Code Name The Ghost

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

United Nations Anti-Terrorist Agent Vinnie Carter is the best at what he does but when he realises the truth behind his missions around the world and wants out, he soon finds himself being hunted by the very Agency he loyally served

Code Name – The Ghost

By Riyaaz.

17.09.08 to 31.10.08


Present Day, September, 19, 2008, 20h00 CAT: There’s an odd silence in the living room of Vincent’s home as he and his wife sit across each other while the kids are upstairs in bed. His wife Kate, staring at her husbands torn and blood covered T-Shirt as the tears roll down her eyes, then with a stammered voice she breaks the silence, ‘Who are you really?, Who did I marry?” Vincent, playing with his wedding band on his finger, looks her in the eyes and says, ‘I am the man you love and married, the man that has protected you all these years and now I feel that I am going to fail as things just got a bit out of hand today.’ ‘OUT OF HAND, VINCENT, YOU BLEW UP FOUR CARS AND AN ENTIRE WAREHOUSE, AND WHY WERE THOSE MEN CALLING YOU VINNIE CARTER’, Kate yelled at him. ‘Please Kate, sit down and let me explain, honey, I love you and like I said, things just got a bit complicated. If you just calm down I will tell you everything, please just have a seat and drink your tea,’ Vincent responded. Kate agreed and sat down waiting for the man she thought she knew everything about; to explain what just happened that day.

‘My name, my real name is Vincent Baines, that is not a lie and that is the name you carry as a marriage surname. Vinnie Carter was a name I used to use when I went on under cover government assignments. I was chosen as an international United Nations special agent when I was still in high school back in 1993 and have been working for the United Nations up until 1998 when I handed in my resignation which they did not accept and I on the other hand stayed below the radar as I wanted to lead a normal quiet life,’ Vincent explained. ‘You call this normal and quiet, Vincent, you almost got us killed,’ Kate responded. ‘Baby, please let me finish, okay,’ Vincent told Kate. ‘Anyway, in 93 a committee came to our school and chose six kids at random to undergo a written test, after the test these guys collected the papers and left and week later I got called into the principles office where I met an agent named Cane, he was a well built man with a slight limp to the right as well as scar on the back of his right hand in the shape of a crucifix. He told me that I scored the highest on the test we took and that he would like to offer me an opportunity of a life time. I told him that I would think it over and had to discuss it with my parents, so he gave me his card and said that he would wait for my call.

That evening, I confronted my parents and told them what had happened at school and that if I accepted the offer, the UN Agency would move the entire family to a safe location so that no one would be able to use my family to get to me and stop me from doing my job. After a year of intense training on anti terrorism and advanced weapons training as well as every martial arts technique there is to know, I was ready for my first assignment and was fluent in almost every language of the world. My real name was kept a secret by special agent Cane and he created the name Vinnie Carter for me to use within the agency as well as on assignments, I was code named, The Ghost because of my abilities to stay out of sight yet get the job done. In 94, I was sent on my first assignment in the middle of Africa to a place called Chad, I was to intercept rebel leaders that were trying to over throw the government and destroy the country. ‘So, what happened in Chad and how come you never told me all of this before?’ asked Kate. ‘I am going to tell you everything now, baby,’ Vincent responded.

January, 06, 1994 20h00 CAT: I left South Africa out of the air base in Pretoria. The plane flew over the southern border of Chad and at 10 000 feet, I sky dived out of the plane into the middle of the jungle about 2 kilometers from the south border. At 23h00 CAT, I crossed the border into Chad and made my way into the city center where I met my weapons contact and guide into the rebel camp. The only way into the camp was to be caught by the rebels and taken prisoner by them. My contact was a rebel operative that did not like what the rebels were doing and so he took me into the camp as his prisoner ensuring that he would do the torturing for his commanders and that he wanted all my weapons in his possession. At 03h00; January, 07, 1994, Adeao, my rebel contact, walked into the room where I was held captive. He brought all my weapons with him and helped me out of my holding cell, of course I had to knock his lights out so that it looked as if I over powered him and escaped.

I then worked my way around the camp like a ghost in the dark, killing all that came in my way while setting up explosives at focal burning points of the rebel camp. Adeao was setting explosives inside the compound and was to meet me on the north end of the camp just before the dirt road on the hill. At 05h00 I was already at the top of the hill and began setting off the explosives one at a time while I waited for Adeao, but looking at the rebel base camp with my night vision scope on my high powered rifle, I saw that one of the rebel commanders had a gun to his head about to shoot, when I pulled the trigger and shot the commander in the head, Adeao signaled me thanks and I kept an eye on him as he ran towards me. As he neared me, I detonated the last explosive which ripped through the entire camp killing everyone and everything. Adeao made it to me with just a few bruises and scratches and we headed to the pick up point awaiting our extraction. January, 08, 1994 at 12h00, we arrived at the Pretoria air force base where Adeao was taken to the UN Agencies office in South Africa, later to be sent to the States in New York at the main UN building.

‘Welcome back from a successful first mission, Vinnie,’ Cane greeted as I walked into the UN Agencies offices in SA. ‘Thanks, Sir. I’ve been trained by the best,’ I replied. ‘The committee would like to see you in New York for a formal debriefing and a possible new assignment and also to meet your new team mates,’ Cane said. ‘Team Mates, Sir, with all due respect the committee is well aware that I work alone and how could I be a ghost when I have to look out for team mates,’ I replied. ‘Well, Vinnie next week you can raise that issue with the committee. See you in New York, son,’ Cane said as he headed to his office. ‘Yes, Sir. See you in New York,’ I replied.

January, 21, 1994 at 10h00 CAT: My brother drops me off at the Johannesburg International Airport to catch my flight to New York. The plane lands in New York Airport at 21h00 and there is a driver from the UN Agency waiting to pick me up. “Where to first, Sir?’ the driver asked. ‘Take me to the Agency, want to get this meeting over with,’ I replied. 21h45: I arrive at the agency and after getting my clearance card I headed to the main boardroom where I met with the President of the UN as well as some high ranking army officers from the states as well as video feeds from around the world with other government officials including South Africa.

