for people, it brought them back to life. It sounds so simple and so easy, but there were strict FDA regulations for SCS. There were certain guidelines to follow in order for the serum to even work - and even then there were no guarantees. There were no absolutes when it comes to life and death. But, when there is an option for a person to save the ones they truly love from an “untimely” death or a “freak” accident, then people snatch it up without hesitation. 
SCS was a one time use drug. After one use, the stress of the human body rebooting the first time somewhat weakened the body. A second time would produce no results. There was not way back to the living, no resurrection. And, even then it was said there was no more playing, “God.”

Many theologists almost always posed the same question over and over when protesting the use of SCS to Congress, “ Which was worse? Cheating death or cheating God?”

People had to admit SCS was a bit freaky...unnatural. But, it was not used when a person had been dead for any length of time. Now, that would be more creepy, something out of a horror movie. The serum could only be used right after a person were to flatline, when organs were still “fresh.” It is said that the brain is still active even when the heart beats its last beat.
 Recalled to Life is a strange liquid that give off this unnatural aquamarine glow as if it were a glow stick kids crack and shake to activate the chemicals to create the glow. What that’s not how it works with SCS. The eerie glow was do to the microbots emitting electricity. There were more than million of these extremely tiny robots floating in viable solution to keep them active when the time came, these little machines enter the brain literally shocking it back to life, sending pulses, electrical messages from synopses to synopes to wake the hell up and kickstarts, more like demanded the body to boot up just like a computer. All one had to do was turn on the power. Once that occured, the rest of body would begin to function normally. And, then the first message that invaded a person’s murky, foggy thoughts as he or she woke from the confusion of death, trying to discern if they were sleeping, dreaming or truly dead, was a carmly, soothing woman’s that chimed, “ Congratulations! You have been recalled to life.” 
I know this to be true because it happened to me. I have been Recalled to Life, but ironic thing about this whole twisted business of living, is that I did not want to live. I wanted to stay dead. That choice was taken away from me. 




I hear cacophony of high, pitched squealing of rubber on slick pavement, mental screeching in protest as the inevitable scraps of mental grinding together in a sick dance as they collide, twist and tear gashes into each other. I hear glass cracking, the eery pause of time before it splinters. Its sharp, jagged raindrops descend and tear at my flesh. The airbag disengages and sucker punches me in the chest, as the bones in my legs begin break into in awkward places.The car heaves up on me like accordian ready to be played. I scream in agony at the blinding pain.Hot, burning, white pain. Please, God, make it stop! I can't feel my arms anymore. The car spins in merry go round fashion and I want to get off this hellish ride. 

I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I can’t breath, it hurts too much to even in take in one single breath and I panic with the realization that this could be my very last. Oddly, in this moments, I begin to feel no pain.The only thing I feel now is paralyzing fear. Fear of the unknown. I can’t breathe anymore. I am losing the battle keep eyes open and I know if I close them I will die. God, help me. Calm suddenly envelopes me like a soft bulky comforter. I feel so warm. I begin to think that everything will be okay. Time slows and spins, then everything fades into a pool darkness. 


The first thing I see as I slowly open my eyes, is this white, opaque fog. I feel like I am trapped in my Grandpa’s smoke room, but it does the air does have that acrid smell of cigarettes. I am laying on solid ground - arms outstretched at my sides and my legs are spread apart. What the hell? I don’t know what happened? Am I injured? I don’t feel...injured. I carefully rise a to a sitting position and quickly assess my situation. I look down at my faded, blue jeans. No blood. I move my legs slightly and wiggle my toes in my bright, red Converses. No broken bones. My arms are fine as I carefully move them up and down. I quickly pat down my upper body. No crimson smears on my shaking hand. Almost as an afterthought I reach more head. I shake my head a bit. I don’t have a headache, not even a dull throb. My hand comes away clean. 

 I am shaking, starting to panic. My breaths are coming out is short gasps. I double over with confusion riddling my brain. I force myself to stand, but I don’t know where to even go. I can barely see a foot in front of me. I look down and I glimpse crumbly, black pavement. A stark comparison to my red shoes. I’m on a road? My brain begins to fire off a million more questions: Was I going for a walk?  Was I driving? Did my car break down? That must be it, right? My battery must have quit.It has been temperamental Iately. I must have opted to walk along the side of the road in search of a gas station. It looks like it recently rained. Maybe, I just slipped and fell, knocking myself unconscious? That’s it. I bet my mind is just as so confused. One question still remains : Where the hell am I? 

The sky blinks, as if it is winking at me. It’s quick several successions. I’m thinking it could be lightning, but this flash is different. It’s an electric blue. Heat lighting, perhaps? I have no idea. Nothing makes sense. I make the decision to just start walking. I keep close to the side of the road, but stepping over on the wet grassy side so I can prevent being killed by an oncoming vehicle. I follow the white stripe on the asphalt, relying on it to be my guide. Maybe, I will find a good patron willing to lend me a helping hand.

I take some small steps, but quicken my pace. I’m in hurry to get out of this nightmarish day and I am afraid it will start to rain and again. I don’t want to be a soggy, sloppy mess. It is not long before the fog begins to slowly dissipate like the red velvet curtains in a theater that begin to open to reveal a highly anticipated scene. I begin to see a diminutive set of red and blue strobes in the distances, another set yellow and red. The police? An ambulance? Is there accident?  I start to jog through the smoky haze. I  break out into a maddening run as the lights become larger orbes. Maybe I could an ask a bystander help. 

The curtain of vapor parts, revealing an opening scene that cause me to violently halt to a standstill. Catatonic as the horrific scene unfolds in front of me. An inhuman scream rips through every fiber in my body. 

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