Code Name The Ghost Final Strik

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story continues from Code Name The Ghost and brings the entire plot to an explosive and exhilerating end. Hope u enjoy

Code Name – The Ghost


By Riyaaz

18.12.2008 to 23.02.2009



May, 29, 2009 10h00, Kiev, Ukraine, Some old abandoned farm: A man with a crucifix scar on his right hand opens his house door as three black land rovers pull up to his driveway as thirteen men all well dressed and armed with sub machine guns get off the vehicle. One of the men, dressed in a suite with a briefcase in his hand walks towards the door as two men walk closely behind him. ‘Good morning comrade. It has been such a long time since I have heard from you,’ the man in the suit greets the man at the door in Russian. ‘Good morning, Mr. Boroschtikov. Indeed it has been a long time, Boris. I see that you have come here with your brothers men,’ the man at the door replies in Russian.

‘May we come inside and talk old friend. It has taken me a while to come to terms with the death of my brother, Vladimir and the business has been tough since most of my brother’s assets were seized by the government with the help of the UN Agency. That is why I tracked you down, Mr. Van Damme, or should I say Agent Cane,’ Boris responds.

‘Come in Boris. Would you gentlemen like some tea or coffee? Look, I am not sure what it is exactly that you want from me Boris. I’ve been out of the game for a while now and besides I am enjoying the fact that the entire world thinks that I am dead,’ says Cane. ‘I need you to help me find the man responsible for killing my brother as you were there when they had Vladimir killed,’ Boris responds in a strong Russian accent. ‘Listen here, Boris. The hit on your brother came directly from his so called close friend and ally, the UN President who is dead as well or don’t you watch the news,’ Cane says. ‘I am well aware that the UN President is dead, Cane. But I have something for you,’ Boris says as he puts the brief case on the table and opens it and hands Cane a sealed brown file. ‘What is this?’ Cane asks. ‘Open it and see for your self. I think you will appreciate what I have to offer.’ Boris replies. Cane opens the file and finds pictures of Jack Brewster with his dad as well as Vincent with his family. ‘Where did you get these?” Cane asks. ‘I have a contacts Cane, contacts in high places. You see Cane, all I want you to do is to make these two men’s lives miserable by taking away that which means the most to them,’ Boris replies.

‘I don’t understand what you mean Boris,’ Cane says. ‘It is simple task for you to get back into the game, Cane. I want you to kill Agent Brewster’s father and Agent Carter’s family. I want them to feel what it is like to lose those close and dear to them and then Cane I want you to go to New York where you will be the newly elected UN Agency President so that you can finish what you and the previous President worked so hard to achieve,’ Boris says. ‘I can’t do that Boris; I will not harm another man’s family. Besides, these men have lost a lot already because of your brother and the previous UN President. You want me to take over where the previous President has left off, that’s fine with me, but I am not going to be your messenger of death to these two men. That my friend, you will have to do on your own,’ Cane responds. ‘Fine by me Cane, here is your iternery for New York. I took the liberty of booking your flight. My men will take you to the airport. As for Agent Brewster and Agent Carter, I have men on stand by waiting for my order, they will be dealt with,’ Boris says as he leaves Cane’s house and one car stays behind waiting to take Cane to the airport.

May, 30, 2009 Langley Virginia 14h00 Home of Jack Brewster: ‘Thanks for the visit Dad. It was nice seeing you again,’ Jack says as he walks his dad to his car. ‘Pleasure is all mine, son. After all we only have each other left,’ Mr. Brewster Senior says to his son as he gives him one last hug good bye before getting into his car. Just as Jack’s dad starts his car and slowly drives off, Jack’s cell rings with an unknown number. ‘Hello,’ Jack answers. ‘Hello, Agent Brewster. What a beautiful site it is to see so much of love between father and son. Too bad nothing lasts for ever. Hope you said your loving good byes to your beloved father, Agent Brewster,’ the voice on the other end says with a deep Russian accent. ‘Who is this?’ Jack screams as the person on the other end hangs up. Jack then looks at his fathers car and starts running behind the car screaming, ‘DAD, DAD, STOP THE CAR!,’ just as Jack is one car away from his dad, his fathers car explodes and the force of the explosion sends Jack flying into the air causing him to land on the windscreen of his neighbors car in the driveway. Meanwhile four houses away, a black land rover drives off away from the scene of the explosion.

June, 01, 2009 Benoni, Johannesburg, South Africa 07h00 CAT: Vincent Baines and his wife Kate, packs their car as they get ready to leave on their winter family vacation to the coast. ‘Honey, did you pack everything we need, including all the girls toys for the beach?’ Kate asks. ‘Of course I did, babe. Now would you get in the car as I do one last check around the house making sure its secure,’ Vincent says with a smile on his face as he kisses his wife on the forehead while their daughters get in the car and he makes his way back into the house. As Vincent locks the back door to the house, his cell rings, ‘Hello,’ he answers. ‘Agent Carter, how nice to here your voice,’ comes the reply on the other end in a strong Russian accent. ‘Who is this? How did you get this number?’ Vincent asks. ‘Honey, hurry up, what’s taking so long?’ Kate yells from the front of the house. ‘Oh, what a lovely family you have Agent Carter. Tell me, was that kiss you gave your lovely wife and kids good enough as a last good bye?’ the voice says as he hangs up. ‘Hello, Hello,’ Vincent yells as he drops the phone and runs through the hall way to the front of the house. As he see’s Kate and their girls laughing and playing in the car, he screams, ‘GET OUT OF THE CAR!’ but they do not hear him through the closed windows.

Vincent nears the steps of the porch when Kate and his girls look at him with smiles on their faces as the car explodes into a huge ball of flames, sending Vincent flying back into house into the glass cabinet on the other end of the hallway just before the kitchen. Meanwhile outside the house a black land rover drives off past Vincent’s house in a speed as sirens fill the morning air.

US Maximum Security Military Prison: ‘Prisoner Nathan Marques, get your gear packed and come with me,’ one of the prison guards order as former General Marques wakes up from his cell. ‘Where you moving me to now, Sergeant?’ Nathan asks. ‘We not moving you anywhere, Prisoner. We have orders for your release,’ the Sergeant replies. ‘Ha-ha, after six months and I am free, wow. Did Government finally come to their senses?’ Nathan laughs as he walks out the main gate and sees a black limousine waiting for him as the passenger window slides down. ‘Get in Nathan. We have a lot to discuss,’ UN President Cane says. A stunned Nathan gets into the car as the driver pulls off. ‘Cane. What’s the meaning of this?’ Nathan asks with a confused look on his face.