‘Good evening, Agent Carter. I trust you had a pleasant flight. Oh, and well done in Chad, have you read the news reports about what the media says happened,’ the President greeted me. ‘Evening, Mr. President and Major’s and Generals of the Agency. Yes, my flight was okay and no, unfortunately not. I did not get a chance to read the papers about what happened in Chad,’ I replied. The US Army General slid the New York Times to my end of the table and I read the Head Lines, Massive Gas Line Explosion Wipes out Half Forest in Chad, Africa. ‘So the media thinks it was a gas line that exploded, I think that maintains this agencies cover of having no involvement,’ I said after reading the news paper. ‘That’s why, Agent Carter, we have another assignment for you in Russia,’ Navy General Marques said. ‘Yes, we are really impressed with your work in Chad and even though we watched the entire thing via satellite feeds, we were unable to pin point your location in that area at any given time. Tell me Agent Carter, just how you managed to stay off the satellite grid,’ the President asked. ‘Well, Sir, it’s purely based on the training I received and I have learnt from the best Sir,’ I replied. ‘Well, Mr. President after this little test, I can see why Cane chose Agent Carter. I think the assigned Code Name The Ghost, suites you just perfectly,’ came General Marques reply.

‘Well then gentlemen lets get down to business. We arranged this meeting so that all of you could be introduced to Agent Carter. Agent Carter joined the UN Agency in 1993 when we recruited him out of high school in South Africa. Everyone saw how he operates and we all agree that Agent Carter is the perfect man for the job in Russia. Even though we are aware that you work alone Agent Carter, we have assembled a small team of experts, with your approval course. They will accompany you on your next assignment where you will be going undercover into the underground world of Russia’s city and rid it of bribery and corrupt government officials. Your team will be providing you with the Intel you will require while moving around the Russian underground. Meeting adjourned, thank you all for attending,’ the President said. As the video monitors switched off and everyone started leaving, the President called me aside and offered to drop me off at my hotel.

‘Carter, I know that you still young and my self and Cane got you dragged into this ugly world of politics and government peace. I just wanted you to know that we are proud of you and I am certain so are all the countries that form part of this UN Agency,’ the President said. ‘Well, thank you Sir, I actually enjoy what I am doing and trying to bring order and peace to the world. As a matter of fact Sir, I actually look forward to my next assignment,’ was my reply. ‘That’s good son, and I am sure you will approve of the team Cane has assembled for you. I know, I know, you work better alone, but please Carter, just this one time, the other countries want to help us fight those against world order and peace, so please lets just try this out and if it does not work, you have my word that it will just be you alone,’ came the President’s reply. ‘Okay, Sir. I’ll give it a try. Good night Sir, see you tomorrow,’ I replied as I got off the limousine outside my hotel. ‘Good night Carter, I’ll send the limo in the morning,’ the President said as the driver drove off.

The next morning at the UN Agency, I went to the briefing room where I saw the President, Cane, Adeao and two other people whom I never met before but recognised their faces from reading their files. ‘Aah, Morning, Agent Carter, would you like some coffee,’ the President asked. ‘No, thank you Sir, I have a health shake already,’ I replied while showing him the large take away cup. ‘Alright then, lets get started shall we? Cane will brief you on the situation and introduce you to your team,’ said the President. ‘Thank you Sir. Agent Carter, good to see you again. Allow me to introduce you to your team for this assignment. You already know and worked with Adeao in Chad, this is our Russian operative Mischka Vladkov and the CIA’s finest Jack Brewster, everyone I would like you to meet your team leader, Agent Vinnie Carter,’ Cane said. ‘But how can this be Agent Cane and Mr. President. We were suppose to work with the Agency’s best Agent, The Ghost,’ Mischka said in Russian. “You want to work with The Ghost, Mischka. Would you know The Ghost if he stood in front of you?’ I asked her in Russian. ‘You know and understand Russian?’ Mischka said in a strong Russian accent.

‘Agent Carter is well versed in all languages of the world people. This is not a game we playing here. The man does not exist and always works alone. This is the first assignment where we put a team together and believe me when I say, if it were up to the Agency to select a team none of you would have made it,’ Cane responded to all in the room. ‘So, who selected us and why?’ Agent Brewster asked. ‘That person would be me. I read all of your files as I needed a team that I could trust, a team that would keep my identity a secret as I am Agent Vinnie Carter, Code Name – The Ghost. So I ask you all did I make a wrong choice,’ I explained. Everyone stood to attention and in one voice replied, ‘No Sir, it’s an honor to be serving with you, Sir.” ‘Alright then, now that everyone knows each other, let’s get down to business. This is the point of entry from which you will enter Russia. Mischka will be in her home country and will meet the rest of you at this point where she will take you guys in to your new base of operations,’ Cane explained to us all on satellite photos.

‘So, in a space of one year you were sent on two assignments. What caused you to resign from this job then in 1998?’ Kate asked. ‘Well, babe, let me tell you what happened on the last assignment in Russia. I only completed those two assignments with the UN Agency officially. As Cane finished briefing us on the assignment in Russia, we all headed back to the equipment room where each one chose the equipment that they specialised in and would need on this assignment. Brewster was our intelligence specialist, Adeao was my communications expert as well as explosives and Mischka was my ticket into the Russian underground. February, 01, 1994 09h00:  Mischka takes us to the Russian base camp where Adeao and Brewster start setting up the equipment while Mischka takes me to meet the Russian mob boss, Vladimir Boroschtikov.10h00 As we drive to the meeting point on the east side of the village we were based in, Mischka starts to look nervously around as cars pass us. ‘Why are you so tense and jumpy Mischka. Is this your first assignment?’ I asked her in Russian. ‘No, it’s not my first assignment, it’s just that it’s my first field assignment work with someone outside Russia,’ she replied. I could see that something was not right and then as we neared the meeting point there was a huge explosion that came from the direction our base was and our car was hit by a truck at full speed on the bridge causing the car to fall into the icy waters below.

‘Oh, my God, what happened then?’ Kate asked. ‘Well, as the car hit the ice, the windshield cracked open and the car began filling with water as it sank. The guys that ran us off the bridge started to shoot at the car while it sank, I managed to get out of my seat belt and as I reached to help Mischka who was struggling frantically, a bullet hit her in the head killing her instantly. I then swam out of the car through the windshield and headed for the bridge while under water. I surfaced at the bridge where I could not be seen and waited for the guys that were shooting to leave. After they had left I made my way back to our base as fast as I could only to find that the entire building was in flames and could see some movement in the nearby alley. I drew my weapon as I walked towards the alley, my hands shaking from the cold and wet clothes, my vision started to blur and just as I felt my eyes begin to close I dropped my weapon and I could see a shadow coming towards me just before I collapsed from my body being exposed to the freezing water earlier.

