Help me! (Slender horror)

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One night, a teenage girl was asked for a favor from her dear friend. That is, to retrieve back her precious item located in the forbidden forest not far away from her house. She agreed with a sincere heart but never knew the old myths and legends about the horrible and terrifying place that she is about to go. Will she ever survive long enough to find a way out and the item that her friend had requested? Or...Will she'd be the next victim to this...Unknown beast that live in the forbidden forest...

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013





Looking all around me, I only see trees and grasses as I walk along the woods. Hearing crickets playing their songs makes me want to walk quicker. “Come on, come on! Where is that thing!?” My head scream as my heart pumps faster making me feel like I am panicking. Of course…I am panicking. Panicking that I’m in a forest, trying to find my friend’s lost bag or was it papers of her sketches. I don’t know…But I have a weird feeling that something…Or someone is staring at me….

Do I dare to look behind…?

I…I don’t know….

I continue to point the light of my flashlight to find anything that interest me, looking up, looking down, looking left and looking right…Nothing! Just more trees and grasses…Well…What you expect from the word ‘forest’. Of course it is filled with trees and grasses!

Anyways…I still got the feeling of…Eerie, haunting my mind. It’s making my heart skips a beat everything I want to turn around or just to look aside of me.

I wonder why my friend said that this place is ‘Not welcome’ to any visitors? Is it because of the trees or the grasses that hadn’t been cut for like…Centuries? Maybe I’ll just ask her the next time I see her in class…Yeah…But now, focus on finding the notes or papers or whatever it is!

I suddenly hear the crickets stop playing their songs as the night grew darker. A cold wind blows upon my face, making me shiver as I hold firmly onto my front hair.

“Where is it!? She is so careless! God, I don’t know why she put it here!” I yap to myself as I wave my flashlight back and forth like a mad man.

Sighing as I feel sore under my feet, I walk to the nearest tree and sits down under it. Lying behind the cold hard wood, I stare at my flashlight as I switch it off. Not wanting to waste the batteries in it.

Humming and singing softly, I sing my favourite song that I always played in YouTube.
“At 1 am, I walk through the woods alone with my flashlight.”

“I can barely see anything with this hell damn thing!”

“Against my better judgement, I stare up ahead.”

“And I see not—“

Stopping so suddenly at my favourite sing, my eyes went wide as I suddenly somehow can’t even move my own body.

I can’t talk nor scream

I can’t walk nor run

I only…Stare…With fear in my eyes

‘Are my eyes deceiving me!?

W…What is tha— No…It can’t be…

I…I thought…He is just….

From my imagination!

No! He can’t be there!

I am now a sick and crazy person seeing this!

No! It can’t be him!

It is not possible!


I only stare at it…As I blink my eyes quickly to clean it.

That…Thing…Just vanished

“GONE!? HOW CAN IT BE?” I murmur under by heavy breath.

Not wanting to know what is going to happen next, I quickly force myself to stand up.

Wobbling from the sore and tiredness of my feet, I take a small step and stumbles down like a child. Huffing with a heavy sigh, I clench onto my flashlight harder to support myself, once more getting up from the grassy ground.

‘Come on! Stand up!’ My mind screams to my weak body.

Trying hard to stand, I finally can do it…

But then, I feel…Something is closing it…

I can feel the presence

“Something…Is near” I whisper to myself

Feeling another wind blows to my skin, I shiver as it makes my hair on the back of my neck stands.

Another feeling is building up…

I can now feel….Curious?

I know that a quote or a poem said that “Curiosity kills the cat.”

But still, I need to relief this emotion before it builds up and reaches to its limit that will make me go mad about it!

I stand still for a while, thinking. Thinking about what is going to happen next…But I put that aside for now, because my curious is whispering to me…To look back…

I take a deep breath and breathe it out, turning my heels around as my body follows.
Slowly turning around, my breathing begins to go on faster and more rapidly like I am running in a marathon.

Seeing darkness everywhere, my heart beats faster as I can feel it from inside.

I somehow see something standing…Really far away from where I am right now. Trying to adjust my eyes, I try to lend forward a little to see what it is.

As I blink…

It vanishes again…

Blinking again in disbelief…

It appears…But somehow…Closer than before…

Heart skips a beat as I blink again…


I…Somehow dared myself to blink again…


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