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When you don't know them, just read them~! Especially for the characters in Rot and Flesh

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



After doing some of the chapters, I suddenly thought, "How will they know who's who and what they look like..."

So, I made up my mind and sacrifice a bit of my time doing this for you all so you can...Well...Imagine it more...Precisely...Or so...?

Or You need me to draw them!!! Because I can, but in chibi form...Because it is cute XD

Anyways, here's the info;


Name: Airin Michael

Age: 16 years old (In the story it is almost January so..She's 16 when December pass..But not offical)

Sex: Female

Relationship: The youngest of all in the family member.



  • A black straight hair style that reaches almost to waist length.


  • A pair of ring type earings in silver color with flame design in grey.


  • Usually wears a watch with Swatch as it brand name with the color of white and crome.


  • Wears a necklace with a pendant that shaped like a small camera with flasher on it.


  • Average body size.

Type of clothes:


  • Usually wears a black short sleeve T-Shirt. (But any clothes will do,as long as it is black, white or red...And anything dark color)


  • A pair of black confortable jeans.


  • A pair of black flat gladiator style sandals or a pair of black sneakers.

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches tall (She is still growing, please don't say she's short)


  • A happy go lucky type


  • Loves snacks, especially Oreo...Vanilla flavor...My..I mean her favorite..


  • Rarely leak any other emotions except for a smiling face.


  • A gentle and a kind hearted person...EXPECT! If you make her mad...You are dead in 3 seconds...


  • Overly protective on the things(including cats of course!) and the people that she loved.


  • Childish.


Name: Zack Michael

Age: 31 years old

Sex: Male

Relationship: The oldest siblings in the Michael family tree.



  • Covers almost all of his dark brown hair except for the front ones. with his  favourite beanie.(I can't explain it T.T)


  • Usually wears a white rope like style bracelet on his right wrist.


  • Sometimes wears a lego red and black style watch on his right wrist also.


  • Has a youth/baby face.


  • Has a fit and perfect body(LOL I KNOW!)

Type of clothes:


  • Any type of T-Shirt that his eyes lays on.


  • Any type of jeans except for the leather ones.


  • Usually wears a grey beanie.


  • Red sneakers or a black Alen Dilon office shoes.

Height: 6 feet and 1 inches tall (Yes, I know..He IS TALL!)



  • A cat lover


  • A kind and quiet person


  • Humor


  • Protective over family, friends and animals.


  • Computer expert.


Name: Zurl Michael

Age: 27 years old

Sex: Male

Relationship: The second oldest siblings in the Michael family tree.



  • Has a black short hair style...(Almost like Chis Redfield style)


  • Has a baby face.


  • Usually wears a watch on his wrist.


  • Has a body builder structure body.

Types of clothes:


  • Any clothes that is XXXL sized.


  • Any pair of pants as long as it can fit!


  • Wears sandals or slippers or Office shoes (to go to work)

Height: 5 feet and 7 inches tall.



  • Spend any free time at the gym.


  • Straight foward type of person.


  • Quick learner.


  • Hates to do work at the 11th hour and works happily.


  • Protective among family and friends.


  • Humor and loves to make jokes.


  • Childish.


Name: Michael Blaine

Sex: Male

Age: 57 years old

Relationship: The leader and a father to the family members.



  • Has a blackish grey hair.


  • Has a grey mustache.(I know right? XD)


  • A bit of tan on the skin.

Types of clothes:


  • Any clothes will fit.


  • Any pants (Jeans, shorts. You name it....EXPECT FOR LEATHER PANTS!)


  • Usually wear sandals but wears branded shoes whenever there is an occasion.


  • Wears an old Crocodile watch

Height: 5 feet and 9 inches tall



  • A quiet type of person.


  • A hard working man even though he is now old.


  • Care for his beloved ones.


  • Humor.


  • Simple type of person.


  • Thinker.


Name: Angela Blaine

Sex: Female

Age: 56 years old.

Relationship: A wife and a mother to 3 children.



  • Has a blackish short hair that is cut short above the ears.


  • Wears a pain of earings.

Type of clothes:


  • Any woman clothes will do.


  • Any pants except for shorts and short skirts.


  • Any type of sandals, slippers or shoes. Except for high heels.

Height:  5 feet 4 inches tall.



  • A kind hearted type of person.


  • Straight foward kind of person.


  • A loving and caring mother.


  • Humor.


  • Protective over her children.


  • Sometimes can be very loud and strict in action.


P.S Some of the personalities are not in there for a suprise~! So it won't ruin my story..So, that's the basic of their personalities \":XD:\"\":la:\"

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