Lost Endlessly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lost and confused, Lynn finds herself on a deserted island. Slowly, memories start trickling back to her and she soon finds she wasn't the only one to wash ashore.

The world was bright. What was causing such a vibrant light that was blinding me so? It deemed to strong to even attempt to open my eyes. It was being such a disturbance to my rest. I rolled onto my stomach, running my hand through a soft, grainy surface that felt nothing like my bed. Alarmed, my eyes popped open and a sharp pain rose all over from my action of sitting up. It went away momentarily as I took a good look at the surface beneath me.
Sand. I happened to run my hand across soft, pale sand, leaving behind an impressed streak. I brushed my fingers through my hair, shaking loose any grains that might've attached themselves to the sometimes fizzy, sometimes not, mess of brown. As I did so, a glittery sensation caught my eye. I turned and my mind became overridden with countless reactions as I gazed, jaw gaping, into the clear water that ran for as far as the eye could see. Sunlight trickled down across the surface, creating various geometric patterns with the colors of the rainbow. Confusion, fear, awe, wonder, tranquility, uncertainty all came and went through my indecisive mind before deciding to settle on one emotion; curiosity.
My hands helped drag the rest of my body crawling towards it. Cool water ran quickly over my fingers, before sinking back down towards the assortment of rocks gathering together. The crystal clear, yet vaguely faded with a tint of some sort of mint green, water gently washed upon the shore at a slow, constant rate that brought about a certain serenity.

"Hey, Graham, look!" I called and the second the words escaped my mouth, he was by my side, wrapping his arm around my waist. I pointed into the water below, grinning all the while. "Look! Dolphins!"
A cry of joy echoed around the large, white waves being summoned by the boat as it traveled across the water. Sleek, silver dolphins jumped into the air, diving straight back into the foamy surface.
The breeze caught my hair as I looked back up at Graham, whose eyes were still entranced by their carefree beauty. I brushed a couple strands out of my face when he suddenly smiled at me, a deep, twisted smile that seemed remotely innocent for the way his dark blue eyes twinkled in the bright sunlight. "Lynn, lets go swimming with them."
I looked down at the dolphins swimming side by side in sync with the boat and with each other as they danced around the waves. The idea bounced around gleefully in my mind, but deep inside I knew it was insane. "There is no way we could get away with that," I responded painfully, gazing down longingly at the dolphins.
“But if we could, you would?"
I met his eyes and firmly stated, "Yes."

My eyes opened to the sight of the calm waters before me. I hadn't even realized they closed. Slowly the missing pieces that took place before that scene flooded back into my mind and small connections were made. But none answered the questions of what I was doing here, sitting, even sleeping for that matter, on a sandy beach with gentle waves. Black smudges were still too thick to see through for anything that succeeded the scene that brought everything back together.
I leaned back, feeling the warmth from the sand. Pure white, scattered clouds moved slowly at a leisure pace across the pale blue sky. Slowly I tried fitting the puzzle together.
Graham. A sly smile spread across my lips, just thinking his name. His dark, midnight blue eyes that were deep with mystery, but revealed so much care and concern. His silky smooth black hair that always smelled like the sweet scent of lilac despite his claim that I was imagining things. His soft hands that always found mine.
His way of doing mischief without hardly ever getting caught. He preferred doing things to an extreme, but not to such a degree that it would get him into some deep, deep trouble. He loved living on the wild side. But, my dear Graham, where are you now? Why weren't you with me now if my last recent memory is us dreaming about swimming with the dolphins? 
I gazed up at the clouds in wonder, a weird tranquility feeling overcoming me when I should indeed be afraid. The usual fear that arises when one is lost in an unfamiliar environment dispersed the moment I had gazed at that rainbow-like water. It left me feeling light, timeless almost, as my eyes went from one cloud to another. One seemed to be in the shape of a platypus while beneath it, somewhat smaller, was one that resembled two dolphins jumping above the ocean, spraying water as they soared across the surface.

As much as I disliked the people I was traveling with, I found myself quite entertained on the class trip that was created for “team bonding skills”. Graham, as always, captured my attention as he created unlikely happenings to tell to anyone close enough to listen. Several times he disappeared into the throng of the crowd that made up our entire grade, which was quite large. And always he came back with food, most hidden beneath the thick coat he wore.
The sun was close to setting when we leaned back against the railing. The dolphins had dispersed into the distance and we were wishing for their nearness; to hear their joyful cries once more. My back was to the ocean as I watched my various classmates. I caught the gaze of one girl, her straight blonde hair resting peacefully against her head despite the gentle breeze that was blowing at the time. Aura held my eyes for a second longer before abruptly breaking away. Was that malice and… triumph I saw?
It unsettled me just a tiny bit, but it was nothing worth fretting over. She wasn't fond of me for as long as I could remember. I think it all started with some young childish skirmish over seating back in grade school.
"Yes?" I responded, turning back towards the love of my life. But I didn't meet his eyes for his were gazing into the sky above.
"Today was suppose to be sunny, wasn't it?" He asked, pointing upwards. I followed his finger and watched as clouds were forming and mingling together in the sky, darkening as they came closer towards us. Soon enough the sun was blocked out, casting a dark shadow over the whole boat and the surrounding sea.
"You have to learn never to trust the weather man, they always seem to be incorrect," I stated simply. I reached out my hand to touch his, but only brushed against the cool, metallic surface of the railing. Immediately I looked beside me, but instead of seeing Graham standing beside me, there was nobody. That was when the first clash of thunder started.