February, 4, 1994 15h00: I gained consciousness, finding my self in a bedroom with a huge fire place that kept the room warm. On the edge of the bed was clean dry clothing which I wore and walked around the house trying to find out where I was. I could hear voices coming from downstairs that sounded familiar but could not quite make them out. As I neared the voices I stepped into the room shouting, ‘CANE, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!’ ‘Relax, Vinnie, you passed out and Brewster here brought you the agency’s safe house here in Prague,” Cane said. ‘Hi, boss, you ok now I see, how’s the bump on your head?’ Brewster said with a smile. ‘Brewster, the explosion you and Adeao, wh,” I responded with a shocked voice. ‘Vinnie, come and sit down, Brewster get him a cup of coffee. Listen to me Vinnie; do you remember anything that happened three days ago?’ Cane asked me. ‘Three, three days ago, what you talking about three days ago Cane, we just got here,’ I responded in a confused state of mind. ‘No, Vinnie, your team has been here since Feb 01, today is Feb 04. Do you remember anything from the day you arrived in Russia?’ Cane asked again. ‘Well, Mischka picked us up and took us to the building we were to stay and Brewster and Adeao were setting up the equipment. Then I went with her to meet Vladimir Boroschtikov.’ ‘Yes, what else do you remember, Vinnie, was there anything else. I mean something else had to have happened if Brewster found you all weak and nearly frozen to death,” Cane responded.

‘I was talking to her in the car as she was all nervous and there was a huge explosion behind us from where we left Brewster and Adeao and then we were in an accident. Yes, a truck hit us at full speed on the bridge forcing the car over into the frozen water below and as I tried to help Mischka, shit Mischka, she’s dead, she got shot in the head as the car was sinking, I swam out under the bridge and waited for the gun men to leave and then made my way back to our base and the whole place was on fire and then I don’t know what happened.’ ‘Vinnie, someone set your team up. Brewster got lucky as he was outside in the alley when the building exploded. Adeao was found dead, we barely recognised his burnt body. Do you have any idea who would set you guys up Vinnie?’ Cane asked. ‘No, I don’t have an idea Sir, but I intend on finding out. Brewster, are you up for a two man game here in Russia. Co’s I think who ever set us up, tipped off the mob,’ I replied to Cane. ‘Oh, hell yeah Sir, count me,’ Brewster replied. ‘Well then, game on gentlemen, and consider having a third player, as I want in,’ Cane said.

February, 05, 1994, 05h00: ‘Ok, guys listen up. Since the mob knows we are here, and they obviously under the impression that we dead. Cane, you going to have to meet with Vladimir or at least try and get him alone where we can take him,’ I explained the entire plan to Brewster and Cane. The idea was that we get Vladimir and then one of us returns to the mob as him after recreating his facial features as well as voice coding with the help of some special effects and make up. We tracked down Vladimir to his local coffee shop where Cane waited on him and spiked his coffee. Brewster and I waited outside the shop in a van so that when Vladimir tried walking out we would grab him. Everything went according to plan and we manage to pull it off without a hitch.

11h00: Back at our place in Prague, we held Vladimir captive below the house in the cellar where no one could hear his screams. “Who are you people? Anyways I do not care as you are all going to die when my men finds that I am missing as I am always back before noon,” Vladimir threatened in Russian. ‘Don’t worry, Boroschtikov, your men and comrads will not even know that you are missing. Just take a look at the monitor,’ Cane told him in Russian. “What is the meaning of this? How can that be me when I am sitting here in front of you being held captive?’ Vladimir shouted in shock as he saw him self on the monitor sitting in his favorite coffee shop. ‘Wait a minute, how was that possible Vincent?’ Kate asked. ‘Well, babe, the guy Vladimir saw in the coffee shop, was in actual fact me, dressed just like him. With the latest technology that we had, we actually created a latex face mask and even the facial hair, as well as a microfilm voice synthesizer that I taped to my throat beneath the mask so that I sounded just like Vladimir,’ I responded to Kate.

13h00: Vladimir’s men rush into the coffee shop looking for him while the real Vladimir is watching everything on the monitor screaming in anger as if his men will hear his cries through the monitor. “Comrade Vladimir, we were beginning to worry that perhaps you were taken by the authorities,” said one of his men. “I am fine. There is no need to worry, as you can see I am fine and right here where I always have my breakfast. Let’s go now, as I have a meeting with the army general,’ I (Vladimir) said to his men. As I walk out the door of the coffee shop, a shot is fired from between the nearby buildings straight in my heart. Vladimir’s men quickly gather around my dead body as one calls for an ambulance while a few others scatter amongst the buildings trying to find the shooter. Brewster arrives on the scene with an ambulance and loads my body into it, insisting that Vladimir’s men cannot sit with the body.

13h30: As Brewster drove off; Vladimir’s men followed him making sure that the ambulance took their boss to a hospital, even though they saw me die in front of them. Brewster started driving fast with the siren on skipping red lights and intersections trying to lose Vladimir’s men. This ensued into a massive car chase causing havoc in the city streets, eventually, Brewster drove into a warehouse near the river and came to help me in the back of the ambulance. ‘I think I lost them, Sir, but we still don’t have much time,’ Brewster said while helping me out of the clothes and set up that made it look as if I was shot and killed. ‘Quick, Brewster, lets get the paint stickers off this van and get a move on,’ I responded as the two of us peeled off the ambulance signage and the van looked plain blue as we drove pass some of Vladimir’s men in their cars.

16h30: We arrive back at the safe house in Prague where Cane has brought us a dead body that is of the same built as Vladimir. ‘Okay, guys step two is now complete, now for step three of Carters brilliant plan,” Cane said as we walked into the house. ‘Did you get the body?’ I asked. ‘Of course I got the body, it’s the same height and built as Vladimir,’ Cane replied. ‘That’s good then. Let’s finish this and get out of this country. Brewster, bring in the facial restruction kit with the replicated dentures of Vladimir,’ I requested. ‘No, problem boss lets finish this,’ Brewster responded. After we restructured the dead bodies features and dentures to resemble that of Vladimir, we loaded the body into a real ambulance which we blew up near the hospital that Vladimir was to be taken, we made sure that the body burnt beyond recognition and that one could only tell if it was Vladimir by the dental records.

02h00 February, 06, 1994: We head out to the airstrip with Vladimir tied up in the back of the van with his mouth gagged and face covered. As we near the airstrip, the chopper for our extraction arrives and once we all on board, we headed back for the UN Agency office in New York. 13h00 UN Agency: We arrive at the agency with Vladimir as captive as we proceed to the interrogation room where the President waited. Once at the room, I waited next door and watched the interrogation through a one way glass and could listen to everything. ‘Vladimir Boroschtikov, how nice of you to join us. We have been watching you for a long time now and we quite concerned about your underground genocide operations in Russia’, the President said as Brewster pulled off the material bag that covered Vladimir’s head and removed his gag so that he could speak. ‘What is the meaning of this? Who are you people? Where have you brought me?” Vladimir demanded in a strong Russian accent.

