Give her back

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After the school ends, a young girl wanted to return to her home but encounter something that she cannot avoid in a nick of time.

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



“H-Help me!” screams a trembling voice in the endless dark void. “P-Please anybody, please help me!” cries the voice as it echoes.

Following the sorrowful plead voice, a girl walks along endless dark realm as she clutches her hands into fists.

“H-Hello?” calls out the girl as her voice echoes and fades into the dark.

“P-Please, h-help me!” cries out the trembling voice once again.

Walking in the endless dark realm without a light by her side, the girl slightly sighs while just looking up ahead, hoping for to solve the mysterious cries that she hears.

Minutes of walking, she huff for some breath as she stops for a moment and looks around her. Darkness, only an endless pit of darkness surrounds her.

“Where the hell am I?” ask the girl as she just keeps going without any further delay.

After what it feels like hours of walking into the endless depth, the girl sees a small figure, crouching down as it cover its eyes with both of its hands.

Running to the figure without any second thought about her safety, the girl gently touches the figure’s shoulder with her small hand.

“Hey, are you okay? Why are you crying?” says the girl as she pats on the figure’s shoulder gently, trying to get its attention.

The crying turns to sobs as the figure lift its head slightly to look up at the girl. Tears washes over the figure’s cheeks as its eyes are puffy and red from the crying.

“Hey, don’t cry.” says the girl as she wipes the tears away from the figure’s eyes.

“W-Who are you?” ask the figure with its trembling and sobbing voice.

“I’m ?”


The school bell rings as it echoes throughout the school building, making the students cheer as their lessons ends for today.

“Woo! Finally, the last period has ended! Now I can go home and relax~!” says Dolly as she pack up her things and place it in her bright yellow bag.

“Yeah, I couldn’t survive another Math class because my brain is already been damage by that Account class. Damn it...” sighs Manda as she puts on her bag to her back and walks to Dolly’s desk.

“Hey, where’s Lu? Usually she’s really active when the Math class is over.” says Manda more as she search around to look for her friend.

“Heh, can’t you hear someone snoring beside me?” chuckles Dolly as she puts on her bag while humming her favourite song.

“Snoring? Wait, are you saying that she fell asleep while in the ‘deadly’ Math class!?” shouts Manda in disbelief as she quickly walks to Lucia ’s desk and just stand there beside her, observing her.

“Yup, good thing that the teacher didn’t literally kill her...” laughs Dolly nervously as she walks up to Manda and gently rock Lucia ’s shoulder to waken her up from her sleep.

“Hey wake up. Wake up, Lu. Do you want to be locked in here or what? Come on now; open your eyes before I slap some sense into yah!” groans Dolly as she rocks Lucia’s shoulder a bit harsher now.

“Hnnn...W-Wha?” yawns Lucia lazily as she lifts up her head slightly and look around at the now empty classroom.

“W-Where is everyone? Is it recess time?” ask Lucia as she gently rubs her eyes.

“No...It’s not recess...It’s time to go home...Now come on, pack your things up.” replies Dolly in slightly annoyance as she helps Lucia to pack up her stationeries, putting it in her pencil case.

“Come on, I think my mom’s waiting for me guys.” says Manda as she looks around for a moment and back to Lucia’s face.

“Okay! I’m done!” replies Lucia as she grabs her bag and place it on her back.

“Well, come on then!” shouts Dolly as they all rush to the door and jogs out from the classroom, closing it after every one of them are out from the class.

Running throughout the empty hallway, only the echo of their footsteps can be hear as Lucia slowly falling behind from the run.

‘Oh good lord, I hate running sometimes especially when carrying a heavy bag!’ Lucia thought tiredly as she begins to slow down her pace while huffing in for some air to breathe.

“H-Hey guys, wait up! Huuu...Lord, I’m so tired already.” huffs Lucia tiredly as she just continues by walking even though her friends are now far off front.

Turning her head as she hears Lucia ’s voice from behind, Dolly and Manda look at each other for a moment and let out a laugh as they both wait for Lucia  while catching up for some breaths.

“Come on now, almost there.” says Manda as she smiles while seeing Lucia  walking towards them, cursing in her own unknown language that she always uses.

“Wow, I never thought you fail in running!” laughs Dolly as she gently pats Lucia’s head.

Lucia  just smile and giggle as she continues to walk side by side with her friends, talking and making jokes as the three of them laugh from the jokes Lucia  comes up with.


As they reach to the school gates, Manda says good bye to both of her friends as she sees her mother’s car park just around the corner of the road.

“See you guys later~!” says Manda as she waves a good bye and walks off to her mother’s car.

“Wow that was quick, but anyways. I’ll see you later too, Lucia ~!” says Dolly as she pats on Lucia’s shoulder and smiles as she walks away.

