Memories never die

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Cassidy goes to visit her husband, John

Submitted: March 11, 2015

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Submitted: March 11, 2015



~~Todays a special day, it’s the birthday of the man I love. I always go to visit him today, even though we don’t see each other often. I wish I could go and see him more often, but whenever I do, I bring flowers.
I try to look my best for him, I always have.
“Hey Cassidy, what’s up?” John says as he slides next to me, holding a lunch tray.
I look away with a slight blush playing across my cheeks. When I don’t answer he tells me, “Nice dress, it looks great.”

Since that day I have always tried to impress him with my appearance, even though I knew he didn’t mind.
I go outside and get in my car, patiently waiting for traffic to thin out before pulling out of my driveway. John was always shocked at how well I kept my patience on the road.
“Why don’t you honk or yell at him, he clearly just cut you off?” John says exasperated.
I just giggle and keep my eyes on the road. My gaze is torn away from the pavement by the sound of his window opening. I glance over and see him flipping off the driver of the other car. I slap his arm, “Get that back in here!” I tell him angrily.
John holds in the laughter until he rolls the window back up, but after that he bursts like a balloon. When he calms down he tells me, “You need to be more aggressive, Cass. You can’t let people push you around like that.”

I was always a conservative person, I never picked fights or got in trouble. I still haven’t gotten a speeding ticket.
I drive across town to pick up flowers, day lilies, his favourite. On our first date he had gotten me white roses. I guess that it was his way of making up for the 20 years it took for him to ask me on a date. It was a sweet gesture, but he never knew that I was allergic to roses. Our second date went much smoother.
“I’m sorry about the roses.” John apologized again, for the thousandth time.
I laugh, this was getting ridiculous. “It’s fine, you showed me a good time tonight, so that makes up for it.”
I swear, if he apologizes again- “Well I’m still sor-“John gets cut off as I lean over the center console and kiss him on the cheek.
He was driving down the road, so it probably wasn’t the best idea as he began to drift to the side.
“John, pay attention to the road.” I clucked at him.

After getting the flowers, I begin the drive to where we always meet. On the way there I see the hospital.
John sat up weakly in the bed, “Cass, come here, I have to tell you something.” Said my husband of 15 years.
I stood in the door way biting my hand to stop myself from sobbing. “Cassidy? Are you alright” John asks.
How could he be the one asking me if I was alright. I rush to his bedside and take his hand, falling on my knees. “What is it?” I half say half cry.
“I just wanted you know that no matter what happens, this cancer isn’t going to make me stop loving you.” He tells me.

I drive for another twenty minutes until I reach the cemetery. I pick up the flowers and walk to his grave.
John Richards
Father, Friend, and Husband
 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”
Revelation 21:4

John had had cancer for many years when the doctors said that the only thing they could do was make him comfortable while we wait for end.
“I’m sorry, but there isn’t anything we can do.” The doctor said to us.
John nodded and thanked the doctor for his time before turning to me, the question already forming on his lips.
“James is flying over and Emma is almost here.” I tell him as tears threaten to spill over.
John smiles and rests his head back. I sit with him as Emma breaks into the room.
“Dad!” She cried out, rushing to his side and hugging him.
“Hey Emma.” John says weakly.
She holds him for a few minutes silently crying into his shoulder. I can feel John squeeze my hand as he holds our crying daughter.
Eventually she let go of him and looks at me with tears her eyes. She gives me a hug before sitting in the chair across the bed from me, holding John’s other hand.
We wait for James, hoping that he will make it in time for his father’s final moments. Eventually John stops moving as much. After that his breaths get slower and slower. He slowly gets worse until he stops breathing and the heart rate monitor stops the beeps and goes into a long draw out note. Emma starts to cry again and everything starts to get blurry. It isn’t until I feel a tear roll down my face that I realize that I was crying.

”Hi John.” I say to the gravestone.
I place the flowers right in front of the stone and take a step back. I come here every Sunday, wearing my best black dress and bringing flowers. Sometimes Emma and James come with me, now that James has moved back into town after missing his father’s passing.
I stay there for a few hours, just giving John the news from the day. After that I say “See you next week.” And I walk back to the car.

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