‘You are in a highly secured facility, Vladimir. Surely you have heard of the United Nations Agency of World Intelligence and Peace,’ the President answered. ‘Yes, I have. Before I speak any further, I am claiming my diplomatic rights,’ Vladimir responded. ‘Ha ha ha, Diplomatic rights? Since when does a dead man have diplomatic rights?’ Cane laughed and said as he through a copy of the New York Times and a Russian news paper on the table near Vladimir. Both papers headlines read “Russian Mob Boss Dies in Explosion outside Russian Medical Facility.” Brewster switched on the television set and changed the channel to the world news so that Vladimir could hear and see the reporter, ‘Well known Mob Boss Vladimir Boroschtikov died yesterday after being rushed to this Medical Center when he was shot outside a coffee shop in his home town. Authorities say that when the ambulance neared the Centre it burst into flames and are not sure what caused the explosion. The body inside was burnt beyond recognition and dental records were used to identify the body as Vladimir Boroschtikov, Russia’s most notorious mobster.’

After Brewster switched off the television, Vladimir spoke, ‘What do you people want from me?’ ‘Well, for starters you could tell us what was your plans to overthrow the Russian government and tell us where the rest of your men are hiding with all your plans for a mass genocide attack over the Russian federation,’ the President replied. Vladimir sang like a canary giving the Agency names, places and dates of everything. Within a week, a sweeper team arrested and cleaned out the Russian underground giving full credit to the local Government Authorities ensuring that Russia was now safe.

February, 07, 1994 10h00 New York Airport: Brewster and Cane dropped me off at the Airport as my job was done for now and I decided to head back to South Africa to complete my high school career. ‘Good luck, Agent Carter. Until we meet again for your next assignment, I wish you all the best with your graduation,” Cane said with a smile. ‘Yeah, Boss. Even though you younger than me, you the best damn team leader I ever worked with and I hope that you consider me again on your next assignment,’ Brewster said. ‘Thanks, guys. It’s been sad and fun at the same time. That’s what we do right; make the world a safer place. Don’t worry Jack, you will always be first on my team,’ I responded as I greeted them and walked away. ‘Hey, Carter, don’t give those teachers a hard time, get good grades,’ Cane yelled as I walked into the boarding terminal.

Present Day, September, 17, 2008, 21h00 CAT: ‘So then you came back home and finished high school, just like that. The UN Agency never called you back?’ Kate asked. ‘Yes, honey. For two years the Agency never called on my services. I was leading a normal life as an eighteen year old. After I graduated in 96, I got a job in 97 with a bank that had a training program for school leavers and graduates,’ I replied. ‘Then, how or what made you resign from the Agency in 98?’ Kate asked. ‘Well everything was running smoothly and I got used to my job until the middle of May 97 when I got a visit at the Bank from Cane,’ I replied. ‘So then what happened?’ Kate asked. ‘Well, Cane was there to call me back for another assignment. This is what happened,’ I explained to Kate.

May, 20, 1997 13h00 South Africa, Benoni: ‘Vincent Baines. I see you using your real name,’ Cane said. “Nice to see you again, Sir. Thought you forgot about me? Well I did not see any threat in using my real name and besides nobody knows what I am capable of. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?’ I asked. ‘Can we go somewhere to talk and get a bite to eat and drink, I am bit hungry,’ Cane responded. ‘Sure, there’s an excellent fish restaurant not so far from here. Lets take a walk,’ I told him. We got to the restaurant and ordered, while we ate, Cane handed me a brown folder with classified information and some pictures. ‘What’s this?’ I asked. ‘Take a look for your self. Those were taken three days ago outside the Durban Harbor,’ Cane replied. As I opened the folder I was shocked by the pictures of dead bodies, men, women, children and even babies. Some you could see were shot and most were burnt, all sprawled around an open cargo container. ‘These are all Chinese. What’s the meaning of this?’ I asked. ‘Keep looking, it gets interesting,’ Cane replied. As I looked through all the photos I stopped on one and asked, ‘What the Fuck? Vladimir Boroschtikov, I thought we put him away?’ ‘We did, some how he escaped, the transport he was in was attacked and Vladimir was taken. We believe that someone tipped his men off that he was alive,’ Cane said.

“Vincent, I came to see you on this one, as Vladimir was your last assignment. Besides, officially the Agency wants no involvement in this as they leaving it as an Interpol investigation with the South African Home Affairs Department,’ Cane said. “Let me guess. Unofficially the Agency wants someone with the knack of staying off the radar to take this assignment knowing that if they get caught, they on their own and the Agency will deny any responsibility,’ I responded to Cane with a smirk on my face. ‘That is correct, Vincent. You think you up for it?’ Cane asked. ‘Well, if I walk away from this that means that sucker gets away free to do as he pleases, right?’ I said to Cane. ‘Right,’ he replied. ‘In that case, I’m in,’ I said. ‘Great, I will make the arrangements for us,’ Cane replied. ‘You tagging along?’ ‘Oh, yeah. Gotta keep an eye on you,’ Cane said with a smile as he left the shop.

May, 20, 1997 19h00 South African UN Agency, Pretoria: I arrive at the UN Office in Pretoria for my meeting with the President via video feed from New York. ‘Evening Cane. Am I too early?’ I greeted as I stepped into the boardroom. ‘Evening, Vinnie. Actually, I was just waiting for you. Now that you here we can get started,’ Cane replied as he opened up the satellite video feed. ‘Evening Gentlemen,’ the President greeted. ‘Evening, Sir,’ we both replied. ‘As you know, Vinnie, Vladimir escaped while being transported to a secure facility. Cane, already brought you up to speed with the satellite photos of what was found in South Africa at the Durban harbor,’ the President said. ‘Yes, Sir, Cane has brought me up to speed and also told me that the Agency will not get involved officially. Which means that my expertise is required on this assignment as the Agency needs some one that will leave no traces to the Agency’s involvement,’ I said.

