The Warmth of a Human

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Humans have more power than it so appears. Read and find out.

Submitted: July 23, 2015

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Submitted: July 23, 2015



You may not know me, and I wouldn’t be surprised. I just feel like I need to tell someone, anyone. I feel cold, so cold. I shiver from the coldness. I bleed and cry from the frost that bites. I have tried to warm up by stepping into the light, but nothing but fear reaches my dark soul. I try to reach for a smile, a single smile, yet they all turn into a frown or anger at the feel of my presence. I have lost all hope, though I still yearn for the warmth. In a final attempt, I met death. I begged and cried for heat even if it was for a second, and he only replied with a wave of his hand. In the direction he pointed to, a fire begins out of the darkness. It dances and shimmers, calling my name. There was no hesitation. I embraced its colorful flames and laugh with nothing but pure joy. But alas, I had laughed too soon. I was stabbed with what felt like ice, yet I refused to let go of the fire. Cold, I was so cold. I finally collapsed in my sorrow when the last bit of stubbornness had left, and the burst of reality came crashing in.

Nothing could save me.

While I wept in the tears that burned my face, freezing and latching to my pale cheeks, death stood up from his throne. It seemed my time had come, and he was done using me to bring himself a pity laugh. Yet, while I began to freeze in my own despair, a human appeared that I had not seen before. It saw me, though it probably only saw the palest of skin losing whatever color it had. The human came in my direction. No not just came, it ran. When it came closer, and knelt next to me, I noticed something. I barely made it out but it was a young man, a man who too seemed to have cried, though his tears didn’t seem to scar his delicate face. And then it happened.

Through my tears I witnessed a miracle. The human embraced my crippling body, for I was too weak to resist. He held me close, his breath touching my skin, and his tears touching my heart. Then it happened. The closer he held me, the more warmth that circled through my body. I would have thanked him with my final breath, had death not come right then and collected me. I still remember to this day. Because for those few dying seconds, like death had promised, I was warm.



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