The Snow Wolf

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Always expect the unexpected. Something you think will happen, may not always be that. Many things will surprise you.

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012



After a cold snowfall in the late afternoon, a walk through the forest always helps me clear my thoughts and feel at peace. Seeing the beauty of the big, white blankets on the ground, and the little ferns crystalized and frozen; it all takes my breath away as I watch tiny specs of light dance among it all. But as I watch in awe at the scenes in front of me, I am unaware of the terror that will soon find me. In the distance, among the barren trees, there lies a creature that belongs perfectly, but yet is also fearful with everything I see. As I sit there now on a fallen log with my eyes closed in a peaceful state, I hear the sudden, cold howl of the lone wolf. At the moment, my eyes are now open and I am staring at the face of a majestic killer. Gorgeous blue eyes among the most beautiful silver fur are all I can see. I am now so still, completely unmoving as this magnificent creature walks about, processing who I might be, and sniffing the air as it tries to sense my fear. But I am not afraid; I am calm as the air around me. I am not afraid because it is I who is in the wrong place. I have trespassed on the land, so it would only be natural if the wolf wanted to be rid of me. I take one last look at the scenery around me before I close my eyes and wait for my ending. This way, I will have a great memory to take with me. As I wait in silence, I can feel the wolf’s warm breath on my neck. With the thoughts of the end in my mind, I am surprised by the gentle nuzzle of the wolf’s snout through my hair. Feeling safe enough to open my eyes, I look to see that the wolf is no longer beside me, but again in front of me. The most sorrowful, yet peaceful eyes I have ever seen are now on this now seemingly gentle creature. And then with a bow of its head, the wolf turns to go roam the snow filled forest again. But before it leaves, a howl echoes through the forest, bringing a small gust of snow around the wolf, letting it disappear and leave behind the soft sounds of a lonely song. Now, as I sit there dazed, I know that the wolf never wanted to hurt me. It knew that I was merely a visitor and never meant harm to anything. And the bow of its head, that was the wolf saying that I am forever a friend, and am allowed back to the forest whenever I may please. So with that, I get up and bid the forest goodbye, until the next time I return to see my majestic a gentle friend again.

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