‘That’s correct Agent Carter. Your field of expertise is definitely required here with out a doubt,’ the President said. ‘Then I only have one question Sir,’ I responded. ‘What is that Agent Carter?’ the President asked. ‘What would you like done with Vladimir, Sir, once we infiltrate his new dealings with smuggling people into the country, should we take Vladimir out for good, Sir?’ I asked. ‘Yes, take Mr. Boroschtikov out, Agent Carter. Be discreet and make it look like an accident. Good night gentlemen and I wish you all the success on this assignment,’ the President said as he signed off and Cane cut off the video feed. ‘So Carter, what’s the plan on this one. How do we go in?’ Cane asked. ‘Well, I was thinking. We drive down into Durban and set up ourselves near Vladimir’s base of operations,’ I replied. ‘Then what?’ Cane asked. ‘Then we take him out and let the local authorities do their job with Interpol and arrest all those involved,’ I told Cane. ‘Sounds good to me. When do we leave?’ Cane asked. ‘I’m already packed and ready to go. Wanna get this one done as soon as possible,’ I told Cane. ‘Well then, Carter. Let’s move out as I am also ready to go,’ Cane responded.

May, 20, 1997 22h00: We head down to Durban using my blue Toyota corolla so that we blend in nicely down at the coast. May, 21, 1997 04h00: We arrive in the Durban city center and head straight for the harbor and book our selves into a nearby hotel that over looked the entire Durban harbor which was just perfect for my plan. At 10h00 that morning, Cane tips off the local authorities about what is going on at the harbor and that some one was bringing illegal immigrants into the country in huge cargo containers. At 11h00 that same morning we watch through our hotel room window as the cops surrounded Vladimir’s offices at the harbor and they searched around, but I noticed that as the cops were leaving, that the Constable that Cane had contacted stayed behind as the rest of his officers left. As I watched through my binoculars I could see Vladimir hand the Constable a thick envelope as a pay off. ‘Cane, we can’t rely on the local police here, they bought off by Vladimir,’ I said to Cane. ‘You right, Vinnie. Guess we going to have to wrap up this operation on our own and once we done get Interpol to sweep in and finish the job,’ Cane replied. ‘Well, then. We better get started. Tonight I am going into the ship yard and set up explosives at focal points near Vladimir’s offices. Be sure that you give Interpol just enough time to get here as Vladimir is taken out by me from the Hotel roof adjacent to this one we staying in,’ I told Cane. ‘That works for me. Actually sounds perfect and full proof. No one will know the Agency had any involvement,’ Cane said.

May, 22, 1997 20h00 Durban Shipyard: I sneak into the shipyard under a full moon sky as I move around quickly yet silently, almost stealth like, setting up explosives near the offices of Vladimir Boroschtikov, including a Russian cargo ship that was bound for China. The cargo ship as I was told by a reliable UN Agency source was empty and only had empty cargo containers to be used to smuggle Chinese migrants into the country for cheap labor. At 21h30 I made my way back to the hotel that was adjacent to the one we stayed and headed for the roof where I set up my high powered rifle and night vision scope as I waited for Vladimir to arrive with his men. Cane was in our hotel room watching the shipyard and he kept in touch with me on the roof via a transceiver that we both wore in our ears. ‘Everything looks quiet down there,’ Cane said through his transceiver to me. ‘Yup, wait a minute. I see movement from my side. What have we here? Looks like its Vladimir’s men,’ I responded to Cane. ‘Any sign of Vladimir?’ Cane asked. ‘No, not yet. As soon as I take him out Cane, you start the explosives,’ I answered. ‘Roger that, Vinnie. No problem,’ Cane responded.

22h30: A limo pulls into the shipyard, as I watch the driver get off and move to the back to open the door for the passenger. The door opens the passenger steps out. ‘Cane, I see Vladimir. I’m taking the shot,’ I said. ‘Take the shot now, Vinnie,’ Cane said. As I watch Vladimir step away from the car, I squeeze on the trigger, taking the shot and watching the bullet speeding toward his head and just as he turns to look up where I am, the bullet pierces his skull going straight through it killing him instantly. Cane then sets off the explosive wiping out the entire office of Vladimir Boroschtikov and sinking the Russian cargo ship. Just as the explosives go off, Interpol arrives on the scene with the local authorities and does a body count as well as arresting those that managed to escape the blast. As I make my way down the hotel with my rifle, I am confronted by the Constable from the day before, the one that accepted a bribe from Vladimir. ‘Freeze. Police. Place the bag on the floor and your hands up,’ the Constable yelled. I comply by slowly placing the bag on the floor and my hands in the air. Meanwhile, Cane is watching me from our hotel window, ‘Carter, what are you doing? Who is there with you? Should I come down?’ Cane asked. ‘It’s the crooked cop from yesterday. Don’t worry, stay right there, I got this,’ I responded. ‘Now turn around slowly and keep quiet,’ the Constable said as he walked towards me.

As he gets close enough I quickly disarm him and hold his gun to his face. ‘Are you going to kill a police officer? That’s a serious offense. You will be put away for life,’ the Constable said. ‘Who said anything about killing you? What does the law say to cops that accept bribes from notorious criminals?’ I asked. ‘Who are you and what are you talking about?’ the cop asked. ‘Who am I, does not concern you,’ I replied as I knocked his lights out with the butt of his gun which I then dropped next to him and headed back to my hotel room where Cane waited for me. When I got into the room I started to disassemble the rifle and pack it away and also changed my clothes. ‘I think it’s safe to say that it’s time we get out of here,’ I said to Cane. ‘Yup, our job here is done. Let’s get out of here and go back home,’ Cane replied. We both then headed down to the car, packed our gear and left Durban, heading back to Johannesburg. May, 23, 1997 06h30: ‘Carter, drop me off at my place. I will meet you later at the Agency in Pretoria at 12h00,’ Cane said as we entered Johannesburg. ‘Sure, no problem,’ I replied. I pull up at Canes place, ‘You gonna be alright?’ I asked. ‘Yeah I will be just fine. See you at 12h00 in Pretoria,’ Cane replied.

As I drove off and neared the end of the street, there was an explosion. I stopped the car and ran all the way back to Cane’s place as fast as I could. I found him lying across the street from his house, his body was partially burnt all over and his face full of blood. I held his head in my lap saying, ‘Just hang in there buddy, help is on its way. Cane, you hear me man, just hang in there.’ ‘Vincent, listen to me. It’s too late for me. You the best kid. I want you to know that I never gave them you,’ Cane said in a low voice as he coughed up blood. ‘Just, be quiet man, don’t speak. Help is coming Cane, just stay with me,’ I said to him. ‘Vincent, the Agency has a traitor, get out while you can. Take this micro disc, it has all the information you need,’ Cane said as he placed the disc in my hand and then he closed his eyes and died. I sat there and waited until the ambulance and fire department arrived. ‘What did you do after that?’ Kate asked. Well I went with the ambulance to the hospital and they put Cane’s body in the morgue. I then called the Agency in Pretoria to let them know that Agent Cane Van Damme is dead and that he died on duty after an assignment.