The image made me shutter. That was entirely a dream, right? There was no way Graham, my Graham, could’ve just disappeared from beside me. Why, oh why, can’t I remember anything afterwards?
I sat up and clenched my head, bringing up my knees to my chest. I squeezed my eyes shut trying hard to reach out and grab hold of the missing memory that was darting to and fro in my mind, but always away from me.
It was painful, not knowing what happened next. It must be a dream. A nightmare. I woke up before it ended. That was why there was a big, gaping hole that seemed endless.
A noise startled me immensely, causing me to jump into the air onto my feet, showering grains of sand all around me. I spun around, panic in my eyes, but it quickly vanished when I spotted the figure lying behind me. But then fear came back because if I wasn’t the only one here… what had happened?
To my dismay, I didn’t find Graham lying casually behind me. Instead, I got quite the opposite. Aura, awakening from her unconscious state, laid across the soft stretch of sand. There was a swollen cut on her forehead and her body was pretty battered. It made me briefly wonder, if she looked so awful, what sort of mess was I?
I felt the need to make my way back to her side, even if we weren’t on very friendly terms. She needed me as much as I needed her. By the looks of this beautiful beach, deserted except for us, the occasional bird, and the jagged wooden pieces scattered throughout, we were alone.
I hesitantly, yet earnestly, reached out and touched her arm, gently trying to rouse her from her sleep. Her eyelids fluttered open and her brown eyes, freckled all different shades, stared up into mine with a certain aspect of fear mixed with frustration.

People were running. People were screaming. The whole boat was in chaos and Graham was missing.
Rain poured down on us as if wanted to jab us out of existence. The wind whipped across my face, but still I made my way, clutching the railing as I went, to the other side of the boat, desperately looking for Graham.
I wasn’t going inside to safety until I knew he was safe. He couldn’t have disappeared in there without me. He would never leave me. It was beginning to become doubtful there would even be any room left for us by the way the crowded blob at the door started shoving each other to get into safety.
The sky became lighter for a quick second as lightning flashed across the sky, highlighting the darkened clouds that were pits of the abyss. As I frantically searched across the almost empty deck, I heard a menacing laugh from behind me.
I slowly spun around, wiping the dark, wet whips of hair from my face. I found myself looking directly at Aura, a mischief smile spread across her lips as she stood before me, her arms folded.
“Lynn, this is the end,” she stated, tilting her head slightly as if though her words were full of innocence.
“What are you talking about?” I demanded, but quickly shook my head. “I don’t have time to deal with you right now. Help me find Graham.” I turned away from her, hurrying off in the other direction.
“You won’t find him.”
Her words, spoken with a tint of icy malice, stopped me in my tracks. I spun back around and narrowed my eyes at her completely expressionless face. “What do you mean, I won’t find him?” I questioned her slowly, stating each word with emphasis.
She shrugged. “It’s pointless. He’ll be my one and only now.” The impish smile was back matched with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She lifted an arm and it appeared as if the wind was circulating around her opened hand. “I’ve waited so long before I could finally have Graham to myself and not let your dirty little fingers get in the way. You’re powerless against me now. My magic is unstoppable by the human powers you possess.”
Magic? She has got to be kidding me. I’m human as much as she…as much as I thought she was. This couldn’t be real, could it?
Her hair, neatly, still wet, but remarkably stayed put against her head as a strong gust of wind appeared. I shrunk back, bracing my arm in front of my eyes as I watched her through narrow slits. It was getting stronger by the moment and I felt myself sliding across the wooden deck of the boat, very small bits at a time. Was this even possible?
I heard the thunder. I saw the lightning. It was still dazzling to see the electric light crashing down right before my eyes. The deck shattered like glass and smoke rose from the hole that remained. Suddenly, there were countless clashes of thunder in the sky as they paraded down upon the deck. I shrank down, covering my head with my hands, despite the good it wouldn’t do me.
There were even more screams, higher pitched than before as my classmates became more frantic by the way this storm rapidly became dangerous. The next thing I knew, I was tilting and falling. Pieces of wood flew across my vision in countless different directions. The water was icy cold, but still swallowed me whole as I fell into its depths.