‘Firstly, Nathan. It’s UN President Cane now and secondly, the only reason I got you out was that we need to finish off what the previous President started as well as tie up our loose ends,’ Cane replies. ‘Well, then Mr. UN President, how do you suppose we do that since I am no longer in the Navy nor am I part of the Pentagon. As for loose ends, didn’t that nosey UN Agent Vinnie Carter and his CIA buddy die at the harbor in that terrible shoot out with the authorities?’ Nathan responds. ‘If that’s what you believe Nathan, then I hope you not afraid of ghosts,’ Cane says as he hands Nathan a file. ‘What’s this?’ ‘Open it, you will see.’ Nathan opens the file and pages through the photos of Vincent Baines and Jack Brewster. ‘When were these pictures taken?’ Nathan asks. ‘About three months after the shoot out at the harbor,’ Cane replies. ‘So, Agent Carter and his friend are still alive. Are they working for the UN Agency?’ Nathan responds. ‘Yes, they alive, Carter’s real name is Vincent Baines and no, they don’t work for the UN Agency or any other Agency for the matter,’ Cane replies.

‘So how do we take care of this problem, Cane?’ Nathan asks. ‘Well for starters, Nathan a certain brother of an old friend of ours has already taken things into his own hands. He was the one that tracked me down and convinced me into taking up the UN President position,’ Cane says. ‘Vladimir Boroschtikov, his little brother Boris is running the show now. What has Boris done so far for us besides getting you to be the new UN President?’ Nathan asks. ‘Well, you gonna love this. He already took care of our little loose ends, namely former CIA Agent Jack Brewster and former UN Agent Vincent Baines aka The Ghost,’ Cane says with a smile on his face. ‘Well, well, then. Looks like Boris finally grew a pair of balls. Hehehe,’ Nathan laughs. ‘Hahaha, yes he did indeed. He managed to take out both loose ends with their entire families,’ Cane laughs handing Nathan the latest New York Times newspaper. Nathan takes the paper and sees the front page headlines, ‘ANTI TERRORIST AGENTS MURDERED IN TERRORIST ATTACKS ON THEIR FAMILIES’ and below that he sees a picture of Vincent and Jack. ‘Well done to Boris. Now we can get down to some serious business of arms trading with third world countries,’ Nathan says. ‘Yes, we can,’ UN President Cane says as they enter the basement parking of the United Nations Building in New York.

Two Months Later Johannesburg Private Hospital, August 08, 2009 10h00 CAT: Vincent opens his eyes slowly as the light hurts and through the haziness he sees two guys standing at his room door. ‘Chang, is that you?’ Vincent asks as he tries to get off the bed. ‘Woho, there buddy. Take it easy. You just lay back down there, okay?’ Chang says as he and Jack help him to lie down. After a few minutes, Vincent opens eyes again and sees clearly that it’s Jack and Leon next to him in his hospital room. ‘Jack. Where am I? What happened?’ Vincent asked softly. ‘You in a private hospital buddy and under twenty four hour security that was set up by Leon in order to keep you safe,’ Jack replies. ‘Vincent, do you remember anything before now?’ Leon asks. ‘Why? What’s going on guys?’ Vincent asks. Jack places his hand on Vincent’s shoulder, ‘Listen buddy. I don’t know how to tell you this.’ Tell me what, Jack, what is it?’ Vincent says. Jack’s eyes fills with tears, ‘Your family is dead, Vincent. They were killed in an explosion.’ Just then Vincent’s eyes fill with tears as he remembers his wife and kids smiling at him just before the explosion that sent him flying back into his house. ‘We sorry for your loss, buddy. I promise we will find whoever did this,’ Leon says as his cell phone rings, ‘Excuse me guys, but I have to take this.’

Listen, Vincent, we going to get who ever did this. Two months ago my father was killed in the same manner just as he left my house,’ Jack says. ‘Did you get a call just before explosion?’ Vincent asks. ‘Yeah, how did you know?’ Jack replies. ‘Co’s I got a call too, Jack and just as I made it to the porch, the car exploded and then I wake up here in hospital with you and Leon at my side, that’s all I remember,’ Vincent says. Leon walks back into the room, ‘That was the office. I think we might have a lead as to who tried to kill the two of you. I will be leaving for New York tonight. I will keep you guys posted as to what is going on. For now, Vincent I suggest you get some rest and regain your strength. Jack, you keep an eye on him, see you guys soon.’ Leon greets as he walks out of the hospital.

August, 22, 2009 Benoni Cemetery 12h00 CAT: Jack takes Vincent to the cemetery so that he could see where his family was buried. Vincent drops to his knees as he starts to cry, running his fingers over the tombstones of his wife and daughters. ‘I love you Kate and our babies. I have failed you and because of me your’ll are dead. I promise to bring your killers to justice,’ Vincent says while crying. As he stands up, Vincent takes a closer look at Kate’s tombstone and notices that his name is on their as well. ‘Jack, what’s the meaning of this?’ ‘Well, Vincent. We had to let whoever killed your family think that they killed you as well. Leon did the same for me back home when my father was killed,’ Jack replies. ‘Well, I guess if we going to get whoever did this, they better off thinking we dead and would not suspect us when things go horribly wrong for them. Besides, I think its time we went to New York and work with Leon on this. Tell me Jack; is my car still at the CIA Impound in Langley?’ Vincent says to Jack. ‘I couldn’t agree with you more, bud and yes your car is still at the CIA impound in Langley. I am sure that Leon would not have any problem getting the car for you,’ Jack replies. ‘Well, then Jack, no point in sitting around here doing nothing. What do you say we take a trip to New York to see if Leon got any leads and while we there we could do some of our own investigations,’ Vincent says. ‘Sounds good to me Vincent. When do we leave?’ Jack asks. ‘Tonight,’ Vincent replies.

O R International Airport, Johannesburg 20h00 CAT: Vincent and Jack arrive at the airport and book two one way tickets to New York City. They get their boarding pass and head for the plane which leaves South Africa at 22h00 and arrives in New York at 03h00 in the morning. New York Airport 03h30: They get into a taxi, ‘Morning gentlemen. Where to?’ the driver asks. ‘The Belmont Hotel please,’ Vincent says to the driver as the cab pulls off. ‘The Belmont?’ Jack asks. ‘Yeah, used to live there when I still worked for the UN Agency. It’s perfect to maintain surveillance on the UN building.’ Vincent says. The taxi drops them off at the Belmont as Vincent and Jack enter; the bell boy takes their luggage into the reception area. ‘Good morning gentlemen, how may I be of assistance?’ the receptionist greets with a smile. ‘Good morning. Tell me; is the penthouse on the east side of the building vacant?’ Vincent asks. ‘One moment Sir, let me check for you. Uhm, you in luck Sir, it is vacant.’ the receptionist replies. ‘Great, we’ll take it,’ Vincent replies. ‘Will that be cash or card Sir?’ the receptionists ask. ‘Cash,’ please Vincent replies as he slides ten thousand dollars across the desk. ‘Thank you Sir. May I have your name for the room please?’ she asks. ‘Roberts, Vincent Roberts,’ Vincent replies as he accepts the room key. ‘Thank you Sir and enjoy your stay at the Belmont Hotel,’ the receptionists says with a smile. ‘Thank you,’ Vincent says as he and Jack head for the penthouse on the east side of the hotel.