May, 27, 1997 10h00 UN Agency Main Office – New York: Dressed in a full black suit with a white tie and dark glasses I entered the Presidents office. With him, were the joint chiefs of the US Army and Navy as well as few gentlemen in suits that I had never seen before? ‘Agent Carter. Thanks for coming at such short notice. I know that the past few days have been a bit hard for you as Agent Cane was more than just a friend to you. I understand that you with him at the time of his death,’ the President said. ‘Thank you Sir. Yes I was with him all the time Sir,’ I replied. ‘Was there anything that Agent Cane told you at the time of his death that is of importance to this Agency, Agent Carter?’ one of the guys in the suits asked. ‘What is the meaning of me being here? Is this an interrogation? A damn good agent of this Agency died and all you want from me is to tell you if he said anything of importance about the Agency!’ I yelled back. ‘ANSWER THE QUESTION, AGENT CARTER?’ the President yelled. ‘NO. Agent Cane never said anything, Sir,’ I replied. ‘Did he give you anything in his last moments, son?’ General Marques bellowed. ‘No, Sir. He did not. What is the meaning of this inquiry into Agent Cane’s last moments before he died?’ I asked.

‘Agent Carter. I know that is hard to believe, but we have reason to believe that Agent Cane was a double Agent. He was working for the Russian underground and assisted them with information of our plans, hence the reason for your assignment in Russia going wrong and lead to the death of two of your team members,’ the President said. ‘With all due respect Sir. That is a load of bull shit and you know it. Agent Cane served this Agency with all his heart and would never sell anyone out. I think there is someone else that leaked the information and now they pinning it on a man who died a hero because he is not here to defend him self,’ I responded. After that statement I turned to walk out the door and as I passed one of the guys in the suits I noticed a tattoo on his wrist that looked familiar but I could remember where I saw it. ‘Agent Carter, I am putting you on paid vacation time for the rest of the year. I suggest that you get some good rest,’ the President said as I walked out his office.

So I headed back to my hotel and the next day I caught a flight back to South Africa and found out that my job at the Bank was taken already so I just chilled at home for the rest of the year. I was enjoying the time off as I guess the President was right and that I needed it, but I also sat and worked on the disk that Cane had given me before he died.

‘So, what was on the disc that Cane gave you?’ Kate asked anxiously. ‘Well, I did take a break like the President suggested, but I found out that it was not Cane that leaked information as he came across some strange dealings with the Russian mob as well as other terrorist groups around the world. The disc had photos of some of the ruthless terrorist known in the world and the best part of it all, in every photo there was the President of the UN Agency along side General Marques of the US Navy. I also happened to spot the guy with the tattooed wrist from my meeting in New York in the Presidents office. So then I took a lovely vacation around the world, but in actual fact I was on my own recon mission gathering all the information I could about the guys in the pictures. As soon as I got all the Intel I wanted I came back home in early 1998 when I stopped off in New York at the UN Agency to see the President.

February, 02, 1998 10h00: I walked into the building and headed for his office. ‘Excuse me, Sir, but you cannot just walk in with out an appointment,’ the secretary said as I opened the door and walked into his office. ‘Sorry Sir, I tried stopping him but he was too quick for me,’ the secretary said to the President. ‘It’s okay, Ms. Sanders, I’ll deal with this. Thanks,’ the President said. ‘Agent Carter, to what do I owe this unexpected visit from you?’ the President asked. ‘Well, Sir. I just stopped by to hand this to you personally,’ I said as I placed the envelope in front of him. ‘What is this? You are resigning from this Agency. Agent Carter, no one in all these years that this United Nations Agency has recruited, has ever resigned, they all serve the Agency until they die on assignments,’ the President said with a shocked look on his face.

‘Well, Sir, in that case, let me be the first Agent of this Agency that lives to tell his kids some stories some day,’ I said with a smile. ‘I’m afraid I cannot accept this from you Agent Carter. You are the Agency’s best and we, I mean I cannot allow you to turn your back on us,’ the President responded. ‘Sir, with all due respect to you and this Agency. I don’t want anything to do with this Agency anymore. I’ve had enough Sir. So whether you accept my resignation or not, I am out, Sir,’ I replied as I walked out the door. ‘CARTER, DON’T YOU WALK OUT ON ME, CARTER, YOU WILL BE SORRY FOR THIS WE WILL FIND YOU WHERE EVER YOU ARE, CARTER,’ the President yelled as I walked out of his office. ‘Then I guess you just going to have to come after me,’ I said as I entered the elevator and left the building. I left New York that very same evening and headed back to South Africa. Once home, I called an old friend that worked for the Federal Beaureau of Investigations, (FBI), Special Agent Leon Chang, he was investigating the sudden disappearances of agents around the world that all worked for the UN Agency. So, in order to make his job easier for him, I sent pictures that I got off the disc that Cane had given me; he promised to keep me out of his investigation. I also managed to get my old job back and at the same time, I stayed off the grid by using my real name, Vincent Baines.

Everything was perfect up until now. During the time from 1998 to when I met you and we got married in 2001, I gathered enough information to actually to put away the President of the UN for life. ‘But that still does not explain how did they find you after all these years, Vincent?’ Kate asked. ‘Well, honey that’s what I intend finding out and in order for me to do that, I need to get you and the girls to a safe place so that they only come after me and can’t use my family to get to me,’ said Vincent.

Present Day, September, 19, 2008 16h30 CAT: Kate picks up her husband Vincent Baines outside his work place in central Johannesburg in South Africa. ‘Mwah. Hi, honey. You waiting long?’ Kate asked as she greets her husband. ‘Mwah. Nope not at all. Just got out of the office now,’ Vincent responded as he got into the drivers seat of the car. ‘So, where are the girls?’ Vincent asked. ‘They at home with my mum. I told them that I was coming to fetch their daddy but they wanted to stay home and play with their friends,’ Kate replied. ‘Oh, that’s nice. Should I take the N17 Toll Road home?’ Vincent asked. ‘Yes, honey. That would be faster as you need to drop off the neighbors kids before sunset, Vincent’ Kate replied.

16h50 CAT: Just after Vincent and Kate pass through the Toll Gates, Vincent notices that there are four black land rovers heading straight for them. ‘Uhm, honey. Hold on to your seat and I am sorry for this,’ Vincent said as he geared down and started to drive as fast as he could weaving in and out of traffic. ‘Vincent, what are you doing? Are you trying to kill us?’ Kate yelled as she held onto her seat for dear life. Vincent pushed his wife’s little 1.4 Run X to the maximum out running the four land rovers through the busy N17 Toll Road. Then two men armed with machine guns, leaned out of the passenger seats of each land rover and began shooting at Vincent as he drove like the wind. Bullets being sprayed all across the freeway and hitting innocent cars as Vincent managed to out run these guys while Kate screamed frantically fearing for her life.

