Crazy For You I

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a little darker romance. The personal exploration of capturing an elusive love in the time of overcoming a difficult loss.

Submitted: November 03, 2007

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Submitted: November 03, 2007



Crazy For You


The unexpected phone call stirred me awake from my sullen isolation.So quickly, this all seemed to have happened.In a mere moment her car eased its way into my driveway. To see her emerge almost overtook me, asI thought I lost her, too.Graceful strides came toward, and this was not a normal woman.“Hello,” was all I could say, hearing the tone of my voice greet her with an unfamiliar normalcy.
Shedrove down my known boxed streets, so different to me now. Slowly my mind returned to its balanced state.It seemed so unimaginably long ago, but with fresh sanity washing through my veins, I realized she was actually with me again.“Why don’t we go somewhere where we can be alone,” I said.And this time I would not let her slip away, no matter what the cost.
The quite patio bar was sheltered from the closed confines of the bustling college bar scene just a mile away.The cold desert air held me together as I freely gazed upon the red brick campus buildings in clear view of our table.Before me, she was easy laughter on this unsuspecting November evening, and I could breathe easy once again.

Her long dark hair drew me to each word she spoke.A pitcher of beer arrived at the table, mirroring the one we had once shared on our first date.

“You are going away again tomorrow aren’t you?” her voice broke through.

“Yes, the tournament starts tomorrow,” my calmed voice responded. “I will be leaving first thing… I’m so used to it though because of all the trips back home.” Looking intently at her, I drew myself closer. “It is really good to see you again. I really can’t tell you how good it is to be with you tonight.”

My hand softly pressed against tightblue jeans, caressedagainst a fleshly leg.

Smiling almost shyly, her eyes wandered.

“I know. It has been awhile,” she continued,as I eased back into my seat. “It is good to see you, too. So, that is a new ring you’re wearing? It is new isn’t it?”

“Yes.Honestly, this is the first night I’ve worn it.It was my father’s, a perfect fit. It almost matches your eyes.”
“It is green,” she confirmed with an almost tooquiet soft laugh after looking upon it.A genuine smile greeted the gold laced band.So awkwardly amused, and her simple sincerity was so charming that the anxiety I felt over the looming tournament simply vanish.

The pitcher now empty, she would not let me pay.Things definitely changedfrom the previous dates which seemed a lifetime ago.Lined pathwayslead usfrom the divergent bar and my heart quickened in anticipation.It was now or never,but a warmcalm feeling of her presence washed through me.Broughtthe growing seductive feeling back when she hadfirst pressed her hand against myarm, held onto me as we had walked before and glanced upon her warm smile.

The desert wind was fast rolling in from the South, although the stars could be seen clearly from the dirt parking lot beside her car.Following her seductive walk, the elusive moment formed magically rightbefore me, encompassing everything around me.I instinctively stopped her with an outstretched hand as she began unlocking her car door.Slowly she turned.I could feel no more pain as her smile welcomed me closer.The warm features of her face now captured me, perfume mesmerizing me to her neck.Instantly all the tension and sadness that had been wrestling within me transformed into an unmatched bliss.And as though navigating the fragile lines of a frozen time between us, I stood face to face with her, hand in hand, before finding her warm embrace.

Gently, I brushed her long brunette hair back from her eyes.Her soft smile greeted me firmly in the cold lost night.So dangerous it is to look into a woman’s eyes when you don’t really know her. But with her, it was all understanding.Simply could not believe howshe held so much innocent understanding behind those eyes.

Pulling her closer, I could feel the fullness of her hourglass body pressing against me and it awakenedme to another thought.After all, I had her once, in this way half naked upon my own bed.Must go forward now, and completethis. My tempered eyes found hers, and gently I kissed her pale white neck as she leaned into me, nearemotionless.With my eyes locked on hers once more, she passively invited me to her lips to seize an infinite sacred endlessness.

Graciously, she receded from my pursuit, eyes looking on with simple innocence.Her kind smile awaited me.Must have moved too quickly.Head pointed down to the ground momentarily, then moving back to her again.Slowly, so slowly, capturing the feeling again, I gently moved the strands of hair back from her eyes to see her true complexion.My body pressed against hers once more and she leaned back upon her car to comfort my new pursuit.Handsnow moved against her slender shoulders and squeezed against thin arms, slipping downagainst her hips, and arriving comfortably in soft elegant hands. Her welcomed neck greeted me warmly as if she was now a goddess to perform this necessary ritual.I could hold back my restraint no longer and steadily drew my lips to hers in cadence, understanding that finally, everything would be okay.Yes, with her, everything was finally going to be all right.
Eyes closed blindly, I felt her soft lips for a brief moment. Craved the kiss we had shared outside the party, that time by my car. But briskly, her lips changed coldly into a withdrawing cheek that I desperately attempted to hold to.My hope falling down against the cold walls of time. This could not be possible.But the utter disbelief lingered on, forcing my eyes reluctantly open.Slipping away, her amiable smile awaited just as before, as we stood together with breaths visible in the cold night.I thought I heard a bottle breaking a hundred miles away, and the dream would be over soon.I looked back to my lost angel so distantly close to me.Waited boldly for lost seconds for something to awake in front of me, but it was just her.

The storm was now beginning to wrestle above, moving in from the north, and she withdrew from the moment.Words whispered from her mouth, unintelligible at first, twisting around in the night and finally tormented my fragile thoughts.“Let’s go,” they emphatically told me. No, this could not be true. Slowly paced by her car in the dirt parking defeatedly dragging against loose rocks.Sheentered her car, but I was not ready to go.

(Part II awaits)

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