As they enter the penthouse and tip the bell boy, ‘Roberts, Vincent Roberts?’ Jack says looking at Vincent. ‘Yeah, Roberts was Kate’s maiden name. Get some shut eye Jack, we will give Leon a call later in the day,’ Vincent says. Later that morning Vincent gives Leon a call on his cell phone, ‘Hello, Leon. It’s Vincent here.’ ‘Vincent, buddy. Good to hear your voice man. How you holding up?’ Leon answers. ‘I’m good, Leon. Listen, Jack and I are in New York. We staying in the penthouse at the Belmont hotel.’ ‘The Belmont. Vincent that hotel is directly adjacent to the UN building,’ Leon says. ‘I know that Leon, that’s why I chose it,’ Vincent says. ‘Okay, Vincent. I will be over later. I got something to show you, that you might find interesting. See you later Vincent,’ Leon says as he hangs up the phone. ‘Jack, I just got off the phone with Leon, his coming over later. Says he has something to show us that we might find interesting,’ Vincent says to Jack. ‘I wonder if it has anything to do with the attacks on the two of us,’ Jack says. ‘Well, Jack. We just going to have to wait and see what exactly did Leon find,’ Vincent says.

Penthouse, Belmont Hotel New York, 13h00: Leon makes his way up to the penthouse to show Vincent and Jack what he has found. There is a knock on the door and Jack checks through the peep hole and sees that it’s Leon as he opens the door. ‘Hey Jack, I see you guys spared no expenses, huh, penthouse at the Belmont,’ Leon says as he walks in. ‘Yeah, well Chang, it was Vincent’s idea. Figure we better off closer to the UN so that we can do some recon work,’ Jack replies. Vincent walks into the sitting room, ‘Hey, Leon. Where’s that info you said we should take a look at?’ ‘No, howzit buddy, just straight to business. Nice to see you too Vincent,’ Leon says as he playfully swings a right at Vincent. ‘How you doing Leon? Now can I see the file you holding beneath your coat?’ Vincent says. ‘I’m fine thanks for asking. How did you know I was holding a file beneath my coat?’ Leon asks with a smile on his face. ‘Aah come on, Chang, just take out the file will you,’ Jack says. ‘I think you not going to believe your eyes when you see this,’ Leon says as he hands Vincent the file.

Vincent opens the file and pages through the satellite images. ‘Are these taken over Kiev?’ he asks Leon. ‘Yeah these were taken in May this year,’ Leon replies. Suddenly Vincent stops at one picture and his facial expression changes to that of disbelief. ‘Son of a bitch, this is Cane right here. His still alive,’ Vincent says as he shows the picture to Jack and Leon. ‘Let me have a look. You sure that’s him, Vincent?’ Jack asks as he hands the picture to Leon. ‘Yeah I am sure. I will never forget that crucifix scar on his right hand. What I don’t get is who is the other guy his talking to?’ Vincent says. ‘Well, the other guy is none other than Boris Boroschtikov, Vladimir Boroschtikov’s younger and only brother. Vincent, you remember Vladimir don’t you and so should you, Jack?’ Leon says. ‘Yeah, I remember Vladimir very well. We just need to find out what Boris has planned with Cane,’ Vincent replies.

‘Well, now that we established that Cane really is still alive and Vincent here confirmed that. I’m afraid I got some more bad news,’ Leon says. ‘What’s the bad news?’ both Jack and Vincent asks. ‘Well, when you guys exposed the UN President for who he was and all his associates within the agency were taken into custody.’ ‘Yes, Leon. Get to the point?’ Vincent says. ‘All his associates got repeated life sentences in prison, however one associate just got a full pardon and has been released from a maximum security military prison two months ago. You guys remember ex Navy General Marques, Nathan Marques?’

‘That’s just great. The one guy that should be in prison for good because of his actions with the former UN President as well as his terrorist connections around the globe gets a fucking pardon. Why don’t they just put him back in charge of the US Navy and place him back in the God Dam Pentagon!’ Vincent says in an angry tone. ‘Calm down buddy,’ Jack says. ‘Leon, would you be able to find out who granted Nathan Marques a full pardon as well as his current location so that we could keep an eye on him and see what he gets up to?’ Jack asks. ‘I’ll do some poking around and see what pops up. Will check in with you guys later,’ Leon says. ‘Thanks Leon. Oh, by the way. Would you be able to get my car released from the CIA Impound in Langley?’ Vincent asks. ‘Sure, not a problem Vincent. I’ll call you guys when it’s done. Cheers,’ Leon says as he walks out of the penthouse.

August, 23, 2009 21h00 Somewhere in Moscow: Nathan Marques has a meeting with Boris Boroschtikov and his men to discuss their plan of action to overthrow the Russian government. ‘Good evening General Marques. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I trust that your journey to Moscow has been a pleasant one,’ Boris greets Nathan with a strong Russian accent. ‘Evening Boris and please just call me Nathan as I am no longer part of the US Navy. I understand that you took care of some loose ends that could affect our plans of going forward,’ Nathan responds. ‘Oh, yes, you mean about UN Agent Vinnie Carter and CIA Agent Jack Brewster. Well I just had to make sure that we had no trouble this time around with our plans for world domination, Nathan,’ Boris says. ‘That’s good. Just one more question. How did you manage to get Cane to be the new President of the UN Agency?’ Nathan asks. Boris gets a bit angry and speaks, ‘Listen here you old man. I am not here to answer all your questions. Are you going to help me and my men or are you going to ask me a whole lot of stupid questions? Now, if you do not have your inside contacts in the US Navy and Army, then I am afraid you are of no use to us and I should just kill you right here.’

‘No need to get all violent Boris. I just have to make a call and you will have your weapons here in a week. Oh, and just remember, there is a reason why Cane got me out of prison and without me you and your boys would not have any fancy toys to play with, so don’t you ever threaten me. Good night,’ Nathan says as he gets into his car and leaves for his hotel while Boris and his men leave for his villa on the outskirts of town. Back at his hotel Nathan calls on an old friend, ‘Hello Frank. How are you keeping?’ ‘Hello, Nathan, is that you?’ Frank answers. ‘Yes. It’s me Frank. Heard that you made Colonel now. Congratulations you’ve earned it old friend,’ Nathan says. ‘All thanks to you General. To what do I owe the honor of this call Sir?’ Frank says. ‘No longer General, Frank. I need your help about some weapon supplies heading for the Russian army. Can you help me out, Frank?’ Nathan asks. ‘Yeah, sure General. You will always be a General in my eyes old friend as I never served with a better man. I will call you tomorrow with all the information you require. It’s good to hear your voice again Sir,’ Frank replies. ‘Thanks a lot Frank. Might need to bring you on board with this one but we’ll talk tomorrow. Good night Frank,’ Nathan says as he hangs up the phone.

