Passionate Demise

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I wrote this for a English assignment.

Submitted: January 16, 2008

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Submitted: January 16, 2008



Crime Of Love

By Joseph Beale

It started out great my love for her

It started out great in late November

All the late nights hanging out at the park

Staying out till the stars came out, after dark

There's no way to explain the love I had in my heart

There's no way to even begin to start

Now my love is beginning to dwindle

There's no way our love will be able to rekindle

She's left me now and im all alone

I've called her a hundred times, she wont answer the phone

I am so tempted to go to her new house

Creep around, near a window, quiet as a mouse

I couldn't believe what my site revealed to me

He's supposed to be a friend, as he made it seem to be

My life is now tumbling, my world is crumbling

This feeling I feel is so numbing

I cant feel a thing I cant even talk

My legs are shaking and I can barely walk

My world is over cant you see!

God, the pain this beautiful woman has caused me

When i woke up it felt like i took a nap

Not realizing all that I did was snap

The doctor came in, incoherently I heard

I heard, not a single word

"She hurt you real bad, she broke your heart

Now they're pushing her body, lifeless on the cart

Through all the years she's shown you many faces

Now the world is deprived of her graces"

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