Seven Deadly Suicides

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a poem on seven life's ending in tragic suicide

Unfortunately I lost the other four pieces a long time ago.

Submitted: June 28, 2013

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Submitted: June 28, 2013



This is my life's disruption
My heart is full of fire
And my soul burns with fury
A fight is what I desire
To release this anger that burns my core
This ever lasting fury
Will be my end forsure
I pick a fight That ends in strife
When I'm home all is gone
My pets
And wife
With no reason to go on
My burning fire dies down
Sadness leads me to a frown
And darkness takes me to the ground

A road I don't walk
A mouth of which I don't talk
I sit,
I sit in utter nothingness
Lazy to the bone
A distant step of life
is to far
A king of sloths
A ruler of which I do not wish to lead
My time has come
May a new leader be shunned
I shall fall Before the sloths wall
My crown Has fallen down
As I gain the energy To tie the cord
I force one last breath
As I lay in the ground 

Pride and prejudice
Yes that's me
I am on top 
I am all everyone wants to be
I am the most prettiest of queens
So all bow down on your knees
For I am me
all must know me 
so place the camera
and drink the poison for the world to see 

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