Meanwhile, Colonel Frank takes out the card that FBI Agent Leon Chang had given him at the Pentagon earlier that day and he gives Leon a call. ‘Hi, This is Special Agent Leon Chang, I am not available to take your call right now but if you leave your details I would gladly return your call,’ but he hangs up after hearing the voice mail message.

August, 24, 2009 UN Headquarters New York 23h00: Vincent slips into the building unnoticed and undetected by the security cameras. Like a ghost in the dark moving swiftly he makes his way up to the UN President’s Penthouse on the top floor where his old friend Cane, is fast asleep. He nears the door and steps inside going straight to the bedroom. As he enters the room quietly, he draws his weapon equipped with a silencer and points it to the bed as he steps closer watching his old friend and mentor sleeping silently and peacefully unaware of his presence in the room. Vincent points this weapon at point blank to Cane’s head, but then he steps back and walks into the study where he types a message in big bold red letters on the computer and sets it as a screensaver and then he slips out of the building heading back to the Belmont hotel.

As Vincent steps into the penthouse, he sees Jack sitting on the couch. ‘Where did you go, Vincent?’ Jack asks. ‘I went to kill Cane,’ Vincent replies. ‘What? Are you out of mind? We were supposed to stop him from carrying on what the previous president started, Vincent,’ Jack replies. ‘Relax, Jack. Just couldn’t do it. I was right there in his room at point blank range, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I don’t think I would be able to do this Jack,’ Vincent says. ‘Vincent, we need you more than ever on this one, buddy. You know that place better that any of us. What you did tonight is proof that you the only one that get inside the UN Building with out being seen. Vincent, you can’t back out now, think of your family,’ Jack says. ‘Look, Jack. I just can’t be part of this mission. I will assist where I can. I will give you and Leon all the info you guys need to get in and out the UN Building undetected as well as the entire floor plan of the building. I know that my family was killed but I am sorry buddy. I will be leaving by the end of the week,’ Vincent says.

The next morning, President Cane wakes up and heads on to his study switching on his computer before going to the bathroom. Cane then walks back into the study after getting a cup of coffee. As he nears his desk, the screensaver activates on the computer causing him to stand there motionless as he drops his coffee and the mug smashes into the floor while he slumps back into his office chair with a look of fear and shock on his face. Staring at the big bold words in red bouncing on his screen, ‘HOPE YOU NOT AFRAID OF A GHOST!’ He picks up the phone, ‘Ms. Smythe, please come up to my penthouse there is something I need to show you. Oh, and please bring security with you.’ ‘Sure, Mr. President I will be right up,’ Ms. Smythe replies. Ms. Smythe arrives at the Presidential penthouse with security, ‘Mr. President, I am here with security. Where are you, Sir? She asks. ‘I am here in my study. Please come through,’ Cane replies. As they walk into his study they see the broken cup of coffee all over the wooden floor.

‘Aah, Ms. Smythe. Please tell me if you remember anyone near my computer during the day yesterday.’ ‘Uhm, no Sir. You had all your meetings at the office. No one was near the residence Sir,’ Ms. Smythe replies. ‘What seems to be the problem, Mr. President?’ one of the guards ask. ‘Take a look at my computer and you tell me,’ Cane responds. They look at the screen and see the writing bouncing around the screen, immediately one of the guards calls into his earpiece, ‘We have a security breach in the Presidential Penthouse. Bring all security tapes from yesterday up to this very moment to the Presidents study.’ Two more guards arrive with a small case containing DVD’s of the buildings surveillance footage from the day before up to the time when Cane called the guards to his study.

The entire morning, Cane watches all the security footage of the building with his security personnel trying to see who entered his study and typed that saying on his computer. They eventually get to the footage of the night but notice that at 23h00 the night before, the screens shows that the hall ways in the building were clear even the footage in his entire penthouse do not show any abnormalities. ‘What’s going on here Frost?’ Cane asks his head of security. ‘I am not sure Sir. If someone did get into the building and your living quarters undetected, then they must know the entire lay out of the buildings security system,’ Frost says. ‘What do you mean if someone got in, Frost? Do you honestly think that I would put a message like that on my computer? Someone did get in and you going to find out who. Do I make my self clear, Frost?’ Cane says in an angry tone. ‘Yes, Sir. I will see what I can find out,’ Frost replies as he and his men leave Cane’s study.

August, 25, 2009 Belmont Hotel 12h00: ‘Vincent, buddy. Please man. I beg you. Don’t walk away from this,’ Jack pleads as he walks with Vincent through the lobby and out the hotel doors. ‘Jack, I had the opportunity to end this. I froze and if I freeze again I could be putting you or Leon or even the FBI’s task team in harms way,’ Vincent says as he waits for a taxi. Just than, Jack and Vincent hear a familiar engine roar. It’s Leon pulling up at the hotel in Vincent’s black Ford Mustang GT 500. ‘Afternoon gentlemen. Vincent, what’s the deal here. Where you off to buddy?’ Leon greets them. ‘His leaving. Leon,’ Jack says. ‘Leaving. What do you mean you leaving? Vincent talk to me man, what’s going on,’ Leon asks. Just as Vincent’s about to explain, Leon’s cell phone rings and he answers it while signaling with his finger to Vincent just a minute. ‘Special Agent Chang here,’ Leon answers. ‘Yes, Mam. Will do just that. Right away Mam. Thanks. Good bye,’ Leon says as he hangs up. ‘That was my boss. She wants to see you Vincent and you Jack. Right away. Let’s go gentlemen. She hates to be kept waiting,’ Leon says to them as he takes Vincent’s bag and puts it in the boot.

‘Allow me the pleasure of driving, please,’ Vincent says as he takes the keys from Leon. They all get in the car as Vincent turns the key in the ignition and engine begins to purr, then he starts to rev the engine making roar like the untamed beast that he made it to be. Vincent puts it into gear, the rear tires spinning creating a huge cloud of smoke as he leaves the clutch and the car launches into a speeding take off as he changes gear keeping his foot on the gas pedal, the engine roars louder and speeds up. Vincent takes the car to its maximum speed and hits the NOS switch boosting the car to a super fast speed forcing Leon and Jack back into their seats, as he nears the FBI parking lot, Vincent drifts the car around the corner and stops dead in the parking just in front of the building. ‘Wow. Dam Vincent, I was never aware that this car could do that yet alone reach those speeds. You know it took me at least an hour to get to you guys at the hotel from here and you my friend got us here in thirty minutes,” Leon says as they all get off the car and enter the building. Vincent and Jack just smile at Leon as they walk into the building where Leon arranges guest passes for them as they make their way to the top floor to meet with Leon’s boss.

