Taste of African Music

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Yesterday, I had walked through the Mission district in San Francisco. After sharing a dinner with family, had stumbled upon a random hole in the wall bar. The music was unbelievably inspirational so I felt inclined to give them their due. Have no idea the name of the band, but this free show was better than the trappings of paid shows I have attended recently. Reads in spoken word tempo.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



Walking through the Mission district, initially passed right by the undeniable flowing music

Seduced my cousins,and finally drew us to enter the small artful dive

The intoxicating sound held the outside afro-mexi-caucasion melting pot uncliche


Gentle thoughts of their past, my past, working in a meditative rhythm

Sipped Scottish tap down with Cuban beat, and pondered thoughts of struggles;

But the music seemed somehow older, undeniably holding smiled pain distances away


The childish emotions within have grown since she walked away so long ago

And the beat sculpted on uniquely together, now shared with the unique tone of an exotic wood bow

Saxaphone breathed out soft sharp jazzy notes, and did the world really fall down that day?


First of light turned to dawn, and they melted together to form something sacred

Had given it from my own palm, placed in another all of what is held sacred

Melted it beyond me before she simply decided to walk away


The small crowd now claps in unison, and I am together with the warmth of this place

Andunderstand that the ones before her, theyhad placed into me what they held sacred

and barely a second thought was given before I too unmelted this inescapable force away

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