Vincent then took the exit off the freeway and headed for some abandoned warehouses where he could park the car off and hide Kate some where safe so that he could take care of these guys. ‘Oh my God, we are going to die, Oh my god, oh my God,’ Kate moaned in a frantic state. ‘Honey, listen to me. Pull your self together. Kate, you have to trust me okay. I need you to stay right here. I will be back for you, I promise,’ Vincent told her as put her in an office and kissed her forehead. Then he drove out of the warehouse into the open so that the men in the land rovers chased after him. Vincent used all his driver training skills, causing two of the land rovers to flip over and smash after hitting a few wooden palettes that he weaved through and then he went and hid the car away and went back to the two over turned smashed vehicles. Vincent grabbed the injured men’s weapons and shot all of them in the head as he heard the other two vehicles speeding his way.

He then ran up on top of an empty cargo container waiting for the two vehicles to approach him as he leapt from the container on to the roof of one of the vehicles and shot through the window killing all the occupants and causing the other vehicle to over turn, sliding a few meters in front of the car that Vincent was on top of. Just as he neared the over turned car, Vincent stood up on the roof of the speeding land rover and when it hit the over turn land rover in front, he jumped off the vehicle and landed a few hundred meters away from the crash. As Vincent stood up with blood running down his muscular arms, he walked towards the warehouse where he had parked the car; near the place he hid Kate away. Just as he reached the car, he heard a voice in a strong Russian accent, ‘Vinnie Carter, this time you not walking out of here alive. We found you and now its time to die.’ Just then Kate came running out as she heard a gunshot screaming, ‘Vincent, No,’ and she saw her bleeding husband standing there looking at the Russian man he had just killed and at that moment, the two crashed land rovers exploded near a warehouse filled with gas tanks and the two of them got into the car and raced out of the explosions range.

Present Day, September, 19, 2008 21h30 CAT: ‘And that’s the whole story as to what happened earlier today, honey,’ Vincent said to his lovely wife. ‘Wow, I married a super hero,’ Kate said with a smirk on her face. Then she walked up to her gorgeous husband, hugged him and kissed him while he hugged her too and held her tight in his arms saying, ‘I love you Kate and I promise you that nothing is going to happen to this family as long as I am alive.’ As Vincent said that he suddenly stepped back from Kate, ‘What is it honey, what’s wrong?’ she asked. ‘Shhh, be quiet,’ he replied as he strained his ears and listened, Vincent heard the sound of semi automatic weapons being cocked and getting ready to fire. Suddenly, ‘Go upstairs now, get the kids and your mum and stay there,’ he said to Kate. ‘Why, what’s wrong babe?’ she asked. ‘Just go, Kate,’ he replied as the raw of gun fire began to rip through the quiet night air with bullets flying every where through the lower section of Vincent’s home. Kate ran to the top of the stairs to her daughter’s rooms and got them into her mum’s room where they all stayed quietly listening to the gun fire downstairs.

Vincent crawled into the kitchen and saw one gunmen enter the kitchen heading for the sitting room. He took the butcher knife from the knife block and followed the man quietly, stood behind him and then in one quick move, Vincent sliced his jugular and took his weapon with all his extra ammunition. Just then two more men entered the living room from the broken windows and Vincent dived across the room to one end and shot the men in their heads. He then headed upstairs to his family just in time to catch another four men searching the rooms; Vincent knelt down and rolled as he shot each one of them, shooting the fourth in his knees and then his head. ‘Kate, come one, get the girls and your mum, we getting out of here now,’ Vincent said as he took his family down to the basement and out a secret passage way that lead to a nearby warehouse about one kilometer away. ‘What’s going on Vincent? Who are those people?’ Kate asked. ‘Not now honey, I’ll explain once we all safe now come one lets move quickly,’ he replied.

Once they were in the warehouse, Vincent went into an office and switched on a computer control system which showed their entire house with all the armed men moving around looking for them. ‘Is that our house, Vincent?’ Kate asked. ‘Yes, baby, and I am sorry,’ Vincent responded. ‘Sorry? What are you sorry for?’ she asked. ‘For this,’ Vincent said as they watched all the men head for the basement from where they escaped and then he pushed a button, blowing up the entire house and bringing it to the ground. ‘VINCENT, WHAT THE HELL, THAT’S OUR HOME YOU JUST DESTROYED!’ Kate screamed as she watched the computer screen. ‘Baby, just calm down. I had to do that to ensure our safety, and besides who ever those men were, at least they will believe that we are all dead,’ Vincent responded to his hysterical wife. ‘Okay, Vincent after all that you told me and what we’ve been through today, I trust you, but I just want to know where exactly are we right now and why is it so dark in this place?’ Kate asked. Vincent stands up and disappears into the darkness of the warehouse to start up the power grid. As the warehouse lights up, Kate, her mum and the kids all look around in awe as they see some fancy cars and furniture that is exactly the same as what they had in their house. ‘Well, what you guys think of this place now hey?’ Vincent asked with a smile. ‘Wow,’ they all replied as they walked around looking at everything. ‘Okay then, I think after this hectic night we should all get some shut eye,’ Vincent said as he showed the kids and his mum in-law to their respective rooms and then carried his wife to their bed.

September, 20, 2008 10h00 CAT: The next morning while having breakfast Vincent spoke to his family with regards to what had happened the night before. ‘I’ve been thinking last night and it’s in every ones best interest that I drop you guys off at your brothers place, Kate. In that way I know my family is safe and I could take care of business on this side with who ever is trying to kill me,’ Vincent said. ‘What if you get killed and don’t come back,’ Kate said. ‘I am not going to get killed honey. Trust me on this. I just need to have you guys safe and sound where no one can find you’s and once everything is over, I promise to come back for my family,’ Vincent said as he kissed Kate and the kids on their fore heads. After breakfast they all packed their things that they wanted from the warehouse while Vincent warmed up his black Ford Mustang GT 500 which was fitted with some fancy gadgets to enhance the car’s speed and handling. After they were all packed and ready, they headed out to Kate’s brother’s place near the coast.

