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Stupid romance story which i was forced to write. Don't expect anything good from it. It doesnt really fit into romance anyway coz i suck at it. Btw these things have a meaning ?. Figure it out. I wonder if anybody can guess where i got the idea for this story from..? Anywayz firt upload...

Oh yea about the XXX and the XYX. It's a name i haven't decided yet. and i wanted her nickname to be a mix of her first and last name.( XXX mixed with YYY = XYX if u get what i mean..)

Submitted: November 11, 2009

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Submitted: November 11, 2009



It was before I entered high school; a time when I was just passing through what remained of the last spring break of middle school.
Though I had already received my middle school diploma, I still didn't feel like I was going to be a high school student, and if I could, I'd keep that status forever, I remember thinking.
As a result of being sent to private tutoring by my mother since I entered third year, getting through the entrance exams without a hitch was, well, easy enough. However, when I went there for a preliminary inspection before the exams, I thought that having to go up that slope that just went on and on for three years of high school would get really tedious. Come to think of it, in relation to the division of the school districts, I had some good friends in the municipal next to my neighbourhood, but because they'd decided to go to far-away private schools, I felt my feelings of loneliness would worsen whether I liked it or not.
At that time, I had no idea I would be meeting a strange girl as soon as high school started, and never saw my name getting on the member list of some bizarre brigade even in my daydreams, so as I looked back at my middle school days, I was somewhat anxious about the unknowns of high school life, which, in short, is the reason for my eagerness.
And so, I buried that loneliness that had taken over a large part of my heart, kept sleeping lethargically up 'till noon, opened the game tournament that was supposedly the farewell party for the people going on to other high schools, then went on to watch a movie???which was fun and all, but passing day after day like that got tiresome before long, so, after having brunch, I just idled away that early, pre-April afternoon in my own room like a cow.
After sleeping, waking up, eating, and then lying on my bed to sleep again, the ringing melody of the house phone started up and reached my ears.
Having no extension in my room, I left it for my mom or sister to answer, but a moment later, my sister came into my room carrying the cordless phone.
It felt like she's been doing this for a while now, but whenever she came to me with the phone in her hand, this peculiar feeling would well up inside me.
However, though I might be repeating myself, the me of that time was still pure, and my experience points were overwhelmingly insufficient.
"Kyon-kun, phone~"
My sister gave me a strange smile,
"Who is it?"
"It's a girl~"
My little sister pushed the receiver to me, grinned widely, twirled her body around, and then left my room with a hop, step, and a jump.
Strange. Usually, she wouldn't budge from my room until I drove her out, so why was she in such a hurry?
Anyway, just who could this be? As I scrolled across the main menu in my mind for the face of the girl who could've called me, I pushed the talk button on the receiver.
A moment passed,
"......Yes. Um......"
It was a girl's voice for sure. However, my search mode didn't finish as I couldn't recognize who it was. But it was a voice I had heard somewhere before.
"It's me. YYY XXX. Good afternoon. Are you feeling well right now? You're not busy, are you?"
As I started thinking, the scrolling in my head came to a complete stop. It was no surprise that she sounded familiar, since she was someone I had met many times. I just had difficulties realizing it since she had said her full name. It was YYY XXX, nicknamed XYX.
"Ah, it's you. Yeah, I'm not busy at all. Too much free time, actually."
She said with heartfelt relief, making me feel hesitant. Just what did she want with me?
"Are you free tomorrow? The day after tomorrow is also good. But it won't do if it goes into April. Would you lend me some of your time?"
"Um, you're asking me?" (?1)
"Yes. I'm sorry for saying it so suddenly. Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Are you going to be busy?"
"Not at all. I'm free all day for either one."
She let out an honest, whispering voice that once again sounded like it had come from the bottom of her heart,
"I have a favor to ask of you."
XXX shifted to a nervous voice in some way, and continued.
"The whole day tomorrow will do. Would you please go out with me?"
As I gazed at the gap in my door to chase after the shadow of my sister who had just left,
"With you?"
XXX lowered her voice,
"Just us two. Is this no good?"
"Nope, there's nothing wrong with that."
I heard her give an exaggerated sigh of relief again, and with a voice that sounded like she was working hard to restrain her cheerfulness,
"Well then, I'll be looking forward to it."
I could picture XXX's figure bowing through the telephone line.
After that, she proposed a time and place for the meeting, worrying about whether they were convenient for me, while I simply said "Got it" and went along,
"I'm sorry. For calling so suddenly."
"It's okay. I wasn't doing anything, anyway."
After responding vaguely to that girl who was modest to the end, I hung up. If I didn't end it right there, I was sure XXX would go on giving thank-you's indefinitely. YYY XXX, nicknamed XYX, was that kind of girl.
To return the phone to its original location, I exited to the corridor. As soon as I did, I found my sister waiting there while looking giddy for some reason, so I pushed the extension onto her.
My younger sister laughed out like a fool, waving the receiver around as she went away. As I worried about my little sister's future, I recalled the calmness of XYX's voice. (?2)

