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okay, so this piece is a tiny insight into just how special i am. I chose the word paramour, not due to the band (gawd) but because it connotes a lover. Somebody associated with fleeting romance and excitement. The brackets off to the side, are meant to be read as though they are an inner voice, adding onto my open thoughts because i know just how erratic and nonsensical they really can be.The punctuation errors are quite obviously there on purpose. Ive used emjambement to create a disjointed yet vaguely structured piece, and the last two lines of the main part are both real and a metaphor. enjoy!

P.S, kira is a death god who can see when you will die and your true name, he has all seeing eyes.

Submitted: March 15, 2011

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Submitted: March 15, 2011



You and your lifestyle, I want in. I can handle it. Honestly? You really don't know me, there is so much you have yet to see... (you need kira's eyes)

If you would just, could just, let me in- You would see that I could love you far more than any other paramour... ( although that's nobody's fault)

You worry too much, about hurting MY feelings. Dumbass, I don't give a fuck about me... ( Im a masochist. ) Id so much prefer just having you. In any form, of plausible emotion, (including)love. (if you wanted, i know otherwise.)

\"We can live like Jack and Sally if we want\" And yes, I miss you(r), your razor sharp teeth on my vulnerable skin.

(But I cant have that again, can i?)

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