‘Hey Leon. You got any idea what this meeting is about?’ Vincent asks. ‘I don’t have a clue, Vincent. But I am sure we about to find out,’ Leon replies. ‘Well, what ever it is I bet it’s got something to do with your expertise, Vincent,’ Jack says as the elevator stops at the top floor outside the reception area of the FBI Directors office.

As they step out of the elevator the receptionist picks up her phone, ‘Director, Agent Chang is here. Yes Ma’m,’ and hangs up the phone. ‘The Director asks that you step right through, Agent Chang,’ she says. ‘Thanks, Lucy,’ Leon says as Vincent and Jack follow him into the Directors office. ‘Special Agent Chang. Thanks for coming in. You must be former CIA Agent Jack Brewster. I am Director Monteiro,’ the Director greets as they walk in. ‘Please to meet you Director,’ Jack says as he shakes her hand. ‘And you must be the famous Vincent Baines, aka, UN Special Agent Vinnie Carter,’ Director Monteiro says as she puts her hand out to Vincent. ‘Hi, its just Vincent Baines now, but you can call me Vincent,’ Vincent replies as he shakes her hand. ‘Right. Have a seat gentlemen. The reason why I asked Agent Chang to bring you guys in is I understand that his the only Agent of mine that you trust with your life, Vincent?’ the Director says. ‘Yes, Agent Chang and I have been good friends for a long time and he used to take care of my family when I was away on assignments. Why are we here exactly, Director?’ Vincent asks.


‘Straight to business I see. Well the reason I called for you gentlemen to come in is that you are well aware that Cane Van Damme is alive and that you, Mr. Baines have verified that by identifying him in the satellite images that Agent Chang showed you,’ the Director says. ‘Please, call me Vincent and yes we know his alive that he is now working with Boris Boroschtikov, the only brother of Vladimir Borsichtikov. We also know that he is in a position of power and is now the new UN President and we also know that he released ex US Army and Navy General Nathan Marques from prison. Is there anything else that I’ve missed or left out, Director Monteiro?’ Vincent asks. ‘Uhm, clearly not, Vincent. You seem to know everything we know,’ the Director says. ‘Then I am quite sure that you do know that I have decided not to pursue this case any further and that I will not be part of the task team that tries and take down Cane and his new terrorist contacts,’ Vincent says. ‘No, this is the first I hear of it, Vincent. Were you aware of this decision Agent Chang?’ the Director asks. ‘No, Mam. I was not aware that Vincent does not want to see this investigation through,’ Leon replies while looking at Vincent with a confused look on his face as to say ‘What are you doing?’

‘Gentlemen, may your’ll please excuse us. I would like to discuss this with Mr. Baines in private. Thank you,’ the Director says as Leon and Jack step out of her office. ‘Look, Director Monteiro,’ Vincent says when she interrupts, ‘Chrissie,’ ‘What?’, ‘Chrissie, please call me Chrissie,’ she says to him. ‘Okay, Chrissie. There is nothing you going to say that will change my mind. I am afraid that I will put your task team in harms way if I am part of the team when the time comes to take down Cane,’ Vincent says. ‘Vincent, no one knows that man better than you. You are able to know his next move before anyone from my task team can find out. Are you not forgetting that you have lost your family?’ Chrissie says. ‘No. I have not forgotten that I have lost my family. That is why I cannot be part of your team. How many more people should die because they have come into contact with me. Take this,’ Vincent says as he hands her a micro disc. ‘What is this?’ she asks. ‘That’s all the information you require on Cane as well as the entire building floor plan of the UN Building including the guard rotation roster and times of their security sweep through the entire building. There is also a plan laid out as to which way to enter the building without any camera’s catching you,’ Vincent explains. ‘I don’t know what to say, Vincent,’ Chrissie replies. ‘You don’t have to say anything. Just make sure that none of your men get killed. Good bye, Director Chrissie Monteiro. I wish you all the best in taking down Cane,’ Vincent says as he walks out of her office.

‘Vincent, where you going buddy?’ Leon and Jack ask as they see him walk into the elevator. ‘Agent Chang, Jack. Let him go, please come into my office and close the door behind you,’ Director Monteiro says as Jack and Leon step into her office. ‘I’m afraid that Vincent Baines will not be assisting us in this case due to unknown personal reasons. He has how ever provided us with all the intel we need as well as the floor plan and security layout of the United Nations building in downtown New York,’ the Director says to them. ‘That’s all good, Director, but did Vincent tell you that he was in the UN building last night and that he was in the Presidential penthouse,’ Jack says. ‘What?’ Leon and the Director says. ‘He got in unnoticed. He went up to the Presidential Penthouse with his weapon drawn and had it inches away from Cane’s head,’ Jack explained. ‘You telling me that Vincent killed UN President Cane?’ the Director asked. ‘No, he did not. He got that close and he froze. That’s why he decided to leave. His afraid that he would freeze again in the field and put us all in harms way,’ Jack answered.

‘Agent Chang check with your contact at the UN building if they reported a breach of security within the last twelve hours. Jack, where do you think Vincent is heading?’ the Director asks. ‘Well his probably getting on a plane as we speak and heading back to South Africa. Why?’ Jack replies. ‘Agent Chang call me with the info. Jack you coming with me we going to stop Vincent. We need him to end this once and for all,’ the Director says as she and Jack head down to the basement to her car.

August,25, 2009 New York Airport 15h00: Vincent pulls up his Mustang at the valet parking. ‘Good Day Sir, will you be returning today for your vehicle?’ the valet asks. ‘Uhm, No. Tell you what, here’s a $100. Some folks are going to come looking for me. You give them the car and tell them to store it for me and that I’ll be back some day. You think you can handle that for me buddy,’ Vincent says to the valet. ‘For a $100, that’s easy Sir, will do as you asked. Enjoy your flight Sir,’ the valet responds. ‘Thanks,’ Vincent says as he walks to the terminal and boards the first plane heading back to South Africa. 16h00: The director and Jack pull up near the valet, ‘Stop, there’s his car. Maybe we can still catch him,’ Jack says to the Director as she stops her car and they both get off running for the airport doors. ‘Excuse me. Are you Jack’, the valet shouts as they run pass him. ‘Yes. Who are you?’ Jack asks. ‘Sir, it doesn’t matter. The gentleman that drove that car ask me to give the keys and say that you should store it for him,’ the valet replies. ‘Is he still in the airport?’ the Director asks. ‘No, Mam. His plane left already, sorry,’ the valet replied.