“Uh, okay! Bye, Dolly! See you next week!” shouts Lucia as she just smiles and wave up her hand.

Looking all around, there is nobody around anymore as the sky darkens, thunder rumbling telling Lucia that it’s going to rain soon.

‘No! It’s going to rain soon! I didn’t bring my umbrella today! Oh darn it!’ thought Lucia as she curses herself.

Walking the opposite way, Lucia focus down on the road beneath her feet as she just follows the yellow line beside her to guide her when to turn.

‘Huu...What am I going to do at home? The teacher didn’t give us any assignments like last time. Hmmm, maybe I should just play some horror games with big brother. Yeah! That’s it!’ thought Lucia  as she looks up for a moment and sees a boy wearing the same uniform from her school, crossing the left side of the road to the other as he walks up to her.

Quickly gazing away from the boy, she looks down once again and acts as if she didn’t see what just happen.

As the boy walk passes her, he lifts up his hand and gently pats Lucia’s head, making Lucia blush.

“W-Wha..!?” stutter Lucia  as she looks up and is now face to face with the boy who is taller than her.

“Hi, Lucia.” chuckles the boy as both of them stop for a moment and look at each other in the eyes.

“U-Uh...Hi...” says Lucia shyly as she just smiles while her cheeks blushes pink.

“Going home?” asks the boy, still keeping a smile on his lips.

“Y-Yeah, h-how about you...It’s getting pretty dark...” replies Lucia as she just looks down.

“Oh, I forget something in the classroom.” chuckles the boy.

“O-Okay...” replies Lucia softly and nod.

“Well, I’ll see you soon then, Lucia.” says the boy as he pats Lucia’s head again before taking leave.

“Uh...B-Bye, Max.” replies Lucia softly as she just keeps continue on walking.

Looking up at the darken sky, Lucia lightly sigh as she looks back down to the road. Thinking about things that been bothering her in the past few days.

“Hey, what are you thinking about~?” ask a childish and playful voice.

“H-Huh, wha?” utter Lucia as she stops and turns to her back.

“Who’s there?” ask Lucia as her eyes seeking wildly for the owner of the unknown voice.

“Hehehe, you shouldn’t be afraid. I’m a . . . Friend~” replies the voice as it giggles and echoes.

“What are you...Where are you!?” ask Lucia more as she begins to breath rapidly in slight fright.

“I’m somewhere here, maybe there and maybe near~” sings the voice out as it echoes throughout Lucia’s ears, giving her the chills in the bones.

“What do you want from me?” ask Lucia again as she clutches her hands into fists in slight anger and fear overwhelming her.

“I just want to talk, that’s all~. Besides that, I’m here to help you out~” says the voice playfully.

“I don’t need any help from you, thank you...Now, leave me alone.” replies Lucia angrily.

Lucia turns back around and walks away from the place but still, she could it the presence is somehow following her.

“Aw, please don’t be mad~”

“. . . Creator. . .”

Lucia stops as her eyes widen and fear begin to wash over her once more.

‘H-How could that v-voice knows my character name. . .’ thought Lucia in slight panic as her hands begin to trembles all by itself.

Closing her eyes, she imagines herself in the same place. Looking around in the imagination world, she suddenly sees a girl. A girl with a long black silky hair reaching to her thigh, wearing a light purple blouse with a black pair of leggings and black pair of boots beneath.

Quickly opening her eyes, she scans the same area at where she sees the mysterious girl but to her shock, there is nobody there except for the empty surrounding surrounds her.

Breathing heavily and rapidly, Lucia slowly backs away from where she sees the girl standing, unaware that she is walking backwards to the middle of the roadside.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you~” says the voice as it echoes around Lucia.


Beep!  Beep!

Lucia turns her head as she sees a black car speeding to her, horning her to move away but her feet somehow can’t move as she just stands there, paralysed with fears showing it in her eyes. Like feeling death is circling her, waiting for the right time to take what is rightfully belongs to it, her soul.

Gasping a breath, her surroundings begin to spin and slowly blacken out as she feels lightness in her body and something cold on her head before she closes her watery eyes.


“...Ake up. . . Wake up . . . Hey, wake up!” a voice echoes throughout the darkness.

Lucia slowly opens up her eyes as the blurry visions begin to form a figure in front of her, holding out its hand to aid Lucia to stand up.

Slowly reaching out to the helping hand, she begins to feel that she is being pull up as she tries to stands on both of her weak legs.

“Alright?” ask the figure.

“Y-Yes...B-But where is this?” replies Lucia as she tries to focus on the figure’s blurry face.