“You-” I broke off, jumping back from her with disgust and fright. She rolled away from me and as if her injures meant nothing, she stood up and seemed to fall back into a fighting stance.
A silent tension passed between us as we stared, or in her case, glared, at each other through masked emotions. “What did you do to Graham?” I demanded, my voice holding out strong despite how weak I felt inside.
“Oh, you know,” She replied innocently, twirling a finger in the air.
“No. I don’t know.” I stated as calmly as I could.
She frowned, her brown eyes blinking emotionlessly at me. “It doesn’t matter to you anyway. He’s mine now.” She took a step forward and I replicated her movements, heading away from her. She raised her hand and again, like on the boat, it was as if there was a small breeze circling around her fingers. “You’re insane,” I muttered, shaking my head as I took another couple steps backwards. 
Surprisingly, she smiled in a cocky way as if it were some sort of compliment. “Envious of my little power, aren’t you now?”
“Definitely insane.”
“You’ve seen what I’m capable of.” The vivid memories of the storm on the boat instantly flashed in my mind; the strong, terrestrial winds and the downpour of pinpricking rain. “I could whip that up in an instant.”
“Aura…let’s talk about this,” I said, attempting to soothe her. Her normally brown eyes were black endless pits. The sky darkened and instantly I felt the need to get away from her, as fast and as far as humanly possible on this remote island that we were apparently trapped on.
My feet kicked up heavy amounts of sand as I dashed across the beach and disappeared into a small path crowded heavily by thick tropical plants. The surrounding green was a blur as I darted around the huge leaves and ran uphill towards the unknown. I heard the rampant chase of footsteps behind me and I felt the urge to go faster. The twists and turns, the branches and leaves, all of it seemed endless as I ran. My breathing was heavy and my legs felt like weights, but the danger kept me pushing forward as if I had an endless supply of energy.
Suddenly, I burst out into the open and my feet stuttered when I saw the landscape before me; or the lack thereof. Outside the world of tropical green, at the top of the slope, was a small area of rugged rock. Small pebbles tumbled down the cliff as I peered over the edge of the abrupt edge. Waves drastically pounded upon the rock wall and I was unsure if it was the cause of the storm Aura seemed to brewing. Speaking of which… I spun around, expecting to find the petite blonde staring menacingly at me, but she wasn’t there. I still heard the footsteps and the rustling of the brush.
I dove into the nearby bushes, ignoring the sharp pricks that I received from the plants. Only seconds afterwards, Aura came casually from the path, gently brushing a large leaf out of her face. She glanced around the small clearing, her brown eyes narrowed in concentration as she tried to pick up any sort of movement. I forced myself to become as still as a statue, holding my breath tightly and refusing to even blink as my eyes followed her movements.
The wind picked up and the sky-covered clouds darkened so much that it was as if it were midnight. Leaves whipped across my face and knowing I wouldn’t be hidden for much longer, I ran out into the open, screaming a war cry as I charged towards her. Her eyes widened as she turned towards me, already raising her hand which suddenly held a silver blade. There was no time for fear to react through me. I shoved the girl who, not only once, but twice, attempted to murder me with an untraceable source of the wind. Aura was sent off balance and stumbled over several rocks, sending her flying off the edge. But before she disappeared from sight entirely, she chucked the knife and I felt a stab of pain as it was lodged into my stomach.
I collapsed onto the ground as I heard her high pitched screams crash into the waves below. The clouds rapidly dispersed and the sunlight shone through. My vision was still dark. Everything was a blur.
My hands were moving. I heard drops of blood. Breathing became harder, so much harder than it was sprinting up the slope. A leaf brushed across my face.
Everything right now was still so unreal to me. I was just a normal girl enjoying her life on a class trip with an amazing boyfriend and everything changed instantly. Aura, a girl who had always disliked me, suddenly could control the wind? Graham disappeared right before the storm that tore up the ship. I knew Aura was at work there, but I could never be positive if she cast him away with some magic spell, or if he was locked inside one of the rooms at the bottom of the ship. It suddenly clicked that she was jealous of me; of Graham and I. And maybe even my happiness? Images of her ever smiling wouldn’t appear in my mind no matter how hard I tried.
Tears started slipping from my eyes, obscuring my vision even more. My hands started slowing down as soon as they slipped into softness. I wasn’t positive what I was touching, but it felt so nice.
My eyes focused for a quick second and I saw the glittering colors dancing along the gentle waves that brushed against the shore. But it vanished into darkness as my energy disappeared from my limbs and I felt the last, final breath escape my lips.

Submitted: August 17, 2011

© Copyright 2021 masaki6903. All rights reserved.

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