And then, the next day.
I don't plan on writing too much about the details. It would be troublesome to say even a single word. This is a story, not an activity report or a ship's log. Much less my diary or something like that.
Being the writer, I will do whatever I like. I can do that, can't I?
On that day, as I went to the appointed location, I saw that XXX had arrived earlier and was waiting for me as I walked hurriedly to meet her. When she noticed me, she turned her face towards me and gave me a bow.
"Good morning."
After greeting me with a very thin voice, she set the sash of her hand bag on her shoulder, and then raised her head, making her ponytail swish around. She was wearing a light blue cardigan over her flower-pattern blouse, and for the bottom, she had on slim, seven-tenths length jeans. It suited her slender figure well.
I gave her a "hey" as something of a return, before I slowly took in the surroundings.
We were in front of the station. This would become familiar when we make customary use of it as the gathering point for the anime club. However, at this time, it would be several months later before I become attached to that ambiguous brigade, and I had no idea that I would be pushed around by my chin because of a club president who would break into this world and reign supreme, so I just gazed normally around the vicinity. There should be no reason to think that there'd be trouble if someone were to see me and a girl meeting as a pair. Wouldn't you think that way, as well? (?3)
XYX said with a trace of nervousness on her elegant face.
"There's someplace I want to go to, is that okay?"
"That's fine."
So we went. If I didn't plan on going, then I would've just broken it off yesterday through the phone. And there was no reason for me to flatly refuse XYX's request.
"Thank you."
To not make it overly polite, XYX only gave one bow at a time,
"There's a movie that I've been wanting to see."
Of course, she didn't have to worry about it. I'll even buy her tickets.
"There's no need for that. I will pay for myself. Since it was me who had unreasonably asked you to go."
After stating it clearly, she beamed. It was what you would call a smile that knew no impurity. An innocent smile that differed in meaning from my little sister's.
Incidentally, there were no movie theaters in the area. XYX and I turned to the station, bought passes, and took the train. The movie that she wanted to see wasn't in the cinema complex or the big theater; since it was a minor affair of an up-and-comer, it was just out as a small, single-hall preview.
At the intervals when we were being jostled about in the juddering train, she would hold onto the town guide and gaze outside the window the whole time, but she would sometimes remember to look up at my face, and give a quick bow.
It wasn't that we were both totally silent, since we did have our conversations, but I won't write anything about that. We just chatted about random things. I remember talking about what school she would be going to after that spring, and about my little sister. (?4)
It was the same when we arrived at our station and walked to the movie theater. However, it seemed like she was getting a little nervous. That nervousness went on until we arrived at the theater and made it to the front of the ticket counter. (?5)
Though it was almost time for the next showing to begin, the queue for the ticket counter was empty, showing how low the attendance for the film was. After glancing at XYX, I turned to the glass window where an old lady seemed to be idling away,
"Two students please."
I said.
After being admitted without a hitch, XYX and I went to our seats in the middle of the single-hall theater; it was hardly what you would call spacious. Regarding how small the attendance was, the number of people entering was so sparse that it was virtually empty.
As for the kind of movie, it was one of those gory horrors. To be honest, it wasn't a genre that I liked very much, but just for that day, I couldn't help but listen to her wishes. At any rate, her tastes didn't seem to fit her quiet looks. Did she really want to see it that much?
During the show, she turned into an eager movie fan as she showed an appreciation for the screen, but here and there, during the scary scenes that were characteristic of horror films, she meekly gave a little start, turned her face away, and grabbed my arm once, which calmed me down for some reason.
But other than that, her eyes were glued to the images, and she looked so serious that if they were to see her with that much concentration, even the film makers would be satisfied.
At first glance, if I were to reveal my impressions of the film point-blank, it would go something like "This is a B-movie, isn't it?" which is something I couldn't just say. Though I don't think I lost anything by watching it, I didn't gain anything, either. I couldn't even recall learning anything from advanced reviews at all; they must not have done much work on their advertising.
Why could she have picked this movie?
I asked her,
"An actor that I like appears in it."
She replied with a bit of embarrassment.
The ending credits hadn't finished scrolling when the curtains closed, and we exited the theater.
It was past noon by then. Are we also going for lunch somewhere? Just when I was thinking if it was time to go home, she said in a voice that sounded nothing but humble,
"There's a shop that I want to go see, but is that okay with you?"
When I looked at her, she was circling the corner of the open page on her guide book with a red pen. The store was in an area that we could walk to from here.
After I considered it a bit,
"It's decided, then."
I answered, and started walking according to the simple map printed on the magazine page. As silent as ever, she walked diagonally behind me. We must have talked about a few things, but I don't really remember.

