Memories (Our Childhood)

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It is about a little girl asking about her life. As she looks back, she always sees her brother follows her here and there even in sleep, they cuddle each other in warmth. But after years has passed, she thought that the world would be the same like in everyday life but no....It started to twist and turn until she asked herself 'why' on everything when she has a flashback about her brother.

When her brother leaves her to take care of his wife....The little felt lonely as the world has stop spinning for her as she only sees everything fade away because of her tears.

Submitted: March 14, 2014

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Submitted: March 14, 2014



Do you remember the days before?
As we chased each other around the house until we were scolded by Mother.
Do you remember that?

I use to remember the time when pushed me in a trolley,
It was fun as we both laugh like innocent children.
Do you remember that?

I remember when you carried me up high,
I could feel myself like flying gracefully up to the sky.
Trying to catch the stars above me, with my little hands.

Do you remember that?

We used to fight for everything including our meals.
It was fun and messy.
But still, I enjoyed it until now.
Do you remember that?

But now that you have another one to take care of,
I feel like I’m alone again in this world.
No one to play with,
No one to laugh with,
No one to cry with,
No one to cuddle with anymore

I miss the old days,
I wish I can go back through time and do it all over again.
It would be nice wouldn’t it?

But such things can never ever be repeated again,
As the time ticks away within our lives with it.

The truth is,
Whenever I see a brother holding his sister’s hand while they were only children,
I feel the rage of jealousy inside within me.
I wonder why...
Why is that...Brother..?
Would you care to explain?

But then again, a past is a past,
And we cannot change it if we wanted to,
So I am happy to what I have experience with you from all this years until now.

I never said this out loud until now,
But I miss you...
I miss you so much, big brother.
I miss the time we would spend time with each other playing and cuddling.
I miss the time when you cook me a dish even though it didn’t turn out right
I miss them all...

If you can hear my soft whimpering cries dear brother,
I hope you won’t pity me,
As for now I shed my tears only from remembering our memories together.
I am such a cry baby big brother.
But you knew that all along didn’t you?
Because you are the one who wiped my tears away every time I cry.

But now....Who will wipe them away if you are not here?
Who will cheer my hollow beating heart other than you?
Who, big brother, who?

I miss us...
I miss us all being family again...
But I can’t blame that, can I?
Because I’m only a child, 
I do not understand your new grown up world.
I am still trap in my own world like before and will always be.

I miss us...
I miss our memories together....
Memories that I always shed tear on whenever I remembered it.
Memories that keep us ‘one’...

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