The Maiden and The Curse

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A Princess and a mirror, what might happen?

Submitted: July 17, 2015

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Submitted: July 17, 2015




There she was, as beautiful as a sunrise, a fair and true maiden of her time. She was dainty and very kind with her loyal subjects. She had hair as golden as her jewels, her eyes as bright as  diamonds, and a gleaming smile ready to cheer up anybody. All day everybody talked about how she was never sorrow, and would always stop to help a person in need. All of this is what the people said, and all of this was a lie in the eyes of the fair maiden. True, she helped people, but never was full of beauty. “They are just saying that. It’s only the polite thing to do. No one really means it.” This is what the princess told herself every day. She would hear the lies and then head to her room to sit before her mirror. There in the glass showed the truth.

 The scars on her arms, from “accidental” incidents. The acne from never taking good care after dark. The oily, impossible, hair that could never hide her face well enough. And her eyes, sad from being forced to see miserable things. Things that no human should ever see. “How,” she thought. “How can the people lie to my face like that. Saying things that are never true.” She was filled with rage, and as soon as it came it left and was replaced with despair. With tears running down her face, she laid her head on her pillow and fell asleep, dreaming about if she would ever look like the villagers said she did.

The next day started like always. The maiden got up and ready to go out into the village and help out her people. Along the way one of her friends stopped her. “Hannah! I’m so glad I caught you! I have someone I want to introduce to you!”

“But I…”

“You can help people later! Just come on!” And with that her friend grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the main corridor. When they arrived there were two young men standing. There. One was tall and blonde, looking like he would rather be elsewhere. And the other was tall, with messy brown hair. He greeted the princesses with a warm smile.

Her friend went beside the blonde prince. “My boyfriend was on his travels and decided to bring back one of his friends. Isn’t that right Donny?”

The blonde prince seemed to have finally came back down to earth and resumed his place besides his lover. “Yes I thought it would be nice! Hannah, I would like you to meet Jackson, prince of the Northern Kingdoms. I thought you could show him around. Alexia and I have to go, but you two enjoy yourself.” With that Danny led his beloved out of the castle and into a carriage. The carriage went off and turned down the road and out of sight

This left the young prince and the maiden alone at the steps of the castle out in the afternoon sun.

“Well he is not a man for introductions, but he was right. I am prine Jackson, royalty of the northern kingdom.” He bowed and gently kissed the delicate, gloved hand that belongedd to the young maiden. “You look as beautiful as the daisies in full bloom!”

The princess was saddened and let despair to grow on her face at this line and said to herself, “He too speaks the awful lie.” Then she decided to put it past her and place a smile of her face. A new prince meant a chance for a new friendship. “Thank my kind sir. I heard that you wanted to be shown around the kingdom. What would you like to see?”

“I was told you have the most wonderful garden, and i see the flowers blooming to perfection around here. If we may take a look?” And with that, the maiden took his arm and guided him to the garden. There they looked at the creatures, laughed about stories, and shared a smile that is not known to be placed on to many faces. One that was real and not fake like the maiden usually wore.

“Can I be honest with you,” The maiden asked as they were enjoying the spring breeze on a bench. The prince stood up properly and nodded, still wearing his charming smile. “I have had a lot of fun today. More than I have had in years!” This was true, for the maiden had never really enjoyed hanging out with friends until now. It was different because today she let her true self show, more then she had with any other person.

“I can say the same. Today was truly magnificent! Though I too must be honest with you.”

“What is it?”

“Well earlier I said you were beautiful, and that could never have been more true. But yet you responded with a frown. Did I upset you in saying so?”

The princess sighed, for she thought the prince did not notice. “You said nothing wrong. It’s just…I hear that said about me all the time. But I never see it. I believe people are just being nice and don’t really mean it.” She looked up to see the prince wore a puzzled look. After he ran her statement through her head a second time, he pulled out a small mirror.

“Come here.” He pulled the princess close, so that she layed against his chest. The prince took the hand held mirror and held it up so she could see herself. “I think your mirror has been cursed by your words. You had vexed it to believe you lies, for what the people say are true. Here is a mirror clean and pure as can be, look in it. I see a maiden who is wants to be happy, and doesn’t want to believe she is beautiful for nobody has ever really told with their heart in their hands.” The prince lifted the maiden so she was looking deep into his dark, brown eyes. “I come here with my heart because I want you to believe what I say. You are a wonderful maiden and I can see nothing that makes you appear as you say! If you could except my heart, I will tell you the truth every day, so you and your cursed mirror shall be set free.”

The princess was astonished, but then had tears escaping her eyes and running down her cheeks. For once these were not tears of sorrow, but from pure happiness. “I would love that.”

From that point on the prince and the maiden stayed together, happy and pure, for the prince had gotten rid of the awful curse that was bestowed on the princess. This tale is heartwarming but a note must be made. It was not just the princess that was given this curse. She gave it to herself, and every girl or boy, royal or not may have a moment where they may think they are not truely beautiful. But i am here to tell you that you are, and there are more people than you think that truely care.

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