After walking for a while, we arrived at a cozy-looking tea shop. Seeing the stylish facade and interior, it seemed like it would take an extraordinary amount of courage for a guy to enter by himself; he'd feel like a fish out of water. I had unconsciously frozen at the front of the store, but when I came to look up at XYX's worried face, it felt natural as I pushed on the manually-opening wooden doors.
As I had expected, most of the customers occupying the store were girls. It was spectacular. For some reason, I felt relieved at how many mixed couples there were.
The waitress who had led us to our seats, looked at XYX and me with a smile, brought glasses of water with a smile, and finally asked for our order with a smile.
After scanning the menu for thirty seconds, I ordered a Neapolitan and an iced coffee, while she got the deluxe cake set. It seems like she had decided on what to order from the beginning, From among the ten types of cake the waitress had brought as samples, she pointed at the Mont Blanc without hesitation.
"You're okay with just the cake set?"
I expectedly asked.
"Won't you still be hungry with just that?"
"No, I'll be okay."
She straightened her back, put her hands on her knees, and said with a tense face.
"I don't eat much."
Was her unexpected response. Maybe because I had been looking at her steadily, she lowered her face. Panicking, I rushed to explain myself, and felt that way until I had succeeded in getting her to smile again. Thinking about it now, I said such embarrassing things that it had made me sweat. It would be useless to write something like, uh, she was totally cute just as she was. But, XYX was indeed a beautiful girl. I would think that about half of the boys in her class must be enamored with her.
Once they had arrived, she took about thirty minutes to nibble on her Mont Blanc and sip her Darjeeling Tea. As for me, I finished my meal quickly; it took just enough time for the ice in my iced coffee to melt.
I had quite some time in my hands, but I still couldn't understand her, and as I threw some random subjects at her, she would just nod or shake her head....... Well, considering it now, I don't think I paid that much attention to it. I was just a bundle of sensitivity back then. And probably all nervous.

I was going to pay for the tea shop bill. But she wouldn't listen, insisting to the end that she would pay for her own share.
"Because I'm the one who wanted to go out today."
She said as her point.
Having finished settling our accounts, we started walking around in the bright sunlight. After the horror movie, and that gorgeous little tea shop, where did she want to go next? Or was it time for her to go home?
As we strolled, she went silent for a long while. And some time later,
"There is this one last place......"
The place she revealed in a small voice, was my home.

After all of that, I took her back to my home, and with my little sister, who seemed like she had been waiting for us to arrive, the three of us played games together.
By the way, XXX YYY, nicknamed XYX, was my little sister's classmate, as well as her best friend, and at that time, she was a ten-year-old, fourth-year student in primary school.
Even one year ago, XYX had such an adult-like appearance, that you wouldn't think she was my little sister's classmate. Her height made me skeptical about how she could be a light eater, her figure was good, the expressions you would suddenly see on her were good, and it was all at such an extent that she looked about as grown-up as a secondary college student. With such un-primary-school-student-like looks, the person at the ticket booth of the movie theater and the part-time ticket collector would probably overlook it.
Though even if they did notice it, it would be a question of whether she would be stopped each time. They'd sell you tickets at the student price even if you don't present your student ID.
The movie that we went to see had received a PG-12 rating. That is to say, it was required for children younger than twelve to be accompanied by a guardian. I was okay, since I had already turned fifteen.
The problem was XYX. Even though she knew perfectly well that her own appearance couldn't be seen as less than twelve.
However, she couldn't bring herself to go alone. Since her parents were relatively conservative in character, they wouldn't understand a gory, B-grade horror movie, and she'd be told off if she said she wanted to go see it???was the explanation I heard from her.
But the only friend she could invite was my own little sister, whom you couldn't see in anything but early grade school, even up to now. The movie's showing would be for most of that March, and then it ends. She would lose her chance to see it if she didn't hurry.
So she thought through it. Which person could she go together with that they were likely to sell tickets to, normally?
That was me.
Of course, having to deal with my little sister's friends was an everyday occurrence. Among those was XYX, so she also knew me pretty well.
The big brother of a friend who was always in the house where she often went to play, and a guy who seemed to have a lot of free time during spring break. It turned out that I was someone who came to mind as being in the circle of friends of some fourth graders.
She thought that way as well. On the occasion of that movie, it also comes as a place that would be difficult for a kid to enter alone. And along those lines, she had selected that tea shop. The waitress at that time turned out to be pretty pleasant. It was a shop that a primary school student standing on her tiptoes would feel awkward to enter alone, and even I, as a Middle School student, still felt nervous in that position. With XYX and me at that tea shop. Even from the eyes of outsiders, we couldn't have been seen as anything but brother and sister.
And now, it will be the post-fin from here.

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