‘Dammit. We too late,’ Jack says. ‘Relax, Jack. I’m sure we would be able to locate him some how,’ the Director says. ‘You don’t know Vincent. Once he goes off the grid. There is no way you gonna find him and if you do, it will only be because he let you find him,’ Jack says. ‘Then I guess we just gonna have to rely on the info he gave us and finish this investigation ourselves,’ the Director says. Just then her cell phone rings, ‘FBI Director Monteiro. Yes Agent Chang. That’s good news thanks. We will see you in a few minutes back at the office,’ as she hangs up. ‘That was Agent Chang. His contact confirmed that they did have a breach in security last night and that they reviewed all the surveillance tapes, but got nothing except.’ ‘Except what Director?’ Jack asks. ‘Except message that was set as a screensaver on the UN President’s personal computer in his study,’ she replies. ‘What message?’ ‘The message said, HOPE YOU NOT AFRAID OF A GHOST, do you know what that means, Jack?’ ‘No, sorry can’t help you there, Director,’ Jack replies.

August, 26, 2009 O R Tambo International South Africa 22h00CAT: Vincent gets into a taxi and heads for home. As the car stops outside his home, he pays the cab driver and goes inside to an empty house that was once filled with the sounds of little footsteps running through the corridors and laughter of his wife and daughters when they all played together as a family. He sits on the couch watching TV but eventually his eyes close and he dozes off. He starts to dream of the day he and his family were getting ready for their family vacation, he sees him self on the phone and his family in the car smiling at him waiting for him to join them. Vincent starts frowning in his sleep and wakes up screaming “KATE!” as he sees a huge ball of flames engulf the car in his dreams. He sits up on the edge of the couch as the sweat drips down his face. He wipes his hands over his face and heads to the bathroom after switching off the TV and then he goes straight to bed.

August, 27, 2009 Eastern Johannesburg, Vincent’s Home 09h00 CAT: Vincent is in his gym room busy working out when the house phone rings, he gets up to answer but is too late and hears Kate’s voice with the kids, ‘Hi, you’ve reached the Baines residents, leave a message and we will get back to you,’ the answering machine says and then he hears a ladies voice, ‘Good day. I am calling from the Doctor Zeiger’s office. Mrs. Baines if you could please give us a call.’ Vincent picks up the phone immediately, ‘Hello.’ ‘Oh, hello. May I speak to Kate Baines please,’ the lady on the other end says. ‘That’s not possible. She passed away a few months ago. May I ask why you looking for her now?’ Vincent replies. ‘I am sorry to hear that Sir, we’ve been trying to get hold of her since she came in for tests in May 2009. Doctor Zeiger asked me to call her with the results of the tests,’ the lady explains. ‘Well, you can tell me if that’s okay with you,’ Vincent says. ‘Well Sir, Mrs. Baines tests came back positive. She was at least two months pregnant. May I ask how she passed away?’ the lady asks. ‘She died in an explosion. Thanks for the information. Good bye,’ Vincent says as his eyes fill with tears and he just sits there on the floor against the kitchen counter.

August, 27, 2009 Moscow 10h00: There is a knock at the door of Nathan’s hotel room, two men dressed in black grab him by his arms and drag him across the room while another men also in black places a chair in the middle of the room in which the two men force him to sit and tie him to the chair. ‘What is going on here? Who are you people?’ Nathan shouts. Just then Boris walks into the room, ‘Good morning Nathan. Do you have any idea when I will be getting my weapons, it’s been four days since we met and still I have had no contact from you. You not trying to run away with my money are you, Nathan?’ Boris says in a strong Russian accent. ‘Boris, its you. I told you to give me some time. What is the meaning of this?” Nathan screams at him. ‘Nathan, my dear old friend. I am running out of time. If you cannot deliver, then I am going to have to give the deal to the Chinese army and get rid of you as you will no longer be needed,’ Boris says. ‘Look, my contact in the US Army is trying to work something out. He hasn’t got back to me as yet,’ Nathan says.

‘What is his number and name? Maybe I should convince him to speed up the process,’ Boris says. ‘His name is Frank. Colonel Frank Simmons. His number is 097 555 36755,’ Nathan says. ‘Thank you,’ Boris says as he dials the number from his cell phone. ‘Hello this is Colonel Frank,’ Frank answers. ‘Hello Colonel. My name is Boris Boroschtikov. We have a mutual friend, Nathan Marques,’ Boris says. ‘Nathan Marques, what would you like to know about Nathan?’ Frank asks.

‘I know all there is to know about Nathan, as a matter of fact I have him right here with me. Would you like to speak to him?’ Boris asks as he puts the phone near Nathan’s ear. ‘Frank, listen to me. I’m sorry to get you involved with these guys,’ Nathan says quickly as Boris takes the phone away. ‘Now, Frank. I understand that Nathan gave you a call about some weapons that he requires,’ Boris says. ‘Yes, he did. I told him that I would see what I can do for him. I take it that the weapons are for you Mr. Boroschtikov,’ Frank says. ‘Please Frank, call me Boris and yes you are correct. The weapons are for me, so when can I expect delivery?’ Boris asks. ‘You listen to me Boris, I don’t know who you think you are but I am a Colonel of the UNITED STATES ARMY. You don’t expect me to go against everything I stand for and supply some Russian mobster with hi-tech American weapons,’ Frank says angrily. ‘No, you listen and listen carefully, Colonel,’ Boris says as Nathan screams, ‘NO, NO PLEASE’ and a gunshot is fired. Frank screams, ‘Nathan, Nathan are you alright? Nathan, say something?’ ‘Sorry, Colonel Frank, Nathan cannot speak anymore, his been shot, in the head. Now, listen and listen very carefully. You will load a cargo ship on Friday the 28 August 2009 at 22h00 at pier 16. the ships name is SLADOVIC. The ship will leave for Moscow at 23h00. You better make sure that my weapons are on that ship before it leaves. Do you understand me Colonel?’ Boris says

‘Yes I understand,’ Frank replies. ‘That’s good. We would not want something bad to happen that beautiful family of yours now if you fail me, now would we Colonel.’ Boris threatens. ‘You will get your weapons but I swear if..’ ‘Good bye Colonel,’ Boris says as he cuts the call. Colonel Frank, looking a bit stressed and worried takes out Agent Chang's business card again and gives him a call. ‘FBI Special Agent Chang, how may I help you?’ Leon answers. ‘Agent Chang, this is Colonel Frank Simmons,’ Frank replies. ‘Colonel Simmons, how you doing Sir? How may I be of assistance?’ Leon asks. ‘Is there somewhere we could meet, somewhere safe as I have some vital information that may help with your investigation,’ Frank explains. ‘Sure Colonel. Meet me at the Burger King just two blocks from the FBI building. See you there in two hours Colonel,’ Leon says. ‘Yes, I’ll be there,’ Frank says as he hangs up. He then goes home with the information that Boris had given him and sees his wife in the kitchen while his daughter is playing in the back yard with her dog. ‘You home early,’ his wife greets him. ‘Yes, I got a meeting with a friend later. Listen honey, I want you to pack some clothes and go to your mother’s place in Utah. Take our baby with you, okay,’ Frank tells his wife. ‘Why Frank, what’s wrong?’ she asks. ‘Just do it. Please, start packing okay. Trust me everything is going to be fine,’ Frank assures his wife as he helps pack her things and the sees them off as she drives to Utah.