September, 21, 2008 13h00 CAT: Vincent heads back to Johannesburg alone punching it to the maximum completing a three hour journey in just two hours. 15h00 CAT: He arrives back at the warehouse as his cell phone rings. ‘Hello,’ he answers. ‘Hey, hey. Vincent. Long time no hear buddy. How you doing?’ came the voice from the other end. ‘Sorry, but who are you looking for and how did you get this number?’ Vincent asked. ‘C’mon buddy. You couldn’t have forgotten me after all these years, I mean 14 years has been a long time, Vincent or should I say Agent Vinnie Carter, Sir,’ said the voice on the phone. Vincent kept quiet for a while frowning in confusion as he thought who could it be that knew his agent name as well as his real name, and then he responded, ‘Brewster, Jack Brewster. Is that you?’ ‘Bingo, and we have a winner ladies and gentlemen. How have you been Vincent? Are you well?’ Jack asked ‘Jack, how did you get this number and how did you know my real name? I hope that this is a secured line with no one listening in, Jack?’ Vincent asked.

‘Relax, Vincent. No one is listening in on this conversation. I got all the info on you when you activated the disc that Cane gave you just before he died. You still do have the disc, right Vincent?’ Jack asked. ‘How did you know of the disc?’ Vincent asked. ‘Tell you what, bud. Why don’t you head on down to the airport and go directly to the international departures. At terminal 45, tell the attendant that you there to pick up a parcel for Carter. Oh, leave your car at the valet at the airport, they will take good care of it,’ Jack told Vincent. ‘Okay, Jack, since you know about the disc Cane gave me, I have no reason not to trust you right, buddy?’ Vincent. ‘Ha ha, that’s true Vincent, see you in a while. Hope you enjoy the flight,’ Jack responded. ‘Thanks, Jack. See ya,’ Vincent said as he ended the call.

16h30 CAT: Vincent then began packing some gear that he would need for his flight to see his long lost friend Jack Brewster that was an agent with the Centralised Investigative Agency (CIA) in the United States of America. 17H00 CAT: Arriving at the international departures at the O R International Airport, Vincent leaves his prized Mustang with the valet as he makes his way to terminal 45. ‘Hi, and welcome to O R International Sir, how may I be of assistance?’ the friendly attendant asked as Vincent walked up to the terminal. ‘Hi, I am here to collect a parcel for Carter,’ Vincent said. ‘Certainly Sir, do you have any luggage to be loaded onto the plane?’ the attendant asked. ‘No, I don’t it’s just this one bag that I wish to keep with me,’ Vincent replied. ‘Not a problem, Sir. Please follow me if you don’t mind,’ the attendant said as Vincent followed her through the boarding terminal.

As they walked through the terminal, Vincent noticed that they were not going near the boarding gates but rather towards the hanger section of the airport. ‘Excuse Miss, but are we not suppose to be heading in the opposite direction towards the boarding Gates?’ Vincent asked. ‘Sir, I have been given strict instructions to escort the gentleman that came to collect the parcel for Carter. Your plane is not on the tarmac, Sir, but rather in the hanger waiting for you to board,’ the attendant responded. As they entered the hanger, Vincent saw his car being driven into the cargo hold of a huge military plane with the US flag and coding on the tail and side of the plane. He also noticed a guy in a black suit with dark glasses on a cell phone with his back towards him, as he neared the man, Vincent heard him ending his call, ‘Yes Sir, not a problem. His here now Sir, will be seeing you shortly, bye,’ the man said as he ended the call and turned around facing Vincent.

“Son of a bitch. Vincent Baines or should I say Vinnie Carter. Man you look great. A bit more buff, but great,’ the man told him as he took off his glasses. ‘Jack, is that you. What the fuck happened to you man?’ Vincent said as the two hugged each other. ‘Thanks for bringing him out here Jeannie, that would be all,’ Jack told the attendant. ‘Well, Vincent unlike you, nature has not been too good on me. You don’t look bad for a thirty year old and you a dad of two. How is the family? I am guessing that by now the wife knows exactly what she married into,’ Jack said. ‘Thanks, Jack. Yeah. The wife does know everything and yes I know that was a bad idea telling her everything and I just painted a huge bull’s eye on my family. But I sent them away some place safe,’ Vincent said. ‘Well, then, shall we get a move on. We expected in Langley, at the CIA headquarters. You do have the disc Cane gave you before he died?’ Jack asked. ‘Yeah I do. What’s this all about Jack and why after twelve years is the UN Agency trying to kill me?’ Vincent asked. ‘You will soon find out, Vincent, once we in Langley,’ Jack replied.

18h00 CAT:  The military cargo plane heads out on the run way and is cleared for take off. Once air born, ‘So, Jack are you going to tell me what’s going on?’ Vincent asked. ‘We suspected that there was something dirty going on inside the UN Agency, we just weren’t sure what or who was behind it all. I approached Cane to be incorporated into the anti terrorist program as an inter agency initiative. While part of the program, I managed to get close to Cane and gain his trust as he also had the same suspicions as we did at the CIA. So it did not take much to convince Cane that we could help him out in getting those responsible that were killing off UN agents and so he agreed to work with us by gathering what ever Intel he could get his hands on. Unfortunately before I could meet with Cane to pick up the disc, he was killed. Fortunately for us, you were with him and he entrusted you with the disc,’ Jack said. ‘So, how is it that you managed to find me exactly?” Vincent asked. ‘Well, when Cane finished gathering all the Intel, he put a protection code on the disc, which only you could access and at the same time, I would get a security warning on my laptop at home stating that the disc is with you giving me all of your secured contact details which only Cane had access to,’ Jack replied.

‘Well, then Jack. I should tell you that it’s not going to be easy getting all those involved. I know what I saw on the disc and we up against some major well respected people that we know and worked for,’ Vincent replied. ‘I know it’s not going to be an easy task Vincent, but that has never stopped you before, now has it? And, don’t worry about your real identity, the CIA knows you as Vinnie Carter’ Jack said. ‘You right, Jack. It hasn’t and its not. As long as I got you and the CIA on my side, we can do this. Thanks for keeping my real identity a secret, Jack’ Vincent replied.

September, 22, 2008 08h00, CIA Headquarters, Langley: Vincent and Jack head for the CIA headquarters in Langley where Vincent would get the shock of his life. The two of them head straight for the main boardroom where they meet the head of the CIA as well as another gentleman sitting in an office chair with his back towards them. Good morning Agent Brewster and you must be the legendary Agent Carter or should I say The Ghost, I am John Mason, Head of the CIA,’ John introduced himself as Jack and Vincent closed the door behind them. ‘Morning Sir,’ Jack replied. ‘Morning, Sir. Yes I am Vinnie Carter, The Ghost. Not so sure of the Legendary part though, Sir,’ Vincent said with a smile on his face. ‘Well, your reputation precedes you Mr. Carter. From what I hear

Submitted: January 30, 2014

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