Foka and E'den : Mission Begins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Assign by her Grand Master, E'den sets out to find her friend to accompany her to complete her sacred mission.

Closing her eyes as she feels the hot but cool summer breeze lightly brushing her skin and blowing her front hair gracefully along with the wind, a young girl sleeps lightly but soundly on the open and breezy balcony in a sunny day.

Hearing a sudden soft thud, the young girl lie still while her eyes are still close as she could now hear footsteps approaching and stops just above her lied down covered head.

“Mistress, the Grand Master wishes to see you.” says a voice as a shadow now cast below the girl’s head.

Opening her eyes lazily, the young girl takes in a deep breath and breathes out the air quietly as she sits up and looks at a tall figure wearing all white, a red sash around the waist and a leather armor covering his strong build body structure.

“…I’ll be there shortly…” says the young girl as she glances away from the figure and stare out to the open view of the beautiful urban city.

Hearing those words, the figure then bows his head slightly and takes a leave but suddenly halt by the girl’s voice.

“Have Zaeem and Zarar returned from their mission..?” ask the young girl as she glances back to the figure.

“They haven’t, Milady. Is there…Something wrong…?” says the figure as he turns around looking at the young Mistress.

“…It’s nothing…You may return to your position, assassin…” replies the young Mistress as she now fully stand on both of her feet.

“Thank you, Milady.” thanks the figure as he bows again and walks off from the young Mistress as he jumps down from the high balcony by doing the Leap of Faith and perfectly lands into a wooden wagon fill with pile of hays.


“You’ve summoned me, Grand Master…?” ask the young Mistress as she enters a large room fill with large shelves and books in them as they stack neatly in their own compartment.

“Ah! E’den, my child, you’re finally here. Excellent. I have an important task for you to accomplish.” says an old aged figure who wears a long white and dark blue coloured robe as his head is covered by a dark blue hood that is attached to the robe.

“…An important task, Grand Master..?” ask the young Mistress once again as her mind fill with curiosity.

“Yes. An important task only you can accomplish by yourself.” Replies the Grand Master as he walks to a nearby bookshelf and pulls out an old scroll, placing it on his wooden desk.

“What is my task, Grand Master…?”

“Your task is simple but dangerous. That are to retrieve two things, a book and an old but powerful artifact that the Templars possessed that was meant for our Creed to have in hand and protect. So, your mission is to retrieve those back and bring it back to our Creed.”

“Understood…” nods E’den as she lowers her head slightly.

“But I know some trouble will come to your way and you may need some assistant in it and so, I’m assigning you with another assassin from the North. His name is Foka Temidov and you’ll meet him at the Assassin’s Den in the Western part of the city. From there on, you both will travel west until you both reach at your destination. Do you understand this, E’den?”

“Yes. I understand, Grand Master. I am to retrieve back a book and an old artifact that belongs to our Creed and I am also to meet my associate, Foka Temidov, at the West Den of the Assassins.”

“Good…Now, be on your way, E’den. Remember, do not ever lose both of the things you needed to retrieve with Foka. Whatever it takes, protect both of the items with your life if you must for the sake of our Creed, E’den. Especially the artifact, protect it at all cost.”

“Yes, Grand Master. I will do as you command.” replies E’den as she bows her head slightly once again before walking off out from the Grand Master’s chamber.


Walking out from the Assassin’s Den, E’den walks into the busy streets as she blends in with the crowd around her as some of them buys and bid prices with the street merchants. The streets crowded with people and the noise by the merchants yelling their offering to attract costumers makes the streets look lively and happening all around her. It’s a nice surrounding to enjoy but E’den knows that every streets in this lively city crawls with danger especially when Templars still hold some control to the city.

After reaching to her first destination, E’den enters the Assassin’s Den as she goes down along the stairs into an underground chamber that are decorated with the Assassin’s emblem around the walls and at the centre of the chamber’s hard ground where it connects the three separate walkways to different other rooms.

Taking the path to the right, she now enters another chamber where it similarly decorated like the first but around it scatter a few spots with soft cushions and carpets for the assassins to rest from their tiring missions.

Looking around from under her black hood, E’den scans every face of her brothers and sisters in arms as she tries to find her associate, the one who bears the name of Foka Temidov in the room.

In doing so, she catches few attentions from the others assassins as they stare at her with confusion and curious in their minds. Not long enough, an assassin wearing a dark green coat with a white hood on as the cloth covers half of his face from the peering eyes around approach E’den from where he once stands as he calmly walks toward her and finally stops in front of her just a few distance away from each other.

Placing his right hand on his left side of the chest, the assassin slightly lowers his head as he greets E’den respectfully. “Welcome, Milady E’den. I have been expecting your presence so soon.”

Nodding her head in agreement, E’den greets back Foka as respectful as he had greeted her earlier by slightly lowering her head and gaze back up. “Thank you, Foka for your kindly greets. Now, shall we get a move on for our journey, mate?”

“Certainly Milady.” replies Foka as he smiles.




Submitted: April 18, 2015

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