Frank then takes all the information and goes to meet Leon at Burger King, two blocks away from the FBI building. Leon walks in to the restaurant and spots Colonel Frank sitting in a booth away from the windows and he walks straight to him and sits across him. ‘Colonel Frank. Thanks for meeting me,’ Leon says as he sits down. ‘Agent Chang. I have something that may be of importance to you. Does the name Boris Boroschtikov mean anything to you Agent Chang?’ Frank asks. ‘Yes, he is the brother of Vladimir Boroschtikov that was killed a year ago by the UN Agencies Anti Terrorist team. How do you know him Colonel?’ Leon asks. ‘I don’t, but he knows former General Nathan Marques and I think he killed Nathan when he called me earlier today,’ Frank says. ‘Why would Boris contact you, Colonel?’ Leon asks. ‘Apparently Nathan, gave them my number as he promised them some hi-tech weaponry,’ Frank replies

‘What weapons we talking about Colonel and when do they want it?” Leon asks. ‘They after the latest ultra sonic hand held EMP guns that have just come off the assembly line and being packed into a twenty foot container as we speak. Now, this Boris guy wants this container on a ship by Friday, tomorrow, heading for Moscow, here are the details,’ Frank says as he hands Leon the details of the ship. ‘With that kind of fire power he could take over the country and then start World War 3. Colonel, you have been great help. I want you to come with me so that the FBI may protect you and we could arrange for Boris to get what he wants,’ Leon explains. Both men then leave the restaurant and head back to the FBI building to speak to the Director. Leon explains the entire situation to the Director who agrees that they will deliver some sort of weapons to Boris and that they are going to track the container right to Boris and take him out.

Friday, 28 August 2009 New York Harbor 20h00: FBI Director Monteiro and her team arrive at pier 16, ‘Agent Chang, there is our ship, SLADOVIC,’ the Director says. ‘Yes, Mam. Jack you sure you up for this?’ Leon asks. ‘Yeah, I’m good to go. Where’s that army truck with the container?,’ Jack asks as a sixteen wheeler army truck arrives carrying a 20 foot container and pulls into the warehouse near pier 16 where Director Monteiro and her team waits. ‘Good evening Director, Agent Chang,’ Colonel Frank greets as he gets off the truck ‘And who is this?’ he asks as he looks at Jack. ‘Evening Colonel,’ the Director and Leon greet. ‘Thought you got cold feet on us Colonel. Oh, this is former CIA agent Jack Brewster, he worked the Boroschtikov and UN President case,’ Leon says. ‘How you do son? Lets get this shipment going shall we. I got one crate of the EMP guns like you asked Agent Chang and the rest are all dummies, look alikes that are completely harmless,’ Frank says. ‘That’s excellent Colonel. Agent Chang, Jack get to work and hide tracking devices on the real weapons as well as a GPS tracker on the container,’ Director Monteiro says. Jack and Leon start to place tracking devices on the one crate of EMP guns which only has five guns in them with no reload or back up battery packs. ‘Colonel, how long are these guns good for?’ Leon asks.

‘Well, Agent Chang, with no back up battery pack these guns are only good for fifteen rounds of EMP and then the gun is nothing more than a paper weight,’ Frank explains. ‘That’s just great. Would love to see the look on Boroschtikovs face when he starts to use the EMP guns,’ Jack says with a smile. ‘Well, I wanted to wait to tell you guys this as I thought that Vincent Baines would have had a change of heart and be here tonight, but Agent Chang and you Jack are going to Moscow to follow this container and its cargo,’ Director Monteiro says. ‘When do we leave?’ Jack asks ‘Tonight. Right after the ship departs,’ the Director says. ‘Alright then. We all done here. Colonel I think its safe to say that you may drive the truck out front to the loading dock so that the container maybe loaded on the ship, it leaves in an hours time,’ Leon says. ‘Good luck gentlemen and thanks for keeping my family safe,’ Frank says as he drives the truck out front to be loaded on the ship. The container gets loaded on the ship and at exactly 23h00 the ship departs the New York harbor and begins its journey to Moscow. Meanwhile Jack and Leon get ready to leave the FBI roof top helipad. ‘You boys be safe there and don’t get killed,’ Director Monteiro says to them. ‘Director, take this. Use it if for some reason you stop hearing from us while in Moscow,’ Leon says as he hands her some device that looks like a phone. ‘What’s this?’ she asks. ‘Just keep it with you, call the Colonel if you don’t hear from us and you start to get suspicious,’ Leon says. ‘Okay, Agent Chang. Good luck out there and come back alive,’ the Director says as she watches the helicopter leave.

September, 02, 2009 Somewhere in Moscow 15h00: ‘Well, well what do we have here? Boris have you found out who these men are?’ President Cane asks as he looks at the two men tied up in chairs with dark black bags over their heads. ‘No, we have not found out who they are but they had these GPS tracking unit on them when we found them near the shipyard three days ago. I think they American,’ Boris says. ‘Well, then. Let’s see what we have under the bags,’ Cane says as he rips the bags off the heads of the two men. ‘Mmm, Boris. Did you have to beat them up so badly that their eyes are hardly open?’ Cane asks. ‘Well they refused to co-operate what was I suppose to do. I tried to make them talk, but they tough. I even separated them but still they refuse to talk so my men just beat the shit out of them,’ Boris says as he laughs. Cane lifts the head of one of the men and stares at him for while, and then he whispers, ‘I know you. I’ve seen you before. Who are you? Could it be? But Boris took care of Jack and Vincent.’ Cane holds the man’s head with both hands ‘Open your eyes. I know the light hurts. Just look at me!’ he screams as the man opens his eyes and whispers, ‘Cane.’

‘God, dammit. I knew it. I just fucken knew it,’ Cane screams as he steps back with his gun drawn and he waves the gun at Boris. ‘What is it comrade?’ Boris asks confusingly. ‘You dumb fuck. Boris, you assured me that his dead,’ Cane screams. ‘Who are you talking about?’ Boris asks. ‘I’m talking about Jack, Boris. Jack Brewster,’ Cane yells. ‘But he is dead and so is that other guy Vinnie,’ Boris says. ‘Are you fucken sure Boris, cause if you are, then please tell me who the fuck this man is?’ Cane screams as he holds Jack’s head up by his hair. ‘Does he look dead to you Boris? Does he look like his fucken dead Boris? If Jack’s alive then that means Vincent is alive too’ Cane yells and asks. ‘But my men they saw him run to the car when it explodes. I thought he was dead I see him run in the explosion with my own eyes’, Boris says. ‘Your brother would have been so upset with you Boris for fucking up like this. What did Vladimir always do to those who could not do a job right for him? Please answer me that Boris,’ Cane says while all of Boris’s men look at each other confused. ‘He killed who ever failed him,’ Boris answers. ‘That’s right Boris,’ Cane says as he shoots Boris in the head. ‘Now, the rest of you work for me and will do as I say. Do all of you fucking understand?’ Cane says to the rest of Boris’s men standing there shocked.’ We going to keep these two men alive until the FBI sends the one man they know and trust to get these men back alive. That’s the man I want my self, Vincent Baines. Is the cam corder ready Slovac? Make sure you get a good close up of how badly hurt these men are,’ Cane says as they make a recording of Leon and Jack to send to the FBI in New York.