“Well...Some say this place is a dead end and others say that it’s the other side...But I think you know this place. You just haven’t thought hard enough to remember it yet.” says the figure as it smiles.

Lucia just heavily sighs and covers her face with both of her hands.

“Why am I here...Why...” she groans as she stares at the figure with a concern look in her black colour eyes.

The figure gently puts its hand on Lucia’s shoulder as it looks down onto Lucia.

“Maybe there’s a good reason for you to be here...Don’t worry, you aren’t alone...Not anymore...” says the figure as its voice echoes through the dark void.


“Zu, would you come here for a second dear?” calls out a middle age woman from the kitchen as she peels off the apple’s skin and slices it into cubes, then placing it onto a plate beside her.

Walking into the kitchen, Zurl looks around as he sees his mother peeling some apples to eat.

“Yeah what is it, mom?” ask Zurl as he walks to the dining table and grabs a hold onto a mug and pours in some hot coffee in it.

“Have you seen your sister around? Would you mind calling her, the apples are ready.” says the woman as she puts down the plate fill with sliced apples onto the dining table.

“. . . I haven’t seen her coming back yet...” replies Zurl hesitantly as he sips on his coffee and munches some of the fresh peeled apple.

“What do you mean by you haven’t seen her coming back yet?” ask the woman as Zurl could see his mother is in shock after hearing his saying.

“I mean...She hasn’t come back yet...And it’s almost 8.30 pm.” replies Zurl again as he munches more apples.

The surrounding goes silence as for only the crunching sound can be hear from Zurl’s mouth.

The woman pulls the dining chair and sits on it as she glances to the clock as it ticks its time without a stop.

“She....Hasn’t...Come back...Yet...?” murmur the woman as it breaks the silence in the kitchen as she glances back to her son.

“Check your sister’s cellphone and I want you to call all of her friends, ask them if they know where she is right now.” says the woman as she gets up from her seat and walks out from the kitchen, climbing up the stairs then goes into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her with a thud.

Staring down at the floor, Zurl sighs lightly as he walks out from the kitchen, climbing up the stairs and then enters his sister’s room as he open the door with creek.

Walking into the room, Zurl walks up to Lucia’s study desk and grabs his sister’s cellphone. Opening it and searching Lucia’s friends phone numbers, he begins to dial the numbers as he wait for a respond from another voice.

“Hello?” says a voice in the cellphone.

“Ah yes. Hello, um...Is Lucia there, may I speak to her, please?” ask Zurl.

“Um...I’m s-sorry but she’s not here...” replies the voice.

“Uh...Oh...Umm, okay then, thank you for the info.” says Zurl as he scratches his head.

“Yeah...Bye...” says the voice before it hangs up.

Zurl hangs up and sighs heavily as he thought about it. ‘This is so going to be pain in the neck asking over and over again.’

After few minutes of calling all Lucia’s friends, Zurl puts the cellphone back to where it was as he rubs face and sighs again.

‘None of them have seen my Lu...’ thought Zurl worriedly.

He then walks to the window and drags open the curtain as he stares blankly, thinking about his dear sister to where she had gone to without a word or sight.

‘Where are you, Lu...Come back home sis, mom is worried sick about you...’ thought Zurl more as he sighs heavily.

Spacing out thinking about the times he spend with his sister, Lucia’s cellphone suddenly rings as it rings Lucia’s favourite music.

Hearing the ringtone, Zurl quickly runs to the cellphone and answer it as his eyes goes wide.

“YES! Hello!? Lucia is that you!?” says Zurl in slight excitement, thinking that maybe Lucia is calling him.

“Uh I’m sorry sir, but I am not Lucia, is Lucia your family perhaps?” ask the voice behind the cellphone.

“Yes...Who is this...” replies Zurl.

“Well...I’m sorry to say this but...Sir, the person who you called Lucia has involved in a ‘hit and run’ accident.”

Zurl’s eyes widen as his body just freeze from shock after hearing the terrible news. Dropping the cellphone from his grip as it bounces to the hard and cold floor; Zurl falls to the floor as he wails in sadness that washes over him like never before.

Sobbing in tears, Zurl could only hear the same words repeating itself over and over again as memories he had spend with his sister flashes through his mind.

“No...It can’t be! LUCIA!!!!” screams Zurl as he sobs more in tears, caring less about the surrounding around him now.

“My little sister, my friend, my world, my life...Gone! Why...Why! God why! Why are you doing this to me! Why! You could have taken my life instead of hers! Give her back! I want her back! She’s not yours! She’s mine! . . . MINE!” wails Zurl as he covers his face with his hands.

“She mine...Please...Give her back...” whispers Zurl in a now broken spirit as tears falls from his eyes to the floor beneath him.

“Please...Give her back..”

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