As I sit and ponder

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A short poem of my mind an gratitude to God

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



Sitting in an unknown chair

 Pondering whether my soul has a pair

Wondering if my life has been unfair

 If love has been stolen from my heart

I pass lots of pretty women

of which none make my heart skip

Or soul overflow with joy

I ponder if my solitude of dark mist

 Will ever let the good in my heart exists

 If my walls of protection will ever crumble

Or will I be left in darkness to fumble

 I ponder if my mind is sane

Or has that Raven skwarked

 it's last plea of insanity through my ears

I sit in this chair and I ponder,

 I ponder all the fond dreams

 that exceed my nightmares

 I ponder all the wrong and right in life,

never wondering what would happen if I tried to exists

 I sit in blind solitude,

 letting my mind rot in the body I sees to use

 I let my light be consumed by insanities sickness

 I ponder the change I need to make

What's at stake if don't

 But for my sanities sake

 I must move from my chair

 I must leave this dark lair

 I must destroy the lies I have built around myself

 I sit in my chair and ponder

 I ponder what would happen if it wasn't for him

Sending his holy hand down

and lifting me from grim

I ponder what person I would be

 If he didn't send she

 What man I would be if it wasn't for my lady so fair

 I ponder if it wasn't for My saviour

would I be in that chair

Sitting bare of life

 My soul being dragged down in strife

 I thank you God for purification

For my salvation

For giving me my lady so fair

 I sit in this chair grateful

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