September 07, 2009 FBI New York City 10h00: An envelope addressed to Director Monteiro arrives at the FBI building mailing room where it is scanned for explosives and other hazardous materials before being sent to the Director’s office. The receptionist buzzes the Director, ‘Yes Lucy,’ she answers. ‘Sorry to bother you Mam, but here is a package marked for your attention and has urgent written on it,’ Lucy says. ‘Bring it right in Lucy. Oh, please check with communications and find out if they have had any contact with Agent Chang and Jack Brewster,’ the Director says as she takes the package from Lucy. Director Monteiro opens the package and finds that it’s a DVD with a note saying ‘Play Me’. She puts the disc in a computer and links it to the large plasma screen in her office, as she begins to see the footage of Agent Chang and Jack, who are on their knees and their faces badly beaten up, Lucy calls, ‘Director, I’ve just confirmed with communications, there is no contact with Agent Chang and Mr. Brewster.’

While she watches the footage in shock she hears a digitized voice, ‘IF YOU WANT THESE MEN ALIVE AND RETURNED SAFELY, SEND US VINCENT BAINES, ALONE,’ and the footage ends. ‘Lucy, get me digital forensics up here now, we have a problem,’ the Director says. The forensics team arrive at the Director’s office, ‘Agent Smith, I need you and your team to analyze this DVD. See what you and your team can make of it. This footage was taken five days ago. We need to find out everything we can about Agent Chang and Mr. Brewster last known location before this was sent to us.’ ‘Yes Mam, we will get right on it,’ Agent Smith says as he takes the disc and heads back to his lab. The Director, stricken with worry over her best Agent picks up her phone, ‘Lucy, get me Colonel Frank Simmons on the line.’ ‘Mam, it’s Colonel Frank,’ Lucy says. ‘Thanks put him through.’ ‘Hello Director,’ Frank says. ‘Hello Colonel, we have a problem,’ she says. ‘What’s the matter Director, you sounding a bit worried,’ Frank says. ‘It’s about Agent Chang and Jack Brewster. They’ve been captured and I just got a video footage showing that they are in bad shape and my team is trying to analyze the video to try and find out where exactly they are being held. Colonel, their captors are asking for Vincent, Vincent Baines,’ she explains.

‘Shit, someone knows his alive,’ Frank says. ‘Yes, but how is that possible. Only Agent Chang, Jack, my self and you knew his alive, Frank,’ she says. ‘Calm down Chrissie. Did Agent Chang give you some device that looks like a phone?’ Frank asks. ‘Yes, he did,’ she says. ‘Good bring that with you and meet me at these co-ordinates,’ Frank says as he hangs up. ‘Lucy, cancel all my meetings. Tell Agent Smith to call me on my cell if he finds anything. Oh, tell the pilot that I am on my way up and that he should get ready for take off,’ the Director says as she walks out her office and straight to the elevator heading for the roof. She gets in to the helicopter and instructs the pilot to head for the co-ordinates that she got from Colonel Frank.

September 07, 2009 Somewhere in the Nevada Desert 14h00: As the pilot lands the helicopter on the tar mac, there is a military hummer waiting. The Director gets off and instructs the pilot to leave as she sees Colonel Frank get off the vehicle. ‘Chrissie, thanks for coming out here,’ he greets. ‘What’s going on here Uncle Frank?’ she asks. ‘Get in, you will soon know everything there is to know about Vincent Baines,’ Frank says as they drive off the tar mac and head for a huge hanger that’s in the mountain and disappears about ten floors below the surface. ‘What is this place?” she asks. ‘This, my dear is a highly classified base of operations that was created with the help of one Mr. Baines.’ Frank says. ‘Vincent designed this place. What for?’ she asked. ‘Well, the main reason of course was to monitor and keep track of terrorist activity around the world and also, to see if any of those attacks are a threat to the United States Government and our President,’ Frank explains.

‘But, Vincent is not an American Uncle Frank. Why would he even build this for the US, when his South African?’ Chrissie asks. ‘He didn’t build it for the US, he built it for the United Nations Agency, but when he found out what the UN President was really up to, he revealed its location to me and a few other people that he could trust,’ Frank explained. ‘How many people know of this place?’ Chrissie asks. ‘Apart from my self and the people here. Agent Leon Chang, Jack Brewster and your late father. Now, where is the device that Leon gave you?’ Frank asks. ‘Here it is, but what is it suppose to be? It looks broken to me,’ Chrissie says as she hands the device to her Uncle Frank.

Frank hands the device to Dave, one of the technicians who places it in the specialised console in which it fits and it powers up and the technician presses the red button that begins to flash. ‘Sir, it’s active. Triangulating position now. Satellite is in place, activating tracking beacon,’ Dave says. ‘That’s good. Put it up on all screens. Where are you Vincent?” Frank says. ‘Uhm, what’s going on and what was that thing?’ Chrissie asked. ‘It’s a tracking device which remotely activates the tracking beacon that’s in Vincent. We were all given one, but each one of our devices is unique. As you saw Leon’s looks like a phone, and mine well, looks like a wrist watch.’ Frank explains. ‘Did my dad have one and if he did, then where is it?” she asks. ‘Yes, your dad had one too. We deactivated it and buried him with it,’ Frank says. ‘You said that this activates a tracking beacon in him, what do you mean?’ she asks. ‘The beacon is implanted inside Vincent’s body, only he knows where and when we activate the signal, it lets him know which one of us are in danger and from where the signal has been activated,’ Frank explains. ‘Sir, we have his location. His in South Africa and moving quite fast according to his GPS signal,’ Dave says. ‘Keep, tracking him and send out a recovery chopper to his current location. We need him here ASAP. Good job people,’ Frank says. ‘Now what?’ Chrissie asks. ‘Now we await Vincent’s arrival.

September 08, 2009 Somewhere in South Africa 14h00: Vincent sliding at 120km on a cable between two mountains, wearing just a harness and his mountain shoes when his watch screen turns red and starts beeping. He starts to near the end of the cable as he pulls the release clip and free falls five meters to a ledge that he grips onto with his bare hands. ‘Ah,

Submitted: January 31, 2014

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